Think I'm gonna wave goodbye to this one.

The Ripple by Tantus was designed as an introduction to anal. While the toy succeeds in this regard, many, including beginners, might find this toy a nuisance since it can't actually stay in the anal cavity. Therefore masturbation is difficult with this toy. However I imagine that the Ripple would be a very nice warm-up or introduction to anal sex.
Good for beginners/those who want mild stimulation, transmits vibrations very nicely!
Doesn't stay in.
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This graduated plug designed by Tantus was meant to be a beginner's plug. Defined as a butt plug, one would think that this toy was designed to stay in your backside. If you guessed this then sorry, you are incorrect. I cannot get this to stay in my ass - at least without some major pushing. It's not because I'm inexperienced, it's because of the design of the plug. The flared base interferes with my sphincter's grip on the larger bead, so I go to grip on the second to last indentation in the device. But then because I squeeze so hard, it comes out. I've also tried sitting on this toy, but that was uncomfortable due to the base of the Ripple being so close to its last indentation. So the moral of the story is that I cannot recommend this as a traditional plug.

But never fear, I can recommend this toy as an anal probe (or something like it). Because the Ripple is flexible, I imagine that it would be a great warm-up device for anal sex. And I bet that this toy would also be a great warm up to bigger, better and girthier (I really wish this was a word!) toys.

Material / Texture

The Ripple is made out of Tantus' unique silicone which feels like really smooth amazing rubber. Except that it can be sterilized (see Care and Maintenance section). This material is very flexible. But when I'm done bending the toy, it always stands back at attention. That being said, I think I prefer stimulation from slightly more solid objects. The Fun Wand by Njoy has a graduated end that is similar to the Ripple, and I definitely like it better. Then again, I would imagine that the Ripple would be better for partner play since it is a softer material which substantially lowers the risk of injury.

Design / Shape / Size

The Ripple was designed well for its purpose. Measuring 5.25" with an insertable length of 4.75", the Ripple will make you wanting more in no time. Oh did I mention that it's practically weightless? Just 0.3 pounds! The size and design of this dildo makes it o-ring compatible, which means that it will work in most harnesses. Its base *almost* acts like a suction cup if you're careful it's conceivable that you can stand this toy on the floor and squat over it...

Unfortunately the shape of this toy doesn't lend itself to, well, staying put. I find it difficult to masturbate with this toy because I always have to keep a hand on its base. It also doesn't go in all the way. My favorite bead is the largest one, but it won't stay inside me long enough for me to enjoy it!

I would definitely say that this toy is for beginners. In all likelihood they won't mind its small size or flexible material. Advanced users will likely be disappointed with this toy's inability to stay inside the anal cavity. The Ripple feels odd in my backside, unlike my Njoy Pure Plug Medium who feels completely at home.


The Ripple performed adequately. The smaller bumps certainly felt good, even if I couldn't manage to keep the larger one in my ass. At the end of the day, I doubt that this toy will turn anyone ::away:: from anal, but it might leave users frustrated. In all likelihood, after using this dildo, users will purchase a more substantial toy so they can get a better feel for the subject. I guess any toy that piques curiosity is a good investment.

I should note that I really loved holding a vibrator to this toy while it was in my ass. The bumps did provide some interesting stimulation. Just make sure to separate your anal vibes from your vaginal ones (at least until they're sterilized again) to prevent infection.

I think I covered all of my performance issues in the size/use sections.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning Tantus silicone is simple! You can sterilize it via bleaching with a 10% bleach solution or boiling. It is also dishwasher safe. Since this toy is used anally, I would recommend sterilization, although I have just washed it with antibacterial soap and water and I'm still alive.

Please note that the Ripple and Tantus' other silicone products have the Tantus name embossed in the base. So make sure to clean that area thoroughly. But I haven't had any problems with it thus far.


The Ripple comes in a plastic Tantus box. I don't have it anymore, but it does make for a good presentation. Theoretically you could store your toy in it, but I think that would just get annoying. I keep my Ripple in a Ziploc bag, and it's perfectly fine.

This toy also came with a manual, but guess what? I threw it away. Good thing we have the internet/EF! There isn't really much to this dildo, so aside from cleaning directions, a manual really isn't needed. I shouldn't have to tell you that this toy wasn't meant to comb your hair (While we're on the subject, the material sticks to hair so be very careful, it could be painful!).

Personal comments

To reiterate: This is a good beginner's toy. And it's relatively inexpensive. But I'm pretty sure that once you try it you will want a more substantial product/a product that can actually stay in your ass. While you know your tastes and preferences better than I do, I highly recommend choosing a product dildo in the Tantus line that is slightly more substantial.

My biggest sex toy pet-peeve is investing in a product only to find out that it's not right for me a few months later. Unfortunately, I definitely felt this way about the Ripple. Luckily I got it on a pretty large discount, so I didn't really care.

Although I haven't used it, I would recommend the Ryder, which is also by Tantus. It is made with the same silicone, it looks like it would stay in place, and it has glowing reviews.

Hear that?

It's the Ryder being put on my wish list!


If I had to rate the Ripple for myself, I would have given it 2 stars. I never ::really:: liked this toy. But I can see how this toy would be valuable to other users, so I wanted to give it a solid rating.

Also, this toy was useless to me vaginally. Remember to sterilize your toys before transferring them from your ass to your vagina!
Follow-up commentary
This toy has been retired. I've used it as a probe and it was just too small for me. It felt OK, but I just wanted something a little more. And it's still too flimsy to be used as a plug.

But just because I don't like this toy doesn't mean that it's bad. This is still a well constructed toy that will hold up over time. If you are easing your way into anal play, this toy could very well be the toy for you.
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