Dr. Joel prostate locator - probe by Cal Exotics - review by ScottA

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The Finger

The Prostate Locator is a slim finger-sized silicone toy with a curve designed to stimulate the prostate or G-spot and not be too intimidating. This toy had potential, but unfortunately some design faults in the handle and thin "waist" make the Prostate Locator difficult to successfully use.
Smaller, 100% silicone construction
Difficult to control
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Size and shape make Doctor Joel's Prostate Locator appropriate for any application where you would want to use a single finger and don't want firm stimulation. It can be used for anal, prostate or G-spot play, or even for running up and down the labia and clitoris. The best place to grab the Prostate Locator is on the larger bulge, where a hemispherical cut out and O-ring make it a bit easier to get a grip.

Material / Texture

The Doctor Joel Prostate Locator is made out a matte finished silicone that had a very minor smell and taste. The texture is smooth with a bump at the tip, but the bump doesn't add much to the stimulation. The silicone that California Exotics uses is a mid-density silicone so the toy is not squishy, but the Prostate Locator is small enough to be flexible during use.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Doctor Joel's Prostate Locator is shaped somewhat like a double teardrop or a very bad moustache, with a thin waist connecting larger bulges on both sides. The larger bulges "droop" somewhat, providing a curve that enables the tip to more easily contact the prostate. There is a hemispherical cutout from the larger bulge that serves as the attachment point for a thin O-ring that serves as a handle and base that helps to prevent complete insertion. The entire insertable length is about 3-1/2 inches, and the design of the handle makes it unlikely that you would unknowingly push it in too far, as it rapidly becomes uncomfortable if inserted beyond 3-1/2". The widest diameter of the insertable part is about an inch, with the narrowest portion being a smidge under a half-inch. The size makes this a toy that you might choose if you were interested in finger play but did not want to use your actual finger, though sadly the design of the handle makes it difficult to control this toy during play.


The Prostate Locator was most stimulating when I was able to position the head bulge underneath my prostate and push up into it. Unfortunately the design of the handle and the narrow waist made it difficult to reliably put the Prostate Locator's tip in this position. The narrow waist provides a low limit on the maximum pressure that you can apply to the prostate laterally, which could be a benefit if you have a sensitive prostate but could also be a limiting factor that you might quickly outgrow. Silicone toys are an excellent choice for anal play, and the Prostate Locator fits the bill here, but the design of the loop handle does not allow the toy to have the increased controllability that a well-designed loop handle provides. I was able to get adequate control by pinching the base between my thumb and finger, but the level of control still left something to be desired and it was difficult to use when lube got on the base.

Care and Maintenance

The Doctor Joel Prostate Locator is made out of 100% silicone, making it easy to care for. It can be santized in a 10% bleach solution or boiling water, and it can be washed with soap and water, toy cleaner, or even automatically in a dishwasher. Silicone is non-reactive and can be used with any oil or water based lube. After use you can store the toy almost anywhere without concern for the Prostate Locator, as silicone is very durable, but if you have other non-silicone toys you should take care to separate them so that they do not "melt" against this toy.


The package can hardly be called discreet, as it proclaims "Prostate Locator" and "firm, flexible probe for the stimulation of the prostate" in large red and white type. While not discreet it was tasteful, with a cloud motif on the package rather than half-naked women. The package was also convenient, popping open easily by hand rather than requiring industrial cutting equipment. Unfortunately there were no instructions included, nor were there any pointers to information on how to stimulate the prostate.

Personal comments

This is a toy with potential that was poorly executed. A solid silicone finger-sized toy with just the right curve to find the prostate or G-spot can be a winner, but unfortunately there were several design decisions that drag the Prostate Locator down.

The most difficult one is the handle. I love loop handles, since they're easy to grab and can offer excellent control. In order to do this they need to be substantial, and the handle on the Prostate Locator is an O-ring that offers only slightly more control than a rubber band. In order to use this toy I had to put my thumb through the ring and pinch the base, which was not good for long-term play.

The second major problem is the extremely narrow sub-1/2" waist of this toy. If it were cast out of silicone as stiff as the Talon's it might have worked, but as it is the flexibility made it even harder to control. Combine the two and you have a toy that worked every once and a while but often slid to unexpected locations or did not provide enough stimulation.
Follow-up commentary
In the year and a quarter since I got it, the Doctor Joel Prostate locator never managed to appeal any more than it did the first couple of times I used it. Sure it was a nice finger-size, but it was so much trouble to control for so little stimulation that eventually I stopped using it. Alone it was difficult to control, and with my partner - well, her fingers are so much more stimulating that there was no contest. After many months of neglect in the bottom of my toybox I finally decided to give the Prostate Locator its freedom, and haven't regretted it since.

If you want very gentle stimulation from a small toy and your partner really doesn't want to use their fingers then you can try this toy, but I'd try to get your partner to try gloves first. As a solo toy it's just too hard to control to be worth bothering with.
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    Thanks Scott. Following all these reviews has saved my husband a lot of time, effort and money. Thanks for taking one for the team. All you guys are great!
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    Your right, if the silicone was firmer it would have been a good toy. I did not care for the handle as well.
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    Reviews such as this are definitely helping in my research for the best massager for me.
  • Jobthingy
    very bad moustache LOL! Best description for a toy ever.
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    Nice review Scott. I hadn't seen this toy until I saw you had a new review and looking at the pictures it looks pretty nice but I guess pictures can be deceiving. Thanks for the heads up.
  • ScottA
    It could have been very good, there were just a few mistakes that ruined it.
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    Great review.
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    Thanks for another great review
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