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Standing fist

Glass dildo by Phallix

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Sock It To Me, Standing Fist!

The Standing Fist is an intense and hardcore doctorate level dildo for those who love to fist and stretch their pleasure orifices to exceed far past its pleasure limits, and even breaking down a slew of new ones! It is not for the faint of heart, for the weak, or for the impatient. Although it takes a lot of prep work, time, patience, and lube, the Standing Fist is where it is at if you are looking for something that almost compares to that of real fist fucking.
Gorgeous pyrex glass, heavy, well-crafted fist, BIG.
It is BIG, knuckles are too flat and wide to make for easy insertion, penetration can be difficult.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by fisting. I have fisted myself and seen countless of fisting porn, but never did I imagine that I would be fisted|Fisting fantasy by a fist made of glass! At first I couldn’t fathom what it would be like to have and to own the one-of-a-kind Standing Fist. It is seven inches of solid, slick, clear, and heavy Pyrex glass with a fist that measures about two inches across the knuckles and a width of 1.5 inches (yeah, it is pretty big). The overall shape of the fist reminds me of the Black Power salute (kind of scary, but funny and kinky!). Admittedly, I was somewhat intimidated by its size and girth, thinking that I bit off more than I could chew. Like a born-again virgin, I allowed myself to relax, breathe, and bask in the fragile tenderness of my highly aroused body anticipating for something as amazing and eye-catching as this.

I felt weak and vulnerable, but empowered, as I wrapped my hand around the shaft of the Standing Fist, admiring the kaleidoscope effect from looking into the bottom of its flat and rounded base. My entire world was focused on the glass fist sinking like an anchor in the depths of my horny body. One word: lube, and lots of it. And patience too; you can’t ever have too much patience when handling the Standing Fist. It is big, it is heavy, and no matter how wet it will make you at first sight, having a ridiculously lubricated pussy or anus is the key (as it is with fisting in general).

Picking up my mirror, I looked down at my reflection, seeing that my pussy lips were engorged like cum-soaked raisins, my clit was fat and throbbing, about ready to explode, my asshole, slightly gaped from a prior butt plug but still nice and tight, and my pussy hole, tiny, covered with a shield of creamy white cum gushing out like plump tear drops as I clenched my vaginal muscles. All I could imagine was that virgin-like hole swallowing up an entire glass fist, as if it was born to devour such wonderful hell.

Again, use LOTS of lube; I can’t stress that enough. When the fist and shaft was fully fluid with lube, I was ready to go! With the slow and gentle pushing and shoving of the fist against my vagina, my knees crashed and buckled together instantly, not with pain or agitation, but with pure ecstasy. I squeaked and moaned as the glass knuckles met with my pussy lips and slowly made its way further into my vaginal cavity, disappearing and filling my eyes with tears of pleasure. It felt SO good as I was trying to push it in further. As much as I tried, I couldn’t get the entire fist inside of my pussy. A part of me felt like it was just TOO big for an average pussy to take, unless you are a porn star or have a very wide and overly stretched vaginal cavity! And truthfully, it was slightly painful (in a good way) to try and force the rest of it inside. Because it is so hard, wide, and big, I was in fear of my vagina breaking in two! When fisting regularly, the duck-bill shape of a human hand goes in first and then a fist is created internally. With a wide clenched glass fist, I can’t say that it is entirely functional or realistic for insertion. It is not impossible, but expect a lot of prior stretching exercises and some pleasant pain in the process. Perhaps if the knuckles were more outward like other fisting replica dildos I’ve seen instead of wide and flat, it would make penetration more enjoyable and realistic. With time and patience though, the Standing Fist is absolutely incredible. It still gave me heavenly orgasmic pleasure once it was actually mid-way inside of me. After I pulled out, it left my pussy gaping and dripping in its own creamy juices, eager for more. Perhaps with time my pussy can take it ALL the way, but for now mid-way penetration hits the spot.

The Standing Fist is challenging, but it’s a challenge that I will definitely take on again and again in the future. Mostly, I will stick to fisting the good ol’ fashion way, but use the Standing Fist after I’ve been stretched by my own fist, by my partner’s fist, or when I feel REALLY horny enough to be rammed by something humongous. As much as I love the Standing Fist, I can’t say (yet) that it beats true hardcore fist fucking, but it comes awfully close to imitating the real thing.
The best advice I can give when using the Standing Fist is to be slow, gentle, heavily aroused, and well-lubricated. Twisting, turning, and very gently pushing the toy inside can make easing it inside a bit easier, but expect some discomfort and mild sexual pain (don’t worry, it is the feel good kind of pain). Once it is inside, or at least mid-way inside, continue to twist and turn it as you inject it in deeper. I can’t say that insertion and penetration is easy. It is a bit difficult. Expect to spend hours, perhaps even a couple of days, to finally get this bad boy inside of you. It takes a lot of warm up, some stretching prior to using it, and perhaps a little bit of experience in fisting to realize its true potential. I would recommend using a large dildo, butt plug, speculum, or a rough, long, and heavy cock-handling session with your partner, to stretch yourself slowly before using the Standing Fist. As the title suggests, using it with the base on the floor as you ride the fist is the most thrilling, orgasmic, and visually erotic way to use it, but I find it best to start with a more comfortable position where you are lying down. The only downfall I found with the Standing Fist is how when it is buried inside, there isn’t much room for movement. I love to pump and ram my toys inside of me. Even though at some point I managed to go past the knuckles, it still felt as if it was just stuck in place inside my hole (but boy does it feel great!). Rubbing my clit and finger fucking my ass, on top of having some of the Fist lodged inside of me, produced the most cum that I’ve ever seen, resulting in one of the best orgasms I’ve had in my life. When pulling it out though, it feels as painful taking it out as it is putting it in. It could possibly leave you sore and hurting for a day or two, depending on how deep you get it inside. I’ve tried to put it in my ass, which in some ways felt more pleasurable and easier to push inside, but use it with immense caution and with triple the amount of lube, patience, and tender loving care. The result of using it in the ass can be described as OH MY GOD, FUCK, WOW, OOOH, AHH! It is amazing, but again, expect a little bit of pain, discomfort, and soreness afterwards. At times the Standing Fist is pure heaven, and sometimes it is pure hell. Even now after having tried it a number of times, I can’t really decide if its one or the other, but it sure is worth the time and effort in the long run.
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