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Durex tropical

Male condom by SSL International

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A Tasty Condom

I would definitely buy this item again as it let me give my husband oral without having a gross latex taste or having slippery lube.
Great Taste. Strong but appealing scent. Accepting of other lubes. Comfortable fit for my husband.
Flavors not listed on box. After long time the taste goes away.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Since I am pretty much grossed out by the idea of giving my husband oral sex without a condom, I was always on the look out for a new flavored condom that didn't have gross tasting lube on it and didn't smell like latex. These Condoms were the perfect find. They were a little greasy feeling with all the flavoring lube they put on them but It wasn't hard to get past. They tasted great and they gave me a good taste that I wanted so I was able to give him a good night. Another great thing I liked about them was that they were cheap! I didn't have to pay to much for them and they were worth what I did pay.

My husband also enjoyed them since they were a perfect fit and during the oral they never slid around or wrinkled up. They stayed still so it made it feel even better for him. Compared to all the other condoms, that after 5 minutes of doing it, they got dry and began loosing the flavor.

There is a negative to them however. It takes a while for my husband to climax which I think is a great thing so after about 20 minutes the flavoring was pretty much gone. The good thing is, these condoms allowed the use of other flavored lubricants without making a complete mess. Which I found awesome since the other condoms I have had every time I place the lube on them, they become slippery and it all just drips off. But with these the lube adheres to the condom.

There was a small issue that didn't really bother me but on the box they didn't have any of the flavors listed. So I didn't know what to expect.I wasn't disappointed when I got home and opened them since I was a avid fruit eater so that seemed to make it easier for me. My ultimate favorites were the Strawberry, Banana and the Orange. I still have not gotten to the Vanilla flavor but I am getting there. I cracked the package open to get a whiff of the Vanilla and I think I will also be enjoying that one as well.
Follow-up commentary
Since the time of the original review, I have not used the condom. Not because it wasn't great to use, but because we just didn't have any spare money to spend on the condoms. And the fact that we are expecting another child, my taste buds have been very sensitive and I think the flavors on these are not something I would be able to handle with constant morning sickness! However, the product is still on my list as a great item with a great flavor!
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  • Machina
    Giving your husband a BJ without a condom grosses you out? Why is that? It's always kind of grossed me out to give a bj with a condom (mainly because of the nasty latex taste). That being said, it's nice to know these actually taste good!
  • MikesWoman
    I just cant get past the Taste of his pre stuff. It makes me gag. I'm working on it though!
  • Machina
    Oh no, I'm sorry. So it tastes worse than latex? Must be pretty bad. Have you tried having him change his diet so he tastes better?
  • MikesWoman
    Thats pretty much why I use these condoms. They never have the latex Taste! I loved it. Never hear of the diet thing! I'll have him try it! Big smile
  • Sammi
    I've never given a blowjob with a condom, I have to admit. I bought some flavored ones once for a joke, but we haven't used them yet.
    Glad this one works pretty well for you!
  • Oggins
    I personally don't have a problem giving my hubby a BJ without a condom. I love the smell and taste of him but not everyone is like that. I'm just glad to hear that you were able to find something that worked well for you and your husband! That's all that matters so have fun and thanks for letting us know that these taste pretty good too! Smile
  • Machina
    I used to hate the taste to cum, so I did a little research & found out drinking more fruit juices (especially pineapple) and eating less red meat can do wonders for the taste (for both his & yours). My guy tastes soooo much better now, and he says I taste sweeter too!

    Don't feel bad if it doesn't work though, everybody has different tastes & preferences.
  • Pandahb
    I haven't tried giving my man a BJ with one on but I have tried after he wore one and it still tasted too latexy to me. I can't stand latex so maybe if it was made of something else it would work better for me. I'm glad you two found something that works and I agree with machina, each couple is unique and has different tastes and preferences.
  • Sera
    THese truly are great condoms. Great review!
  • MagicVibe
    Thanks for the review!
  • alaya
    thanks for the great review!
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