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A Good Ol' Standard

These condoms from Playboy aren't really meant to do anything above and beyond being a basic condom, and they really shine there, for lack of better wording. They aren't designed to do anything special, so I'm not going to hold them not doing anything special against them. They were lubed adequately enough for me, and are a good standard backup.
Lubed, Latex scent isn't overpowering, Reliably standard
Not for large guys, Nothing special, Latex scent
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The rundown: A condom's basic function is to serve as protection, whether that be from becoming pregnant or from getting diseases. This condom doesn't endeavor to do anything special other than be lubricated, however it does do that pretty well.

The packaging: A small back box with silver writing on it; it's obvious that these are condoms and it's obvious that Playboy is the brand. Much like the other Playboy condoms, you get a pamphlet that gives you directions in 5 different languages and even some statistics on various birth controls and their general effectiveness inside the box. There are three condoms in this box, and each of those wrappers is similar to the box with a black background and silvery white writing.

The boring specs: The "average" condom is about 7.5" long, 2" wide at the base and along the shaft and in the head, and .0027" thick. Dimensions online list these as being 2.08" wide at the base, 7.5" long, and .0027" thick. Out of my own stash I get about 7" long with the reservoir tip and just over 6 1/2" with it, and 2" wide across the base and up the shaft. My husband is about 5" long and about 5" around and they weren't overly loose or anything like that. If you routinely need the size of a Magnum, you might want to avoid these, but otherwise use your best judgment. I don't have a micrometer, but these didn't feel especially thick or especially thin.

The potentially interesting design features: These were designed to be fairly average, and they are. There's nothing special on the shaft, just a smooth design. There's a reservoir tip to help catch lots of semen. There's lube. What is nice is that there seemed to be a bit more lube than one might find on "regular" condoms, since there wasn't a need to add more during use. There's also a bit of a latex smell. Nothing that's going to jump up and smack you in the face, but enough to be noticeable on the hands afterwards.

The exciting "what it was like" part: Average I guess. Nothing about these really stuck out, which is a good thing for us. I thought they did a good job of not being really noticeable, and my husband can't tell the difference between this and an "average" condom aside from the extra lube, which he did make mention of over and over again. When asked what he thought about them, his answer was "I like that there was extra lube and that you didn't have to get more."

The important safety stuff: Ok, real quick let's talk about things you should and shouldn't do with condoms. Do add more lube if you feel like you're drying out. Lack of lube can cause increase friction and cause the condom to break. Don't use anything oil based to lube up with. Water and silicone based lubes are fine, but oil based lubes can degrade the latex. Do keep your condoms in a cool, dry location. Don't keep them in your glove box, in the wallet you sit on all day, or at the bottom of your purse. These are not good places for condoms. In the purse it could get punctured, and being in all that heat can also degrade the material which is again, not good.
My husband and I were both really impressed with how lubed these condoms were. Most of the time, unless something goes out of its way to have extra lube, I have to add it myself, but these were great in that department. Overall, they're not bad in general. People who are really bothered by most condoms will probably be bothered by these, but aside from the latex smell, I didn't have any trouble forgetting they were there, and the latex smell was only on my hand after it had been near the condom. We appear to be in the minority as far as liking these goes, but there wasn't anything special that these condoms were supposed to do, and because they didn't do anything special as advertised, there's nothing to hold against them.
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    Awesome review! Sound like a quality condom. Thanks!
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    Nice review. I wonder when this will come into stock. o.O
  • Jul!a
    I do hope they come back, because they are pretty decent if you're not overly picky about condoms.
  • Cherry21
    nice review! like them just for the playboy stamp on them!
  • SiNn
    I love your reviews ty
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    Awesome Review
  • Jul!a
    Thanks everybody
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    Great review!
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