Pleasurable, but Nothing Mind-blowing

The Pleasure Plug 2 is a good, basic plug. It provides some fullness, and is pretty comfortable. The smaller size, gently tapered shape, and smooth texture make it a good choice for beginners. For me, it's a bit lackluster. I prefer a slightly larger toy, or one with some texture.
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The Pleasure Plug 2 by Happy Valley Silicone is designed to be worn for hands-free anal stimulation. It's perfect for use during sex, or along with other toys. I don't find this the best plug for long-term wear, but that can depend on anatomy. I think the Pleasure Plug 2 would be a great first plug. It may be a bit small and not stimulating enough for more advanced users. For me, the best way to use this plug is along with a larger vaginal toy.

Material / Texture

The Pleasure Plug 2 is made of premium silicone, which is a very safe material. It's non-porous, phthalate free, and hypo-allergenic.

It is firm, but the tip, neck, and base are slightly flexible. I can just barely squeeze the widest part of the toy using my full strength, but I can bend the neck completely to the side. The felxibility makes Pleasure Plug feels a bit softer than my other Happy Valley plug (Jolly Jack) but that is just because the Pleasure Plug is thinner in those areas. Although it has some flex, the Pleasure Plug isn't floppy. Unlike some other anal toys I've tried, I have no problem with it bending to the side when I'm trying to insert it.

The silicone has a smooth, soft, matte finish, and doesn't have a lot of drag. The silicone is a bit roughly trimmed on the bottom of the base, creating some rough edges, but I can't feel them during use.

I have the purple plug, which is a dark purple with shimmery, silvery swirls. It is a much warmer purple in person, compared to the grayish purple that the pictures on the product page appear on my screen. It also comes in a fun orange, which I'm sure people who are sick of pink and purple will appreciate.

Design / Shape / Size

The Pleasure Plug 2 is my first plug with what I would consider a traditional butt plug design: a tapered tip, slowly widening to the largest point, followed by a narrow neck, and a flared base.

I think the Pleasure Plug is a good size for those at a beginner to intermediate level. I consider myself an intermediate, and with a 4" circumference at the largest point, it's smaller than the plugs I usually use. If you can insert 2 fingers you will be able to use this plug. If you're a total beginner, and have never had anything in your butt before, you might want to try out the smaller version of this toy, the Pleasure Plug 1.

My Pleasure Plug tilts slightly to one side, but I don't notice that at all when it's inserted. You can see how the silicone is a bit roughly trimmed around the base.

Here you can see the Pleasure Plug next to the Ryder, Jolly Jack and Tristan.


The Pleasure Plug inserts quite easily for me, with no warm-up, thanks to the smooth, tapered tip. Once it is in place, I can't really feel the full length of the plug, and only notice the widest part. It isn't as filling as the plugs I usually use, but I do get a bit of fullness just inside my anus, where the widest part rests. The toy isn't too long, and the tip doesn't feel pokey when I move around.

The neck is long enough to create a comfortable resting spot, but not long enough that the plug can move around. It is narrow enough for my butt to comfortably close around, and I don't get a feeling of being open, or stretched. I haven't had any problems with the plug popping out.

The base feels pretty comfortable between my cheeks. It's not comfortable enough that I would want to walk around all day with it in, but it doesn't bother me at all during sex or masturbation. It's not as comfortable as Ryder, slightly less comfortable but very similar to Jolly Jack, and much more comfortable than Tristan. The base doesn't get in the way of vaginal penetration.

I've worn the Pleasure Plug during sex, and I find it adds a bit of increased fullness for me, but the vaginal stimulation seems to overwhelm the anal stimulation, and I don't notice or appreciate the plug very much. It isn't a great warm-up toy for anal sex, since it really doesn't open up my anus much. The best way I have found to use it is along with a larger vaginal toy. It's perfect for when I'm not able to accomodate the size of my usual plugs at the same time.

Care and Maintenance

The Pleasure Plug can be washed with soap and water, or toy cleaner. It can also be sterilized. You can boil it, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, or run it through the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap.

Silicone lubes can damage silicone toys, so avoid them or make sure to do a spot test on the base first. Water or oil based lubes are compatible.

Silicone toys can be stored together, and with other non-reactive materials (glass, metal, ceramic, wood.) Keep other soft materials like jelly and TPR stored separately to prevent material reactions.


Happy Valley toys come in minimal packaging. The Pleasure Plug 2 arrived in a plastic bag, topped with a piece of cardboard printed with information. There is a small amount of information, including some care instructions.

Happy Valley toys are made in Canada.
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    You really hit on the important points. I always worry about the base of these things and you compared it to the bases of several other popular plugs. Certainly sounds like a mediocre plug. Thanks for the great review.
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    Great review!
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    Great review! I appreciate your comparison to some other plugs which I also have!

    Seems like a decent beginners plug but I started with the Ryder and kept going...
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    Nice collection of plugs! Great review!!!
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    Jimbo - Glad I was able to cover the info you were looking for!

    Liz - My anal experience went from 0 - penis in about 5 minutes, so I skipped past beginner plugs too.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!
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