Durex high sensation lubricated - male condom by SSL International - review by Backseat Boohoo

High sensation, indeed!

As long as you use these condoms properly, both you and any partners you have are bound to love them! They are super-thin to allow great sensations, and the ribbed texture really adds to the experience.
Super thin, lubrication is very slick, thick ribs are really pleasurable.
Usual latex smell, very girthy men will need something bigger.
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I am pretty much a flaming homosexual and don't fool around with male partners too often, so it's rare that I ever need to replace my condom stock. When my love affair with my new anal beads depleted my stock of Kimono Microthins, however, I had to restock, and I decided to try something new.

I'm glad I chose Durex High Sensation!

This 3-pack of condoms comes in a small square box, decorated with a pink circle on the cover. It has an extra flap that pharmacies would use to hang the condoms on a hook; I always cut the flap or just throw away the entire box. The condoms themselves are wrapped in bright red foils with the white "Durex" label encased in a blue square. The foil doesn't explicitly say EXACTLY what kind of condom this is, but Durex condoms are color-coded, and you can find the abbreviated product name next to the expiration date on the back of the foil. Overall, they don't look as classy as Kimonos do, but they're still a high-quality product.

The condoms themselves are a dark pink/light red, with thick ribs on the lower portion. They are lubricated, and they lubrication is very wet and slick, but not runny or drippy. Like most colored condoms, you may notice that the lubricant that rubs off on your fingers is a little pink as well, but it does not stain. Thanks to the lubrication, rolling the condom down on to a toy or a penis is extremely easy. If you end up having an extended sex session, you may have to add more lubricant, or else the ribbed section of the condom will dry out and feel uncomfortable.

Durex High Sensation are also very thin. This adds to the sensation; it feels like you're not even using a condom unless the ribs--which I found quite pleasurable--are rubbing up against your partner's entrance. They are also surprisingly strong, given how thin they are: I blew a condom up and it didn't pop, then I filled it with water and rolled it around...still no breaking!

I had no issues with condom slippage with these condoms, since the bottom ring of the condom is a bit thicker to help "anchor" it. They are 7 1/2 inches long and have enough room for average girth; a very thick man may find them uncomfortable, thanks to that tight bottom ring. As it stands, they fit a 1.75" diameter toy with no visible tightening around the toy's base.

Like almost all latex condoms, these babies do smell a bit, and the smell will rub off on your hands if you handle them a lot. The smell fades after a little while, however, and it's easy to get rid of it by washing your hands and/or taking a shower. Also, they have a bit of a taste to them; I don't use male condoms for oral sex, but I gave a condom a good sucking, and it a very slight bitter taste. It wasn't absolutely gut-wrenching, however, and it wore off after a few good sucks.

While Kimono Microthins are still my condom of choice, Durex High Sensations are a close second. They are great for toys as well as partner play, and they are readily available at most American pharmacies.
As long as you use these condoms properly, both you and any partners you have are bound to love them! They are super-thin to allow great sensations, and the ribbed texture really adds to the experience.

If you need to add more lubricant to these condoms, do NOT use oil-based products, like petroleum jelly or most massage oils. I recommend using water-based lubricant, since that's the kind of lubricant these condoms are coated in.

You should not use these condoms if you are allergic to latex.

If a condom slips during use, take a moment to readjust it before continuing. If the condom actually breaks, replace it immediately!

To apply a condom, carefully open up the foil and remove the condom from its packet. Find the end where the "teat" sticks up and where the condom rolls out from, then hold the teat between your fingers and place the condom at the tip of your partner's erect penis/at the tip of the toy. Using your free hand, carefully roll the condom down the penis/toy, pushing any excess air out as you go. When you are finished rolling the condom down, release your fingers from the teat--you should have a small "pouch" for semen to collect. (In the case of a toy, this provides a little leg room so that the condom doesn't break as easily).

When you are finished with a condom, throw it out (if it was used with a toy) or tie the end and wrap it in tissue paper, THEN throw it out (if it was used with a partner). Do NOT flush condoms.

Obviously, you should never use a condom more than once.

For more information, including an application diagram, please check the handy pamphlet included in your box of condoms.
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  • Mystery
    Great review. I've been trying to talk my husband into using condoms since some of our toys like Julie Ashton's Pussy and Ass are difficult to clean. I think your review just might convince him to reconsider his boycott. Thanks!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    Personally, I would recommend Kimono Microthins over these any day, but that's because Kimonos are Godly. Still, these are an awesome second choice.
  • ~LaUr3n~
  • Sera
    Nice review!
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    Nice review!
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    Great review for something that seems so simple.
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    nice review ty
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    thanks for the review
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