Trojan non-lubricated - male condom by Church and Dwight - review by Red

Trojan non-lubricated

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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The lazy woman's soap and water

These condoms are an important staple in my bedroom and toy bag, where they enjoy a wide range of uses (on toys, during anal sex, impact play...etc), and excel at all of them.
Safer sex means sometimes using barriers, and these condoms can be used for *anything*.
One size fits all.
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My interest in these condoms is mostly for ease in sex toy and anal sex clean up. There's nothing worse than going to bed with that familiar itch, scratching it, then having to crawl back out of bed to clean up your toys with soap and water. That's where these condoms come in. Non lubricated, they will leave no residue on your toys, and can simply be slapped on before use, and snapped off after to be thrown away, mess and all. I find this especially useful for my anal toys – especially when using the larger ones without doing a quick anal irrigation to ensure a clear path. These condoms have snapped into place on even the largest of my toys without breaking, which I find quite impressive and quite telling of their overall strength.

Lubricant wise, these condoms, being latex, are compatible with water and silicone based lubes. To be crystal clear, I am not using these condoms for disease or pregnancy prevention, so I actually tend to use oil based lubes with these condoms for anal activities. My reasons for this are two fold – I don't like water based lube for anal play, and all of my toys are silicone, so even with a latex barrier I am wary about using silicone lube. Despite the fact that oils will weaken the latex, the condoms have proven strong enough during extended sessions with oil based lubes on toys that they don't break on removal, and thus still provide me with adequate clean up assistance.

My husband and I do not use condoms for birth control, and I do not have any outside male partners with whom I practice intercourse. As such, I am unable to comment on how well this condom fares at transmitting sensations during vaginal sex, how easy it is to use in the heat of the moment when everything is slippery, and how successful it is at *not* breaking in the face of friction. That said, these condoms would be an excellent choice for barrier assisted oral sex as they are non lubricated (the lube normally found on condoms is icky and certainly not something *I* would revel in sucking). As well, my husband and I also like to use these condoms for anal sex, for ease in clean up afterward. He finds the fit snug but not too snug, and prefers these non lubricated condoms to lubricated condoms he has used in the past. He claims that it feels more sturdy and “fixed” than lubricated condoms have ever felt. We have never encountered any issues with breakage during anal sex, despite the fact that we tend to use oil based lube.

These condoms are also an important addition to my toy bag, as I tend to use then on any toy imaginable when sharing with a play partner. Aside from obvious insertable toys, they can be snapped over things like a Hitachi, and I have also found them to be successful at covering certain impact toys – perhaps with the addition of a rubber band or two to cinch them down. Why would I do this? Aside from obvious activities like genital spankings, sometimes during impact play blood is encountered – most commonly from a burst blemish (but I also practice things like needle play, where blood is a reality). Leather, rubber and etc cannot be sterilized, so if one of my toys comes into contact with blood, it gets mothballed for 6 months to a year before I am able to use it again. Obviously this is undesirable. Yes, I know, part of the fun of being hit with a leather paddle is feeling the leather...but the choices I make about safer sex practices extend to my BDSM play, and this is just where I have chosen to stand.
Follow-up commentary
Sex toy companies, like California Exotics, are now producing sex toy covers, which are in essence non lubricated condoms. These, to me, remain a more cost effective and easy to find option.
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  • Oggins
    I love your title! I've been looking for a good unlubricated condom to make toy clean up easier and you appear to have provided my answer. Thanks!
  • Red
    @oggins - no problem! Glad I could be of assistance. Durex also makes a non lubricated condom, but I prefer the trojans due to lack of "nipple" at the top. However, I tend to buy in bulk (cause I'm not worried about expiration dates) so I buy whatever I can find the best deal on. I wish Eden would sell these in bulk, that would be AWESOME
  • Jon S
    thank you
  • BlooJay
    Great review! Thx!
  • Fodra
    Thanks for the review, I love that these make cleaning so much simpler. Not to mention, I don't need to worry about the lube damaging my toys or me.
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