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This Tulip is always in bloom.

This is a pretty average plug with a unique shape that adds a different dimension in terms of the sensations it gives. Small enough for a beginner, but large enough for more advanced users to enjoy. Unfortunately, the base is a bit uncomfortable for long term wear. There is a larger option available for more advanced users or as an upgrade to those who are looking for something a bit different.
Unique shape, good size, safe material.
Awkwardly shaped base.
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The Tulip Plug Royal is what I would describe as a butt plug for an advanced user. It is definitely not for someone who is unfamiliar with their body, how it responds, or who is just starting to explore anal penetration. It does however, have an identical but larger, by which I mean 2" in diameter and an inch longer, sibling for more advanced users, Tulip Plug Royal. This toy was designed to be used anally, but it could also be used as a dildo if one wanted for vaginal use.

Material / Texture

The Tulip Plug is made of Tantus silicone which is 100% silicone with a polished-like finish. It is smooth and fairly firm. The silicone is non-porous, phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, and latex-free. This toy doesn't feature some of the swirling you sometimes hear about with Tantus' toys. Unfortunately, I can't report much on the color as I received the black version of this toy.... However, I can say that the back is truly black and the finish is more of a shiny polish. It is exactly what I come to expect from Tantus. I reported on the Tulip Plug Royal(that's the Larger version of this toy) that it was a bit more rigid than other Tantus toys. This one is "softer" and the material matches up with other Tantus toys.

Design / Shape / Size

This toy is pretty much an average size plug with its length of 4 1/4", with 3 3/4" of that being insertable. The diameter at the largest point is about 1 1/2", which is very manageable for most, even if used as a warm up toy. I would compare it to the Tantus Ryder, in terms of its length, insertable length and diameter with a modified shape.

I really like the shape of this toy. It is much different from any other butt plug I have seen. While it does gradually flare like most plugs, it is not "triangular" in shape. It has more of a slope to it, with a sudden increase at the bottom part of the plug.

One thing I did dislike about this toy's design is the flared base. I do appreciate that Tantus gave this toy a flared base for safety, but it is curved in an odd way that gives it 4 corners which pokes into your butt cheeks while using it. Both the Tulip Plug and the Tulip Plug Royal have this feature. Such a design flaw is uncommon for Tantus.

As mentioned earlier, there is a larger version of this toy, the Tulip Plug Royal, which is approximately 20% larger in all aspects with a Diameter of 2" and an insertable length of 4 1/2". I would recommend upgrading if you are a more advanced user as the larger version is truly made for those who really know their limits.


I went about trying this toy in a bit of a backwards way. I started out with the Tulip Plug Royal, which is the larger version of this toy. It turns out that the measurements on EF were incorrect at the time (Which now have been corrected). When I requested that toy I was expecting something closer in size to this toy. I did go ahead and review the larger version, which required some patience to be able to take in its sheer size, but I did decide that it was too big for me, so I requested this toy, which obviously, is a bit smaller.

Since I had experienced the larger version of this toy first, I had something to compare to. While this toy is smaller, it still has the same feeling when it "pops" in which is a very unique feeling in and of itself. Of course it wasn't as pronounced with the smaller version, but it was still there. A very large plus for this toy! However, I would compare my experience with this toy closer to that of the Ryder Plug. Both Toys are very similar in size, they just have a different shape. Once in, both feel about the same, but the sensations while inserting each toy are vastly different.

I kept the toy in for a while and it can be worn for extended times if desired. Depending on how you move, walk, or even sit, the slightest movement will cause for different sensations which can be an unexpected surprise, which was a bit different from the Ryder, which feels more full but doesn't move around much. This toy does hit the P-spot with a bit of pressure, but I wouldn't consider it a P-spot toy. However, the larger version, the Tulip Plug Royal, does hit the P-spot strongly and I would suggest it for P-spot use.

The only thing I truly disliked about this toy, especially for extended wear is the base. While it is a flared base for safety reasons, its design has 4 "corners" which doesn't sit well between the butt checks as it "pokes" you. For this I wouldn't suggest extremely long wear, but for an hour or two, if you are comfortable then it works. I wish its base were more like the Ryder, which is extremely comfortable for long term wear.

As always with anal play, if you have used a generous amount of lube and if you think you have used enough, still, use more.

Care and Maintenance

As with all silicone products, it can be disinfected/sterilized boiling it for 3 minutes or by throwing it into the top rack of your dishwasher or by using simple soap and warm water. Silicone is a very resilient material and will not break down and will last a very long time if properly cared for.

Use only water based lubes with this toy, as silicone lubes will cause the toy to deteriorate.


This toy is no different from most of the Tantus line and comes in a simple plastic box. It doesn't offer much instruction for use, but allows you to see the entire product without removing it from the box, so you know exactly what you are buying.
Follow-up commentary
I keep going back and forth between the Tulip Plug and the Tantus Ryder. They are so similar in every aspect, yet so different. I think the Ryder is more of a warm up toy for other toys or objects, and the Tulip plug is more of a "main event" kind of toy.

The feeling when inserting is much different due to the "pop", but also, if warmed up, it really doesn't feel much different than the Ryder due to their similar sizes.

The base is a bit annoying with its "points", but it is not as drastic as the Tulip Plug Royale and is not uncomfortable. I really did not notice it as much on this toy. However, compared to the slimmer base on the Ryder, they are very different and I prefer the Ryder's base over this one as that one fits nicely between the cheeks without poking.

I would suggest this toy for intermediate users because it does require a little bit of knowledge on how your body responds to certain sensations. It is small enough for a beginner though.

A very high quality toy that is easy to clean and keep safe as always expected from Tantus.
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