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For a mid-range toy, the Cassini is surprisingly high performing and very attractive. There are a couple of elements of the design that were not optimal, but overall we would highly recommend it for its value and powerful prostate rocking capabilities.
Handsome, powerful, quiet.
Button is easy to accidentally hit, length is a little excessive.
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Named after an Italian astronomer, the Cassini aims to be an astronomically good prostate massager! You insert it angled forwards; once fully inserted the L-shaped piece is intended to stimulate the perineum and also help to keep the toy in place.

There are seven vibration settings (three increasing in power, followed by 4 patterned settings), which are easily adjusted by the button on the bottom end of the toy. To turn it off you hold the button for two seconds.

With a substantial size, this toy is best suited for those who have used anal toys before, and enjoy a fairly large, fairly firm toy. The packaging says that Cassini is "splashproof", which I interpret to mean okay in the shower, but not in the bath.
    • Anal
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

Cassini is coated in 100% silicone, which is non-porous, and has a semi-flexible inner core. It bends enough to make insertion easier from various angles, but does not change shape drastically, and returns to its original shape when it's not being bent. The tip can flex about an inch in any direction, the perineum massager is more flexible and can curve up to touch the shaft of the toy, or curve away from it about two inches.

The silicone coating is very smooth, almost silky, however there is a seam that runs along the length of the shaft, front and back. The seam was not irritating at all during use, it just detracts from the look of the toy, making it seem slightly lower quality.

There is no discernible odor.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

We loved the design of this toy. I (female partner) was the first to spot Cassini and exclaim "that's so manly, what a hot toy!" Unlike anal toys that are cute and bubbly, or simply straight/bulbous, Cassini really has a personality all of his own. It's of a robust size for an anal toy; 8 inches long (4.75 inches insertable), 1.3 inch diameter, and has some subtle but attractive angles to it. For example, the tip has a slight ridge to it, like the head of a penis, and the section beneath rises to a (again, ever so slight) triangular peak, like the withers of a horse.

The tip of the toy is slightly smaller than the rest, but only very slightly, in contrast to anal toys that start of in a narrow point and widen out from there. This toy is best for those who are well practiced with relaxing their outer and inner sphincter muscles enough to allow a blunt ended toy in.

The large button on the base is convenient to operate when desired, but it’s also easy to press it unintentionally. For example, when inserting the toy it’s difficult to push on the base enough to work it in without pushing on the button. Also, when the toy is fully inserted it’s difficult for the user to be in a seated position without the button getting pressed.

Cassini takes two AAA batteries, which are easy to change by twisting off the base portion of the toy.


As this toy is on the larger size, it would be best to use a water based lube design specifically for anal play. We used a basic water based lube, which stayed on the toy adequately and provided enough lubrication, however a thicker lube would have been more comfortable.

We found (well, the male half of the couple found) that it was not too difficult to get the toy in, using a reasonable amount of patience and relaxation. But he felt it was most comfortable when it was about 90% of the way in. When fully inserted, enough that the L-shaped bottom part is pressing up into the perineum, he could feel the tip of the toy pushing against his Sigmoid process (the internal sphincter higher up that leads into the descending colon), which was slightly uncomfortable. For this tester's anatomy at least, the toy could be improved by being just a little bit shorter.

This is quite a high performance toy. The vibrations are equally intense throughout the entire toy, yet it's surprisingly quiet. Several times while we were testing it out I had to ask my husband whether he had it turned on or not. We are more accustomed to using anal toys that have a bullet vibrator in the base only, so the Cassini, with its strong vibrations throughout, was quite an earth shaking experience!

The toy stays put quite well as long as the wearer is in an optimal position (ideally lying down) and not moving around too much. In order to have the perineum massager do its job, you really need to press it onto the perineum manually. It's not easy to ride on the base in a seated position without continually hitting the operating button on the bottom. With the main body of the toy providing such full and intense prostate stimulation however, the perineum part is a minor concern, hard to even remember to pay attention to it.

We were able to have sex with the toy inserted. Just two things to keep in mind with this:
1. Positions with the woman on top work best. If the man is lying down, reclining, etc., it's much easier to keep the toy in place.
2. With powerful sensations already going on, when you add oral sex or intercourse to the mix, don't be surprised if the party is over very quickly! That said, the intensity of the orgasm produced by all the prostate stimulation was well worth it!
    • Discreet sound
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

The exterior of Cassini is silicone, so it's easily cleaned up with soap and hot water. When in use, it should be accompanied by a water based lube, preferably one designed specifically for anal play.

This toy collects dust fairly easily, so it would be best to store it either in the original packaging, or in a fabric bag or segmented toy chest to keep it from coming into contact with other toys and lubes.
    • Easy to clean


The packaging is minimal; an outer cardboard casing with a brief description of the toy (in eight languages), and an easy to pop open plastic covering inside. Much nicer than the type of fused plastic you need scissors and knives to get into!

There is no instruction manual with this toy. The only directions (on a piece of paper inside the plastic shell) are how to open the battery compartment, and how to turn the toy on, change modes, and turn it off. This minimal packaging is nice, as long as you're an experienced enough toy user that you already know what precautions to take with anal toys, and how to care for silicone.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
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