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Eupho syn

Prostate massager by Aneros

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So Good It's A Syn!

The Eupho Syn is a slim, but satisfying prostate massager that's designed to help you increase muscle strength while increasing your pleasure. This toy is made from great materials and is a great size, but how well it works for you will depend on your anatomy and how strong your muscles are. It's easy to use and is satisfying, even if it doesn't connect perfectly with your prostate.
- Great Material
- Easy To Use
- Comfortable Size
- Stimulating
- Might Not Work For Everyone
- Results Will Vary
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Eupho Syn from Aneros is a male prostate stimulator that's designed to be used for hands free pleasure. This slim massager is comfortable enough for a beginner, but is marketed toward those that are more advanced and have stronger muscles. Once inserted, the product moves inside your body as you contract your PC muscles; strengthening, producing harder erections, and hopefully providing great stimulation to your prostate.

The Eupho Syn can be inserted and worn strictly to exercise the PC muscles, can be worn during masturbation, or other solo activity. It's even comfortable enough that you can wear it for a period of time as you go about your daily activities. Though this isn't designed to give a full or stretched feeling, it might be a good reminder to work those muscles. Do use caution though, it is possible to overexercise these muscles (just like any) so if you experience any discomfort or strain, remove the product and give your muscles a rest.

Apart from using this on your own, you can use it with a partner. Oral sex becomes more intense, a basic handjob is more desirable, and intercourse turns into a mind-blowing experience. While many that purchase this type of product are looking to experience a Super-O, not everyone will be able to easily achieve that; even advanced users. Despite that fact, this product is sure to bring pleasure, even if you're not able to have a Super-O at first.

This product is designed for male stimulation, but women could certainly give this product a shot if they desire to. It probably wouldn't be very stimulating when used vaginally because it's so thin, but might be enjoyed anally. Always make sure you use a condom or fully sterilize when switching between orifices and partners to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease.

This toy is designed to be held in place and moved using your sphincter muscles. While you could gently push on the toy to get a little more stimulation, it's not really something you're supposed to move with your hands since that defeats the purpose of building up these muscles. Thrusting is nearly impossible because of the short length, but you should be able to get a fair amount of stimulation just by contracting your muscles. If you're more of a beginner when it comes to this, you might want to consider trying out something a little thicker, like Aneros Progasm or a similar product.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Travel friendly
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • Kegels
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

Eupho Syn is made from two different materials; silicone and plastic. The plastic makes up the core of the piece and is only slightly exposed on the base, but the majority of it is covered with a smooth, black silicone. Both materials rate very high on the Eden material safety scale, 10/10 for the silicone and 8/10 for the plastic. They are both made from food-grade material, are hypo-allergenic, non-porous, latex free, and phthalates free. Below is an image taken from the Aneros website that shows you the inside of the toy.

The exposed plastic area of the base is shiny and smooth to the touch, producing no drag, and picking up no lint. The silicone area makes up the insertable portion of the toy and also feels quite smooth when you touch it. It does produce a small amount of drag and does pick up a small amount of lint, but isn't sticky or tacky like a lot of silicone pieces. The silicone is matte in appearance and feel, and looks like it has very fine, silver metal flake in it as you move it and look closely.

Because the core of the toy is plastic, there's not a lot of give to the piece. The silicone has only the slightest amount and you have to squeeze quite hard with your hand, but it's not noticeable during use. Though the insertable portion is quite firm, the base has a good deal of flexibility. The perineum tab has the most movement to it which makes it comfortable and prevents it from causing discomfort as it presses against such a sensitive area. The handle also has slight bend to it, but isn't nearly as flexible as the opposite side, and doesn't need to be since it's supposed to help you with removal.

The piece is without texture so that it moves smoothly as you're working your muscles, but there is a seam along the front and back of the insertable portion, and where the silicone stops on the base. The seams can't be felt during use and are hardly noticeable even when you're trying to feel them.

When the toy first arrives, it has a 'new' plastic scent to it, but it's not offensive and is eliminated after cleaning the toy.
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Eupho Syn is an attractive, masculine looking toy. It's made up of two colors, red and black and has great curved lines to the piece. It has a very stylish look that most men should appreciate.

The shape of this toy is very interesting. It has a rounded tip for easy insertion and starts off pretty small. It then increases in size for the center bulge, and narrows down into the neck of the piece. The base is designed in a very interesting way. One side of the base is curved upward (in order to lightly stimulate the perineum) while the other side is curved the opposite way to create a little loop that helps with removal of the toy.

It's quite small in size and would instantly make someone think this would be great for a beginner. While it would be more comfortable for initial insertion, and while that statement is true in general when it comes to sex toys, when you're working on strengthening your muscles it's another story. The slimmer the toy, the more difficult it is to clench your muscles around it to provide stimulation. The slim size of this piece is marketed toward advanced users, however, your results will vary no matter how experienced you are.

The slender design of this toy and small head help it target the areas that matter most. As you're contracting your muscles, the focus is on the area the tip of the toy is massaging instead of being distracted by other sensations. The shape of the piece is comfortable, but might not reach the desired areas.

Being compact, this is a travel friendly option that could easily be tucked into a small bag or pocket. It's quite discreet since the design isn't at all realistic, and not many people would easily assume this was a sex toy. While I can't imagine anyone assuming it's anything else, it's not typically what you would picture when the words 'sex toy' pop into your mind.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic


The performance of this toy will greatly depend on your anatomy and experience level. Given the shape and size, it's very easy to insert and remains quite comfortable during use. The base of the toy is thin and tucks easily between your cheeks without being annoying and the perineum tab is soft and doesn't feel like it's poking into you; it provides a light pressure that some might find quite stimulating.

Insertion is simple with the addition of some water-based lubricant. How you're comfortable with inserting the toy will vary, but we found laying on his back with his knees up and bent, slightly spread, made it the most comfortable and easy way to insert. When it's time to remove the toy, the curved handle is easy to grab a hold of and pull out as you relax.

For its designed use, it worked quite well. The toy moves easily inside as you contract your muscles since the toy doesn't have any texture to it. The stronger your muscles, the easier the toy will move. While this is marketed toward advanced users, you don't have to have a lot of experience to start with this product. Just keep in mind it's slimmer than most and will require a little more effort than larger toys of this nature. If you're finding this doesn't instantly work for you, don't give up on it! Keep trying and eventually your muscles will be strong enough that it will stimulate more easily.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Eupho Syn can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water, or your favorite sex toy cleaner before and after use. If you're sharing with someone else or you're just looking to sterilize it, you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. While a lot of silicone toys can be boiled to disinfect, since this one is also made from plastic that's not a great idea, and there's no information on whether or not it's dishwasher safe. The bleach solution is the best option.

Silicone is compatible with only water-based lubricant. Other types might degrade the surface of the toy and make it unusable. Similarly, you shouldn't store this toy directly with toys of similar materials since they could have a negative reaction to each other.

This toy can be stored in the original packaging, a plastic sandwich bag, or a small toy pouch. You want to at least keep it in something so that nothing happens to the surface of the toy.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packing this toy comes in is very attractive, but not immediately discreet. The cardboard box is all red with a black band on it that shows an image of the toy, the name, and information about it. On the box are tiny silhouettes of the toy that are shiny over the matte looking background. The back of the box contains most of the information about the product. It gives you the basic rundown, key points, and shows the experience level associated with the toy. It's not necessary to keep this box, it can be broken down and recycled.

Once the outer box is removed, you see a totally red box that is closed using magnets. The box has a curved design to the cover and is very attractive. This box is much more durable and can house the toy if you so desire. When you open the red box, the user guide is seen first, and the toy is in place behind it. It's held nicely in place by a plastic tray that prevents the toy from being tossed around inside the packaging.

The user guide gives you great instruction on how to stimulate the male G-spot and even has a diagram to show you how Aneros toys fit within the body. You get preparation tips, session tips, and information for advanced use.

There's no storage pouch included with this piece, so you have to either store it in the packaging or find your own pouch for the toy. The box is much larger than necessary for this particular toy, but if you find additional storage you can remove the tray and use it for something else.

In just the red box, it looks like it could be an attractive gift. However, it's not exactly one you'd want to give if the receiver is easily embarrassed by receiving such intimate items.
    • Good for storage
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative


My husband isn't brand new to anal play, but we still have a lot to learn. When I saw this toy I instantly thought the slim design would work for him, considering he's not an advanced user. I didn't even think about the fact that smaller wouldn't be better in his case. After receiving the item, I figured if it worked for him, great, and if it didn't than it would be something to build up to.

We were getting ready to take a shower together and I mentioned to him that I wanted us to try out that toy. Being a little shy he was hesitant at first, but said we could use it. When we got in bed, things started getting hot and heavy. I made sure he was ready long before inserting the toy. When he and the toy were lubed up, I carefully slipped it inside of him. He clenched his muscles and said that it didn't really feel like much. A little disappointed, I decided to do everything I could to make this experience the best it could be for him.

As I was stimulating him it impressed me how much harder his erection was. I could tell he was working his muscles as we were playing and he was starting to enjoy it more. After stopping on the edge of orgasm several times, I got on top of him for his big finish. It didn't take long for him to go over the edge, and when he did, it was obvious that his orgasm was much longer and far more intense than normal.

I can only speak from our experiences together since he doesn't play on his own, but the pleasure he received from this toy while we used it together was quite impressive. When we were finished, I asked him if it connected with his prostate. He said that as I was pulling the toy out after he was finished, that he felt it press against the right spot. This toy was a little long for direct prostate stimulation for him, but it was still an amazing experience even without it working perfectly.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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