Pure white pleasure tower - anal probe by Doc Johnson - review by Sanjay

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Pure white pleasure tower sex toy review

A very good little starter with a fun shaped head, but not quite the "tower of pleasure" I was hoping for.
Very smooth exterior, not intimidating, wonderful "bulb-shaped" head.
Very flimsy, base may not be flared enough for safe anal play.
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I must admit, when I first opened up the Pure White Pleasure Tower|Pure white pleasure tower, I was a little surprised at how flimsy it was. It has a very nice smooth exterior, but it won't even stand up straight if you hold it at the base. Nevertheless, my fiancée and I took it for a test drive.

The Pleasure Tower is a bit on the small size, which is perfect for those who are new to the sex-toy game. It is far from intimidating, although I had my doubts about that arrow-like bulb on the end. I had never tried anything like before, and let me tell you, I will be certainly looking into more toys of this design. I was very pleasantly surprised! However, as I suspected, the flimsy feel of this toy really detracted from the enjoyment. My fiancée used it on me vaginally, which was enjoyable, but there was no way it was going to bring me to orgasm. It was just far too pliable and lacked the rigidity to give me the good pounding that I needed!

We have yet to try the toy anally, but I imagine it will make a good starter toy, as we aren't very experienced with anal play. [Editor's note: this toy is made of porous material, so cover with a condom when sharing between people and/or orifices.] However, we are both a little put off by the fact that the toy is a very stark WHITE. Of course, as we all know, with proper cleaning and such anal play should not pose much of a problem, but I imagine that if anything is left in there at all it will be clear as day on this blank canvass of a toy. I am also a little concerned about the base: It does flare out slightly, I imagine to give a sort of barrier for easy-removal, but honestly, it doesn't flare out all that much. I could see this being an issue for those who are really into the anal play if not careful.

Overall it is a fun little toy, but probably not the end-all of dildos out there.
Follow-up commentary

I would like to add that after only owning this toy for a month, it has already started to come apart. I've probably only used it twice in that time, and the outer casing has actually come apart from the jelly inside and there are visible bubbles all over it. I suppose you get what you pay for.
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  • You're right, for something listed as an anal toy, the base on this is disturbingly small... I'm sure it would be fine with a partner holding firmly onto the end, but I wouldn't embark on solo anal adventures with this one.

    Also, during anal penetration, the rectum is the only part actually being filled- the colon is pretty much unreachable.

    Just remember to use a condom for all penetration- it's porous material!
  • Bulma
    The no base thing seems to be a problem with some Doc Johnson products.  I got the prostate massager for my husband, and while using it on him I kept worrying that it would get sucked inside.  I won't be buying another toy like that.  Too bad it didn't work that well for vaginal use either.
  • Dame Demi
    What an odd design--to make such a slender shaft out of such a flexible material as rubber.  I thought from looking at the picture this would be hard plastic!  Still, the head does look fabulously stimulating!
  • Jimbo Jones
    It's always lame when the design of "anal" toys is not very thoughtful of anal needs. I think some companies just repackage failed vaginal toys and hope some one will be willing to try it anally.
  • Nashville
    "Jimbo Jones
    It's always lame when the design of "anal" toys is not very thoughtful of anal needs. I think some companies just repackage failed vaginal toys and hope some one will be willing to try it anally."

    I'm thinking the EXACT thing.
  • Alt
    Yea, it is hard to say if this would be 100% safe or not for anal play.
    It it was plastic then it would be (because certainly 8 inches of a hard object is not going to be going anywhere up there) but since this is rubber, I guess it would be possible to have this turn and start to go into the column.

    Still the likely hood of this getting stuck it probably low.
  • Research
    That tiny base worries me. Sorry to hear it didn't work out.
  • sillyfishy
    Great review!
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