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This Tulip will make you bloom like every day is spring.

For any advanced user, this large toy is definitely for you. Buyer beware, this toy is 2" in diameter... It is a very large toy. The unique shape of the Tulip Royal offers a good sensation that "pops" in which feels amazing. Removal can be a tad difficult without a generous amount of lube. For those who like the shape but are a bit weary of its size, it has a smaller sibling in the Tulip plug, which should offer the same experience on a smaller scale.
Unique shape, high quality material, easy to clean, hits the P-spot well, fills you up.
A bit big, difficult to remove.
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extremely useful review


Editor's Note: We verified the measurement of this toy, as per the contributor's suggestion and the size listed on the website has been adjusted to reflect the actual measurement of 1 7/8 inches.

The Tulip Plug Royal is what I would describe as a butt plug for an advanced user. It is definitely not for someone who is unfamiliar with their body, how it responds, or who is just starting to explore anal penetration. It does however, have an identical but smaller (See design section for size differences) sibling for more intermediate users, the Tulip Plug). This toy was designed to be used anally, however, given its size, it could also be used as a dildo if one wanted for vaginal use.

Material / Texture

The Tulip Royal is made of Tantus' silicone which is 100% silicone with a polished-like finish. It is smooth and fairly firm. The silicone is non-porous, phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, and latex-free. This toy doesn't feature some of the swirling you sometimes hear about with Tantus' toys, but the color is vibrant (I received the pink one). In comparison to the other Tantus toys I have, I felt that this one was a bit more firm than the others, but not rigid.

Design / Shape / Size

As listed in my "Use" section, this toy is big. It is actually 1 7/8" to 2" in diameter at the widest point.

The tip is very manageable, being about 1 1/4" in diameter. The "plug" part of this toy slowly increases in size for 2 1/2" from the tip until it reaches its widest point at 1 7/8" to 2". After getting past the largest point, the tulip decreases from the 2" diameter back to a 1" diameter for the neck quickly, only using about a 1/2" in length to accomplish this. The neck is 1 1/2" long, with the flared base finishing out the toy's length at 1/2".

So to recap the 4 main sections:

Tip: 1 1/4" wide, 2 1/2" long
Widest point: 1 7/8" to 2" wide @ 2 1/2"
Slope to neck: 2" to 1" wide , 1/2" long
Neck: 1" wide, 1 1/2 long
Flared Base: 1/2 Thick

This results in the toy being a total of 5" long, with 4 1/2" insertable. The Neck is 1" in diameter.

*** Does this seem too big for you? Read on, specifically at the bottom of this section***

I really like the shape of this toy. It is much different from any other butt plug I have seen. While it does gradually flare like most plugs, it is not "triangular" in shape. It has more of a slope to it, with a sudden increase at the bottom part of the plug. While some other reviewers have reported this toy has "sharp edges" I tend to disagree. There is nothing sharp on this toy. However, I think what they may have been referring to are the sudden and quick changes in width/girth on this toy, as it does have a spot where the change in size goes quickly.

One thing I did dislike about this toy's design is the flared base. I do appreciate that Tantus gave this toy a flared base for safety, but it is curved in an odd way that gives it 4 corners which pokes into your butt cheeks while using it. Such a design flaw is uncommon for Tantus.

The color is vibrant as ever, which I have come to expect from any Tantus toy, but the pink version, which is the one I received, does not have any of the swirling effect that some people notice with Tantus toys. Regardless, the toy is a very high quality toy and should last a lifetime.

For those who like the design/shape of this toy, but the size of the Royal seems a bit big? I have this to offer:

While I cannot report actual measurements for the Tulip Royal's smaller counterpart, the Tulip Plug, based on information on Tantus' website, it's widest point is 1 5/8" and is 4" long, so approximately 20% smaller in all aspects as compared to the Tulip Royal.

I would assume that every other aspect of the toy is nearly identical to the Tulip Royal, making my comments relevant in all other aspects, just on a toned down scale size wise. I requested to review the smaller version after this one and my request was granted. You can find my review for the smaller version here.


With this toy's performance aspect, I do have a confession to make. This toy was too big for me. As I have reported in this review, It was significantly larger than I anticipated given the incorrect measurements on the site (This has since been corrected, so the dimensions you see now are correct :-) ). However, I was a trooper and proceeded to take this toy on as a challenge and see where it led me, despite its size.

This was the largest toy I have ever attempted. The largest toy I had tried previously was Tantus Squirt which is 1 7/8" thick. Given these facts, and knowing that in order to use the Squirt my body needs some warm up, which I usually do using the Tantus Ryder Plug, that warm up was even more essential with the Tulip Royal. For anyone using this toy,I would highly suggest warming up in order to avoid hurting yourself. And as always with anal play, if you have used a generous amount of lube and if you think you have used enough, still, use more.

My experience with this toy was a bit mixed. Even after warming up, this toy took me a while to get in, which was frustrating at times, partially because I was determined to get it in and was excited to see if my body could go to this new boundary. I had to take it slow and listen to what my anus dictated and what it wanted and what it didn't. While I was able to get this toy in past the first sphincter of the anus, the second one wasn't as willing to let it all in. I did however manage to get it in after some time. I did need to take a few deep breaths and for a slight second it hurt a little bit, but once it moved past that point, it "popped" in which felt like nothing else I had ever experienced. It was fantastic! It definitely caused me to let out an unexpected moan.

Once this toy is in, you know it is there. It fills you up and is long enough to rub against the prostate (for you guys reading this). I kept the toy in for a while and it can be worn for extended times if desired. Depending on how you move, walk, or even sit, the slightest movement will cause for different sensations which can be an unexpected surprise.

However, when it came time for me to remove this toy I was a big worried. My anus had re-adjusted to the 1" diameter and getting it to allow the 2" out over a 1/2 inch slope was troublesome. Of course I got it out, but it was a bit painful and a bit difficult to do. Once my body released the widest point, the toy slipped out with ease.

The only thing I truly disliked about this toy, especially for extended wear is the base. While it is a flared base for safety reasons, its design has 4 "corners" which doesn't sit well between the butt checks as it "pokes" you. For this I wouldn't suggest extremely long wear, but for an hour or two, if you are comfortable then it works.

I do want to say that while I experienced difficulty inserting and removing this toy, I attribute that more to the fact that my body wasn't quite ready for this toy and that I may have rushed it. Other than that issue I loved this toy. I do think that if you are used to and able to take a toy of this size that your experience will be extremely pleasant.

Care and Maintenance

As with all silicone products, it can be disinfected/sterilized boiling it for 3 minutes or by throwing it into the top rack of your dishwasher or by using simple soap and warm water. Silicone is a very resilient material and will not break down and will last a very long time if properly cared for.

Use only water based lubes with this toy, as silicone lubes will cause the toy to deteriorate.


This toy is no different from most of the Tantus line and comes in a simple plastic box. It doesn't offer much instruction for use, but allows you to see the entire product without removing it from the box, so you know exactly what you are buying.
Follow-up commentary
I realize that my follow up review is coming fairly quickly after originally writing it, but a few updates that are relevant need to be said!

First, despite the sheer size of this toy, I kept playing with it all week. Maybe the challenge of it got me going and I was determined to figure out this toy. As I said in my original review, warming up is essential with this toy. I took time to warm up using The Ryder and then the The Squirt to get my anus warmed up for the size of the Tulip Royal. This gave me a gradual increase in size. Remember to take your time and listen to your body and use lots of lube!

After warming up for this toy, it still took some time to get it in, but that "pop" is quite the amazing feeling. Only one downfall was constant though, removal was still a tad bit painful due to the very short distance to go from 1" in diameter to 2" in diameter. After this toy is in, your anus re-adjusts to the smaller size so when it comes time to take it out, its not ready for it. Not to worry, with some slow breathing and pulling the toy out VERY slowly, it came out safe and sound, but not as easy as I would have liked. The whole removal aspect kind of ruined the pleasant experience I had using the toy.

The "corners" of the base also caused discomfort, which was more annoying than anything. Because of this I still would not recommend this toy for long term wear... However,if you find it comfortable then go for it!

Onto the Technical news.... I had informed Eden's of the size discrepancy on the Tulip Royal and its smaller cousin the Tulip Plug. Laurel from Eden Fantasy's responded to my request to update the sizing of this toy on the site. Her response was:

Occasionally errors do occur in calculation or entry. I had our warehouse manager pull the toy off the shelf and measure it and he entered the new measurement into the website. (Also, I requested he do this for the smaller plug as well.)... With thousands of products, we do appreciate it when our customers point us in the direction of mistakes so we can correct them and provide as useful (and accurate) information as possible.

I am glad that Eden's took the time to correct the measurements as that was the largest negative in my original review, the size was not what I expected nor wanted. I hope everyone knows what they are in for after my review and the updated measurements.

For those of you who have ACTUALLY made it to the bottom of this review, I was granted my request to be sent the smaller Tulip Plug to review as it is more in sync with what I expected to receive with this toy. Please watch for my review on that toy where I will try to compare these two with their similarities and differences. Maybe bigger isn't always better.... I guess we shall see. Thanks for reading!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Luscious Lily
    Thanks for the review, and for being such a trooper to try the toy anyway, when it turned out to be much larger than expected. I agree that the odd points on this base look really uncomfortable; the Little Flirt has a similar base, and it makes long-term wear impractical. I think they're supposed to follow the contours of the cheeks, but the scale of the cheeks they designed it for was much smaller than that of your average person!
  • JustYourAverageGuy
    Yes, definately! Thanks for the comment!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very good review! Big smile
  • Sammi
    Good review!
  • ......
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • csweatc
    Good job. I know the feeling of being challenged. It's funny how you think you can overcome the size or shape of a toy, but sometimes it's just not meant to be.
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