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The Long & Rombee Road

Whether you love or hate Fleeztoys' Rombee will likely be a matter of anatomical disposition, but love it or hate it this probe is hard to ignore. With a series severe, bubbling bulges and a fuchsia hue bright enough to require sunglasses the Rombee commands your attention instantly. Texture lovers rejoice, and lovers of the smooth and unassuming take cover!
Non-porous, beautiful color, versatile, sensational beaded design
Uncomfortable seam, handle is flimsy
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Rombee was a splurge I picked up last summer on a whim; swept off my feet by its vivid color and curlicue handle I added it to an order at the very last moment. It was not an item that had even been on my wishlist very long. This was one of my very, very few sex toy impulse buys - I'm usually much more cautious because I have such finicky anatomy. It paid off marvelously for me though, and after regular use for months this thing still charms me the way it did way back when.

So what is the Rombee exactly? Well, it's an anal probe according to Edenfantasys, but it sees more use vaginally in my case. Its lack of a curved shaft make it a less than likely candidate for G-spot (or P-spot) stimulation, but the four large bulges that comprise the body of the toy are unexpectedly adept at finding mine. In my partner's case, this toy was actually too intense for his prostate to handle - even without a hint of a come-hither bend. I tend to need very firm and direct stimulation of my G-spot in order to orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, and in the past straight toys have completely failed to provide this kind of pressure. However, even slow thrusting with the Rombee creates the sensation of large beads rolling and kneading me in all the right places for me. Faster thrusting quickly makes me G-spot swell and become engorged with blood in a way that typically takes much more work - even with severely crooked dildos like the Wave.

With this toy I find my hands slippery and sheets wet faster than I can even spell R-o-m-b-e-e, which tends to make it more of a finisher than an opening act. In the same way that the Hitachi takes most people from 0 to 60 in under a minute or two, the Rombee ramps me up to an intense gushing orgasm very, very quickly which makes the play experience a little short-lived if I don't involve some kind of foreplay. However, if you're the kind of person that finds texture-less toys utterly dull and useless to you then this may be just the kind of over-stimulation you are looking for. Whether you use it anally or vaginally, this probe gives you multiple sensations for the price of a single thrust: each time you thrust it you get that "pop" feeling that one feels upon first inserting, but you get it four times going in and four times going out. It's like your typical dildo 8x ...which will make it overwhelming for some, and an absolutely heaven-send for others. Clearly, I fall into the latter category!

I did have two small problems with this toy, unfortunately. The more troublesome of the two is its seam, which I found to be fairly noticeable and irritating. I'm not sure if the seam was especially pronounced on my particular product or if they are all this bad, but if I thrust with this toy too much my vagina becomes sore from the friction. I also found the handle to be very impractical especially for rapid thrusting. The Rombee is made from a squishier silicone. Not Vixskin or O2 soft, but for a single-density silicone it's pretty darn plush. The probe is a total of seven inches long, and five insertable inches are about 1.5" in width at their widest points. This makes them stable enough to not wiggle around and slip out from under you, but the handle is very thin and much more flimsy. That little nodule thing sticking off? Cute, but useless. I have to slip my thumb through the hole and then wrap the rest of my fist around the ring of the handle to stabilize the toy, but the ring often folds in half and I lose my grip. Once things start getting heated up and I start to gush it becomes even more difficult to maintain my handle on the Rombee. Of course, I'm a resourceful gal and I always find a way...but it's a nuisance nevertheless.
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Feelzoys' Rombee is made from 100% silicone, making it completely non-porous. This means that your toy can collect microbes only on its surface; it cannot absorb any bacteria. This makes Rombee a very safe and easy to clean toy. So long as you generously lather it with antibacterial soap and hot water between uses, your toy should be relatively germ-free. If you share this toy with a non-fluid bonded partner or go from anal to vaginal use, I would recommend a more thorough cleaning. You can either wipe your probe down with a 10% bleach solution in this case or boil it in hot water for 3-4 minutes. Do not store this or any other 100% silicone toy openly with other soft materials that are not 100% silicone as well. This includes TPR, TPE and other silicone composites, jelly, rubber and others. Silicone can melt or warp these materials, so always keep these toys separated in plastic Ziploc bags or storage pouches. Only water or oil based lubes should be used with silicone toys as silicone based lubricants can bond to the toy and leave behind a gummy residue that is difficult or impossible to remove.

Overall, I love my Rombee and couldn't be happier about this splurge. My favorite uses for it are when I'm tired and need to de-stress because I know it only takes a few moments for it to work its magic on me. I also love using it with my partner because of how easy it is to drive; unlike some more intensely curved toys, Rombee doesn't require a treasure map to direct my guy to my G-spot. Those bumps, damn, they work like air traffic controllers that wave my dude right in to the zone he needs to be in. If you know you like texture, definitely give this one a chance!
Follow-up commentary
Rombee gets on my nerves sometimes, like that friend you've known forever - the one that you can say stupid stuff around and they don't mind, the one that you don't have to explain to why you're afraid of closed shower curtains, the one that knows your favorite foods. The one that also starts to make you grind your teeth because they hang around too much. Rombee is a standby and faithful friend to me, and while sometimes its weird squiggly arm and girth in spite of its INTENSE texture become too much, I always dig this one back out. Like that old friend it just...gets me, y'know?
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