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This Bronco will get you bucking!

The Bronco combines safe, soft, comfortable silicone with a gradual taper (in both directions!) to produce a plug that's good for general-purpose use and excellent as a warm up for anal activities. The long neck allows the Bronco to stay in reasonably well, but it's not designed for long-term wear. For warm up and short term use, it's a strong candidate for anyone looking at a plug and it would be a good addition to any toy box.
The Bronco is a good, comfortable design made of soft, easy to clean silicone with a gradual taper.
The corners of the base are a bit noticeable at times and it occasionally pops out.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Tantus Bronco is the first “classic” plug I've tried. It's long for its width and has a long, wide 1” diameter neck. In common with the other Tantus plugs|Tantus A-bomb Buttplug I've tried, the Bronco has a comfortably gradual taper on both sides, so taking it out is as easy as insertion. The gradual taper and wide neck make this a great plug to use when you need to relax and open up your anus for other activities, and the silicone is a bit squishy and very comfortable, making this a good choice for the only toy of the evening.

The base is somewhat contoured, strong enough to keep the Bronco where it belongs and also strong enough to provide a good handle for wiggling and thrusting. The bulge is well placed, and the plug has a nice long neck. During my tests, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Bronco did at staying in, as wide-necked plugs often come out when you don't expect them to. That's not to say that the Bronco|Bronco Butt plug by Tantus is a good plug for long term wear – it came out during the cough test (though it stays in better than the Flirt|Big flirt Butt plug by Tantus), and the base felt a little odd while walking. In general, I don't think I'll wear the Bronco as a long-term plug anywhere were an escapee toy could be embarrassing or where I'll be moving around much.

While it's not a long-wear plug, the Bronco excels as a toy for shorter-term use. While the length may look imposing at first, the silicone is soft enough to follow your inner curves. The length is also an asset when the Bronco is used as a first toy, as it helps to get everything lined up inside for whatever follows. While the Bronco doesn't have the immediate “wow” that plugs specifically designed for the P-spot bring, it gives a nice and very pleasant pressure against the prostate area that kept me excited and wanting more. There's no doubt – the Bronco is a good plug, a new take on an old but good design that would be an asset to almost any toybox.
After a difficult day, I had a bit of a “tight ass”, but the Bronco made short work of opening me up for some backdoor action. I spread my legs and relaxed as the rounded point of the tip moved around my lubed hole. I slid it in until things got tight, and then used short thrusts, allowing my anus to relax and open up around the plug. I gave myself some time to relax around the 1” neck, keeping things interesting with a bit of wiggle play (which the Bronco is good at). When a date with other toys called, I was sorry to have to take out the Bronco but it did its job well, leaving me ready to take the next toy easily.
Follow-up commentary
When I first tried out the Bronco, I suspected that it would become my "go to" butt plug for most uses, and I was right. It's bumped the Flirt as my main warm-up plug, and I turn to it often when I want the filled-up plug feeling. I still use my other plugs regularly, it's just that the Bronco serves well as a warm-up and for those times when I only want to use a single toy. The size is good, big enough to fill you up but small enough to be an easy start to the evening, and the shape is nice. It stays in well in everyday use, and the Bronco gives me the "butt plug wiggle" - that bit of extra bounce that creeps into your step when you've got a plug inside that moves and wiggles as you move, deliciously stimulating your insides.

You might be wondering how things changed from my first review, where I noted that the plug came out once, to saying that it stays in well during everyday use. During the original review I tested the plug by inserting it, squatting, and coughing.. While it came out during that test, I have used the Bronco often since then under more normal conditions and I've never had a problem with it slipping out. I'm still not sure if I would wear it out in public, but now my concern is only that the base would be too noticeable, not that the Bronco would slip out.

While I still wish that the Bronco had a base more similar to the A-Bomb's small oval, I find that even after the "new toy scent" has faded (just a figure of speech, as the pure silicone Bronco never had a scent) I am using and enjoying my Bronco very much.
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  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I hate when plugs pop out! :)
    Thanks for the review!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Overall, a better plug than the Flirt or is the Flirt still a notch up in your book? I'm assuming not quite as good as the Ryder, though. Thanks for mentioning long term wear since that can be an important consideration for my plugs. Great review.
  • ScottA
    Jimbo - I think that the Bronco nudged the Flirt out as my preferred warm-up plug. I found with the Flirt I had to have a hand ready "just in case" as it seemed to come out pretty easily. I haven't had that problem with the Bronco, the only time when it came out was when I squatted down and coughed (I suppose I should break the "cough test" into two portions - standing and bent over/squatting). There was no problem in the standing part, between the base resting against my cheeks and the anus being generally able to retain things better, but I have occasionally had problems with the Flirt coming out even then.
    The other thing that I noticed that gives the Bronco an edge was the tip - the "bulge on a neck" of the Flirt (while good for teasing) makes it slightly more difficult to insert than the smooth taper of the Bronco when I'm "cold". For long term wear the Ryder is still my choice - although I would like to see a beefed-up base.

    Beautiful Dreamer - I suppose I should have been a bit clearer- I only had the problem in one part of the test (see above), other than the "squat and cough" part it stayed in quite well. I'd have no problems wearing it around the house, I just wouldn't wear it in public or use it for other applications where you need "sticking power" (for instance if you use plugs to help hold an enema). I'll follow up on the public bit, too - with more use I might decide that it does have enough sticking power to wear outside, but between the slightly clunky base and having it come out "when provoked" (so to speak), I just don't have the confidence yet to take it in public.
  • Red
    Oh! This looks like a great plug - nice review!
  • ScottA
    Yes, it's a great plug, the silicone is about the perfect density. The more I use it the more I think that I'm really going to have to up it to 5 stars - the base isn't nearly as noticeable as I thought it would be in initial testing, and the rest of the plug is noticeable in a fantastic and wonderful way...
  • ScottA
    I haven't had it long enough to write a follow-up yet, but just to let everybody know - the only time I have had this come out was when I tested it by squatting and coughing and not trying to hold it in- all other times it has done an excellent job of staying in.
  • Ms. Spice
    its so wonderful! thanks
  • MagicKitty
    great review
  • 31 Flavors
  • Trouble 63
    Thanks for the review..I like your cough test. Good information.
  • Gunsmoke
    Scott - as always a great review. Please clarify the diameter. Is it 1-5/8 as described by EF - or 1-3/4 as in some of the reviews?
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