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Tristan 1.5

Tristan 1.5 is a wonderfully filling butt plug that is ideal for lounging around with. The slim neck allows for movement that may be a bit much, especially if you are out and about. The beautiful light and dark blue swirls make this plug appealing to look at as well as to use.
Filling, body safe, beautiful colors
Not really for beginners, requires a fair amount of warm up
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Tristan 1.5 is a butt plug for intermediate to advanced anal players. The tip of the toy can also be used for shallow vaginal insertion, so long as it has been properly sanitized between orifices. Tristan 1.5 has a very large flared base that makes it extremely safe for its designed purpose. The size of this plug requires some warm up and the use of lubricant for insertion, but once you get it in, you can sit back and enjoy!
    • Couples
    • Solo

Material / Texture

The Tristan 1.5 is made from firm silicone that has a good amount of drag to it. When you add lubricant, the non-absorbent material becomes very slippery to aid in use. There is absolutely no taste or smell to the silicone. While the silicone is pretty firm, it does give a little when squeezed. The plug feels solid, like there are no empty spaces within the shape. The silicone has another added benefit, it warms up to your body temperature while in use but you can warm it up or cool it down with hot or cold water before hand if you prefer.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The shape of the Tristan 1.5 is like a rounded triangle on top of a circular shaft with a rectangle base that curves in on the longer sides. The tip is the smallest part of the plug but increases rather rapidly. The tip is really reminiscent of a penis head that is a little more pointy. The 'point' is completely rounded and not uncomfortable at all during use. The smaller tip allows for a little bit of warm up as you press it against your asshole for entrance but you really need to more warmed up before you can press it much further. Anyone who has taken the time to warm up enough can use the Tristan 1.5 but it might take longer for less experienced users.


The Tristan 1.5 is a good sized plug. You will need to use lubricant to insert this plug. It's easier to insert if you apply lubricant only on the tip or head of the plug, keeping the base dry for holding. If your hand is slippery at all, the plug is kind of hard to put in. Once you get it inserted, the large head provides a nice filling sensation and the smaller neck makes it comfortable to keep in. The flared base may seem awkward at first but I quickly became used to it. I found it was easier to use this plug for lounging around and similar activities. When I walked it would kind of work its way down to the edge and feel like the plug was trying to pull out which was a bit uncomfortable at times.

Care and Maintenance

The silicone this plug is made from is extremely easy to care for. It can be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap between uses but if you plan to share or switch orifices with it you need to boil it for at least 3 minutes. You can also use a 10% bleach solution to clean this product if that is your preference. If you're using lubricant with this (and you ARE, trust me), make sure you only use water-based lubricants to avoid any material interactions that can cause damage to your plug.
The large base makes it easy to stand the plug upright for storage (as Vixen Creations usually recommends for their products). You can use the plastic tube it came in for storage to keep dust away or a toy bag. I put my Tristan in a satin toy bag for transporting when I took it on a trip with me recently and noticed no problems in terms of loss of shape.


I was really excited to get the Tristan 1.5 even though I haven't tried the Tristan or the Tristan 2. I love Vixen Creations silicone and the Tristan 1.5 is another great product from them. The first time I tried to use the Tristan, I lubed up and started out warming up with fingers. I thought that I had reached a point where I was ready for the Tristan so I grabbed it and started trying to insert it. The first problem was that my hand was still super slippery from the lube so it kept slipping out of my hand. The second problem was that I wasn't nearly warmed up enough. The next time I wanted to give the Tristan a try, I warmed up with fingers and then inserted a smaller glass plug (1 inch diameter). I left the glass plug in for about 20 minutes and felt ready to move up to something larger. I made sure my hand was dry and applied lube to the bulbous tip and then pressed against my asshole and voila! The Tristan started to ease in. I stopped a little ways in to allow myself to adjust to the bigger size and then eased it the rest of the way. The Tristan gave me a wonderful full feeling. I left it in for about an hour, during which I tried it walking around, doing some light housework and sitting down. I found it to be the most comfortable when used while sitting. Otherwise, the neck allowed for the plug to slip down to the edge where Tristan is wider which felt a little bit uncomfortable. I also used the Tristan 1.5 during masturbation to get a kind of double penetration feeling. The fullness of the plug combined with some clitoral stimulation provided a great orgasm. If you like internal vibrations, the silicone also transmits vibration nicely. The plug stayed in during my orgasm and was relatively easy to remove afterwards.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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