Pleasure periscope - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Foxxy Kitty

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Oooh...I Can See My Cervix!

Who wants to play doctor? Are you a pervert who has always wanted to know what it is like to look inside pussy and ass, up close and personal? The Pleasure Periscope works alone as a self-examiner, but instantly turns into a pleasure tool that can fuck you to the moon while you watch yourself come (literally). Unique, strange, powerful, and deliciously kinky, the Pleasure Periscope was made for the perverted kinkster. Take a look inside yourself, you know you want to…
Strong vibration, slim probe, clear viewing window, perfect for medical play and self-examination.
Moisture and slight condensation can fog the periscope glass.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Pleasure Periscope is the thing that medical play fetishists and perverted pink-hole enthusiasts dream of. I have always been fascinated by the internal and being able to view and see the wondrous land of warm, juicy pink. The thought of exploring and examining the inside of my (or my partner’s) pleasure orifices just gets me ridiculously wet and rabidly horny. With the Pleasure Periscope, I could literally see my juices flow from the very place where it erupts. It’s amazing, fascinating, and absolutely filthy and dirty.

What a simple, but remarkable, invention the Pleasure Periscope is. If you were to place it on a counter or dinner table, nobody would blink twice in thinking that it is a kinky pleasure probe with a glowing periscope light at the tip, a viewing window, and a strong and steady solo vibration. It could be a toy gun in disguise, 80’s sci-fi style, with a light for guidance in the dark, and a buzzing vibrating noise to imitate lasers coming out of it. In a dark room, put the Pleasure Periscope against the wall, turn on the light function, voilà, it is a night light! Seriously, any of these assumptions could fool anybody, which makes the Pleasure Periscope even more fun and dirty to innocently display in front of your guests and friends (nobody can yet tell that my Standing Fist|Standing Fist Review is in fact a fisting glass dildo!).

The Pleasure Periscope only needs 2AA batteries. The left button turns on the light, which brightens at the tip of the probe, and the second button starts the vibration. The vibe is fairly strong and powerful. As far as the noise level goes, it basically just sounds like an electric razor, not too loud, but loud enough to be heard. The probe is roughly 8 inches long, made of plastic, and is so smooth and slim that it doesn’t require barely lube at all, if any, to slip this baby inside of you. The length is long enough for you to maneuver the probe during play, and leaves enough room for you to sit up and view the looking glass to witness the pinkness and creamy juices that lies inside.

The nighttime was the right time for me to explore the Pleasure Periscope… playing with it in the dark made it even better. In the darkness, the light of the Pleasure Periscope shines like a flashlight that is just about to run out of steam, but when aiming it at my vagina and my asshole, it was bright enough for me to see every bit of pleasure bits. I kept the light on for a couple of minutes to see if it would get hot (obviously, if and when it does, turn it off immediately and let it cool down before turning it on again). The light didn’t get hot; it wasn’t even lukewarm. With a bit of lube, I slid the probe inside of my pussy and looked into the viewing window. My eyes were welcomed with the sight of my pinkness and my plump cervix. I was amazed and in wonderment. I have opened myself up before with my steel speculum to see the beauty of my vagina and my cervix, but something about viewing it in this way was absolutely incredible, and simply cool. Unlike a speculum, I can not only examine myself, but also use the examiner tool as a fuck toy, with a powerful vibration to get me off! And boy did it get me off, and FAST. As I pumped the probe in and out of me, the viewing window revealed how I was at the verge of orgasm. The most amazing thrill of all was gradually seeing a large bud of cum oozing from my cervix, eventually covering the glass with my juices. By then, I couldn’t see anything but white and a bit of pink from my viewing window. Even long after I came, I basked into the steady and powerful vibration of the toy, fucking myself like some fucking machine, pumping with rhythm, and ending with an orgasmic wail of delight and satisfaction.

The Pleasure Periscope might be a bit weird and “out there” for some, but for anyone who loves medical play, examining oneself, or examining another, you will surely get a thrill out of it. An examining tool and vibrating pleasure tool in one? MMM. It’s my dream come true.
Using the Pleasure Periscope anally was just as adventurous as trying it vaginally. Beforehand, I cleaned it with soap and water, and wiped the glass down with just a tad bit of alcohol, letting it dry off. [Editor's note: hard plastic can't be sterilized, so be aware of this when using the toy. It's not recommended to use both anally and vaginally.] I used a generous amount of lube from tip to base and then slowly inserted the tip inside of me. My asshole instantly welcomed it in. It slipped deep inside my anal cavity where I could see the tightness of my pink from the viewing window. Seeing the light disappear into my asshole was nothing less than remarkable and filthy, especially as it went deeper inside of me. As my asshole slightly gapes, it is as if it wants more of the pleasure periscope inside of me so I could see absolutely everything. When the vibration was on, it was hard to not cum instantly. The vibration circulated from my ass and all over my body. I loved it so much that I spent more time exploring my anal cavity with the Pleasure Periscope than in my juicy cunt. I can’t stress enough that the Pleasure Periscope was made for the perverted. My partner and I are planning to use it for our medical role-playing sessions, and I myself plan on using it on a weekly/monthly basis. Don’t be afraid to be self-indulgent. The Pleasure Periscope enforces you to glorify in your inner pinkness. Don’t be afraid to explore every pleasure hole (hell, have fun inserting the probe in the ear, the nose… be silly and random with it!). Luckily enough, this toy is a breeze to clean, just wipe down with soap and water or wipe down with isopropyl alcohol (however, since this toy is not sterilizable, take extra precautions with cleaning, sharing with a partner, and inserting it in the vagina and/or asshole!). The light at the tip of the probe can get hot if you keep it on for about an hour or so, but I assure you, it doesn’t get hot or even warm when it is inside of you. It is fairly safe. A little bit of condensation appears in the glass after using it many times, but it doesn’t fog the sight of your pink orifices from the viewing window... it’s still crystal clear! The viewing window doesn’t get that dirty, but if and when it does, just wipe it down with alcohol or with soap and water. I can’t imagine how this toy could get any better. It is simple, seemingly ordinary, slightly foreign, but is one of the filthiest toys that one can own, which is why I absolutely LOVE it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Hm. Fascinating, yes. However, it's still hard plastic which is not technically sterilizable. I'd say cover with a condom, but that will obviously not work with this toy... so if you like it that much, it's probably worth investing in one specifically for anal use.
  • Betty Rocket

    Great review tho....
  • Foxxy Kitty
    Cock Wrangler- I know it is not sterilizable, but it can get cleaned, and i clean it thoroughly. This is definitely a personal use kinda toy, and i think sharing with a partner wouldn't be harmful as long as it's thoroughly cleaned.
  • her.royal.redness
    You've certainly aroused my interest in role plan! Brilliant review!
  • her.royal.redness
    You've certainly aroused my interest in role play! This would be a deliciously enjoyable study aid for an anatomy class! Brilliant review!
  • Apinkjellybean04
    this is so going on my wishlist great review thanks
  • Hazzard
    Very hot review! Definitely made me want the toy. I'm still uncertain if I'd be able to see the viewing window while it's in me, judging by the angle of things, but if you say it's possible I may just take your word for it and buy it.
  • namelesschaos
    I've heard mostly bad thing about this, but I'm glad it worked for you.
  • zracer
    Thats weird great review
  • Alyxx
    Great review!
  • nori
    what a strange toy.. glad you liked it!
  • boobookittyfuk
    Odd toy, kinda creepy. Thanks for the review.
  • LuciFaery
    Thanks for the review!
  • November
    This toy is definitely out there, and maybe even a little creepy, but interesting nonetheless.
  • richsam
    not sure about this one but thanks for the review
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