Vibro erotems butt plug - anal vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

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Size Doesn't Matter (Unless it's Going in Yer Bum...)

I think men who like anal play have a masochistic instinct, so deep down, we all want to challenge ourselves with toys we suspect are 'a bit too big.' In that respect, Vibro Erotems Butt Plug is perfect, since it's visually quite intimidating, but if you lay enough groundwork (and my groundwork certainly got 'laid') you can take it without too much problem. And the big size and strong vibrations make it very satisfying to use.
It's solidly built and almost certainly big enough for most people's needs!
It's rubber, so don't forget to use a condom on it.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The last product I reviewed was Sydney’s Pearlized Lover–a lovely little vibrator that initially underwhelmed me with its size.

Ironically, I had the opposite reaction to the Vibro erotems Anal Plug, from Doc Johnson. After tearing open the FedEx box, I pulled out the packaging and my first words were: “Fuck me, it’s HUGE!”

And it is–huge, I mean. At well over five and a half inches tall, with an almost two inch circumference at its widest point, the Vibro erotems Butt Plug is a singularly ambitious anal adventure for anybody to undertake.

But–or should I say ‘butt’–my wife reminded me that we both like a challenge.

The Vibro erotems Butt Plug is a slick, well made product consisting of a soft, rubbery ‘plug,’ containing a sealed-in bullet and a remote control unit attached by a two feet of cable.

The nice thing about it being made so solidly is that it didn't look like it was going to break the first time you used it, like the plug portion of the Anal Kit I’d tried from California Exotics.

The thing is, it also didn't look like an anal toy you can whip out without some forethought involved. While my wife was fitting the two AA batteries required into the remote control unit, I was experiencing butterflies in my stomach. I felt like the cute-assed new inmate just after he’d dropped the soap in the penitentiary shower room.

Funnily enough, that analogy appealed to my wife, so that was how we set the evening’s stage for play. After a thorough shower to make sure I was clean, she cuffed my wrists behind my back with a pair of real steel handcuffs and forced me to my knees in front of the bed. I was still dripping wet from the shower. She bent me over the bed.

“Are you ready,” she demanded, “to take it?” And she pressed the Vibro erotems Butt Plug against my lips.

I was immediately overwhelmed by the rubbery smell of it. The butt plug has a VERY strong odor. Imagine ‘New Car Smell,’ mixed with the scent of Astroglide.

It was quite enough to make me feel queer and I wasn't just ‘getting into character’ when I begged her to take it away from my face.

My wife then proceeded to get me ready… 
I knew she was getting into character, and wanted to just ‘ram it home.’ It would be like trying to park a bus in one of those ‘compact only’ parking spaces.

So while talking dirty to me–really dirty, like she was a butch prison boss who was going to ream my helpless punk ass–she slathered my clenched little bum hole with saliva, stretching me open first with her tongue, then with a finger glistening with lube.

“Okay, you little bitch,” she warned me. “You’re ready…” I felt the cold slickness of Astroglide|Astroglide review as she poured it down the crack of my ass. Then I felt her nestle the butt plug between my cheeks, like a hot dog in a bun.

She pumped and slithered it up and down, coating every one of its five and a half inches in a generous layer of lubricant, letting the rest drip coldly down my balls and thighs.

“Here it comes…”

The initial sensation was good…The small tip of the butt plug slipped easily inside my stretched-out sphincter and I felt myself take… it must have been half of its length. But as it grew wider, my ass stopped expanding and soon I was begging her to stop.

“Wimp,” she told me…

My wife started fucking the length of what she had inserted in and out of my ass, going an extra quarter inch each time. I was groaning, feeling my ass swell to take it. It was bordering on pain, but in my helpless state, that was making my cock swell in her hand.

Suddenly, with a ‘pop,’ I felt the thickest part sucked inside of me. It was both a relief–I’d been uncomfortably stretched out–and an astonishment, as I suddenly felt so full. Bent over, my ass in the air, the butt plug was nestled close to my prostate and my cock throbbed as my wife slowly wanked me.

I groaned when she began the vibrations.

The plug has quite a wide range of settings, adjusted by turning a dial on the remote control unit. She was gripping the base of the Butt Plug, wiggling it inside of me as she slowly raised the vibration setting. As I squirmed by hips and fucked back against her, she kept stroking my hard on until I was whimpering in need.

She cranked up the vibrations to maximum as I neared my climax. With a groan, I spewed my load into her hand and all over the bedspread.

Once I’d climaxed, I was initially daunted at the thought of expelling the large, rubber intruder in my rectum, but with all the lube my wife had used, it popped out quite easily. Then, sticky, sweaty, exhausted and elated, I walked bow-legged off for another shower and to clean the toy.

Because it’s made of rubber, we'd used a condom over it–rubber is porous and therefore the only way to ensure hygiene is to clad it in latex first (also makes clean up a doddle).
Follow-up commentary

Because of the size of this monster, it's actually been a while since it was taken out of the toybox. This time, it was my wicked Wifey who was at the receiving end, albiet reluctantly (she claims the only thing she likes in her ass are cocks.)

Laying out lube and condoms, my wife obediantly 'adopted the position.' Face in the pillows, knees spread wide and beautiful bottom sticking up in the air. I LOVE her like this, since I can rub and massage her whole back and her sexy, round bottom, plus have free and easy access to her pink little pussy and tightly clenched ass.

Getting my fingers slippery with Astroglide, I started by gently rubbing her clit, rubbing circular motions on her back with my other hand, until she was squirming and quivering. Then I began to finger her, rubbing her g-spot at the same time I teased her clit with my thumb. Before she came, I slathered my hard-on with lube and sunk into her pussy. It was like fucking warm butter, she was so wet and clenching.

Slipping a lubricated condom over the big butt-plug, I slathered it in Astroglide. It was VERY messy and I think we ended up soaking the bedspread as a result, so remember to use water-based lube, people!

I started to 'open her up' with my thumb while I was still fucking her, pressing the tip of my thumb against my wife's tightly clenched little butthole and feeling the lube let me 'pop' past the resistence inside. Once I'd felt her squirm and moan and open herself up to my second knuckle, I replaced my thumb with the tip of the big, slippery plug.

It soon became apparent, no matter how turned on I got by the idea, that I wasn't going to be able to ease the plug inside of her while I was fucking her, so reluctantly I slid out and pressed a bullet-vibe against her clit while we worked on getting the plug inside of her...

She tried magnificently, but admitted that the big base was just a bit too much for her to take at that point in time. She'd worked her tight little heiney down over a good two inches of the long, conical shaft - but the widest part was causing her some fear (it sure feels a lot bigger when you can't see it.)

So, in the end, I selfishly slid my hard-on where the plug had been and gave my wife some unplanned sodomy instead of our planned double penetration. Because I was using the bullet on her clit, she actually came while I was fucking her ass (a first for her) and that was enough to have me spurting inside her very soon afterwards.

So sticky and slimy and spermy, she collapsed on the bed and I enveloped her in a big hug. She didn't conceed defeat with the Butt Plug - but admitted she'd need to rally her defences for the next anal assault.

Because the plug is so big, I'd definitely recommend lots of lube (far too much is JUST about enough) and infinite patience. Part of the sexiness of this product is the challenge - but my wife's always been more into anal from real people rather than plastic objects, so she's liking it more from easing her open than as a means of pleasure in and of itself.

But after the anal adventure I took her on? She's definitely planning to 'return the favor' with our favorite buttplug in the near future.

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