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Teeny Tiny Blue Bulb

While lovely and made of high quality, body safe materials, I can't recommend this toy to anyone unless you have a particular use in mind. If you are looking for a toy for a partner to use on you for warm up, or temperature play, while holding on tightly to the base the entire time, then this toy may work for you. But, the nagging concern that they might lose their grip and this plug will get sucked in might ruin the fun for you.
--Small Size for Beginners
--Body Safe Material
--Base is WAY too small for use
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The Crystal Premium Small Plug is a butt plug. It is intended to be inserted anally and left there during play. That play could be solo, or it could be couples play. You could choose to insert this plug yourself, of it could be inserted for you by your partner. It could be used by anyone, of any gender.

It's a tiny little guy, so even those new to anal play could comfortably handle the size. It certainly isn't intimidating, as it is the smallest anal toy I have ever seen. It really only takes a slight push to get this plug inserted, and you may want to keep a grip on the base. The base is so small, that I worry about it going too far in and being lost in there. After having read the other reviews on this plug that mention losing it internally, I can easily see how it could get sucked in. I chose to hold on to the base during use, in order to avoid that situation. It wouldn't be a great plug for long term wear because of this risk. You also don't want to put this plug in and sit down. I'm sure that sitting on it would force it all the way in. I also wouldn't recommend leaving this one in during intercourse. You need to keep an eye (and a hand) on this little one.

This plug is suited for beginners anal play, and even then, you'll want to limit it to play where you keep a tight grip on the base. Some mild foreplay, or using this plug during oral sex, would work well. Because you have to hold on to it to ensure the safety of the play, it does lend itself to temperature play. You could place it in a bowl of warm water before inserting it, and then a bowl of cold water before inserting it. Alternating between the two creates an interesting sensation.
    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

The Small Plug is made of borosilicate glass, which is non-porous, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, latex-free and phthalate-free. It has no smell or taste. Borosilicate glass is better known as Pyrex, the bakeware and dishes popular in kitchens the world over. Because it's not porous at all, it won't hold onto germs or bacteria, and could be shared with other users as long as you wash it first. Like all glass toys, you won't have an issue with this plug holding onto odors. After a cleaning, it will look just as shiny and clean as it was before use.

This plug is firm and has no bend or flex at all. Glass toys tend to feel a bit larger than they are, because they have no give to them. This little guy is so small, that it really shouldn't be an issue.

The surface of this plug is very smooth with no texture. Because you need to keep a firm grip on the toy, and the toy is so smooth, be sure to keep lube off of the base so you can maintain a firm hold.

The blue glass this toy is made of is really very lovely. It is a medium cobalt shade. It looks blue, no matter which light you are in. I know I have a few other blue toys that are so dark they almost look black when there isn't a lot of natural light. This plug looks blue and bright even in low light.

    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this little plug is similar to a lot of plugs out there. There is a base, a neck and a bulb. The base on this plug is very small, measuring just 1 1/4" in diameter. The neck measures 3/4" in diameter. At its widest point, the bulb of the plug measures 1 1/8" in diameter. The total length of the plug is 2 1/2".

The size is suited for those new to anal play, but the base is really too small to give you a lot of security while you use it. If you like a tapered tip for insertion, you won't find it on this plug. The bulb end starts out pretty wide, relative to the diameter of the bulb at its widest point.

It isn't realistic looking in the slightest, with no phallic features at all. It actually could be left out on a bookshelf or used as a decorative item for your desk. If you intend to travel with this toy, be sure to wrap it well to prevent breakage. In the greater scope of things, it's probably one of the least embarrassing toys the TSA could find in your luggage, as you could always say it's just a pretty glass item you bought as a gift for someone. They'd have to agree with you, as it really is a pretty little chunk of glass.


As it's glass, there is no suction to the base. Also, it wouldn't be suitable for harness use.

The base causes so much trouble with this small plug that it isn't a toy I can recommend to anyone with confidence. I can use it safely, by holding on to the base or having my partner hold on to the base. I worry that anyone new to play might be surprised by the pressure or the sensation and let go. The base really isn't enough to keep this plug from being sucked in. During use, you can feel it wanting to disappear right up there. While I think it is fun for teasing, and a great warm up if used with caution, it simply doesn't have the right precautions in place for anal play.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the Crystal Premium Small Plug is simple. You can wash the toy with soap and water, or you can use your favorite toy cleaner. It can be sterilized by placing it in boiling water for three minutes, or washing it in your dishwasher. Because it is a glass toy, you can use any lube you like. Feel free to use the water, silicone or oil based lube that you prefer. It does not tend to collect lint or hair.


The Crystal Premium Small Plug comes in a small cardboard box. The outside of the box is white with a life size picture of the toy in full color. There are small clear windows on either side of the box that allow you to see the toy resting inside the box. The lettering on the box is fairly classy, and there are no naked people shown, so it isn't trashy looking but it isn't discreet. It is clear that within the box is a sex toy.

Inside the box there is the toy itself, and the foam padding used to insulate and protect it. There is a large block that sits at the base of the toy, and a large base that sits at the tip. In between, the toy is not covered, so you can see the pretty blue glass through the windows of the box.

You could store the toy in the box if you wanted to, and the foam would protect it from being damaged. It is a bit of a pain to situate it between those two foam squares. I suppose it would be suitable for gifting, but it's not particularly attractive. If I were gifting it, I would consider repackaging it in something a little nicer.

Personal comments

Because it's so pretty, I wanted this to be a great toy. I love when toys are beautiful as well as functional. This plug is lovely, but potentially dangerous. It's a beautiful blue glass plug that may just send you for an embarrassing trip to the ER.


When I tried this plug, it did exactly what I expected it to. The base is so tiny! Any little bit of lube that gets on the base makes it VERY slippery, as is the case with glass, and I was constantly worried that I would lose my grip. The size was nice, and I didn't have any trouble with inserting it, even with the non-tapered tip. The neck is a nice width, and is comfortable when the plug is in.

The problem with this little guy is really the mental game that comes with it. I'm sure that it could be used with no issues, as long as you have a tight grip. For me, the worry that it would get sucked in was so distracting, that it ruined the fun for me. I couldn't relax and enjoy anything. I felt like I couldn't move or breathe for fear of causing it to travel too far north.

So, it was a fail for me. I like the design except for the base. I love the color. But, it needs a bit of work to be a usable toy.
Follow-up commentary
This toy will never get any love from me. It is simply not safe for anal play; the base is just too small.
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    You're welcome! It's scary for sure....too small to be safe.
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