Swing discontinued
by Whipsmart

A Swing Is A Marvelous Thing

Sex with a swing IS as fun as you think it is - so go for it! This particular one is especially fun because of the spring.
The springing of this swing is amazing.
Requires eye bolt installment in ceiling.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Pleasure Swing comes packed *almost* ready to go. Once you screw the eye bolt into the ceiling, it's ready to go in under a minute. The straps on the swing are height adjusted by easy use webbing cinchers – adjustments can be made on the fly if you can take your weight off the strap to be adjusted. Just a few short minutes after getting the package, we were trying out the swing for the first time. How cool is that?

Now the eye bolt must of course be screwed into a beam to make a proper hard point – so that limits where it can be placed. There is a stand that can be bought for this swing which bypasses the need to find a hard point. But, that said, the eye bolt is not that noticeable in the ceiling – especially if it were painted to match the ceiling. The rest of the swing takes up the same amount of space as a few folded towels and can be stashed from prying eyes very easily.

The swing consists of two wide body straps and a set of stirrups/leg straps. A variety of positions are possible, so the straps must be adjusted to fit the needs of the position. Generally, however, the person sitting in the swing pops one of the body straps under their butt, and then adjusts the other straps to rest comfortably across the back as they lean back. The swing hangs from a triangular metal piece, which then gets attached to the eye bolt in the ceiling via a heavy duty spring. The spring is rated for use with a body weight up to 200 lbs. – above that, a carabiner can be used instead. The spring is a great addition to the swing as it puts a bounce back into movements made while in the swing. The benefit of this to the enjoyment of sex should be obvious.

There is clearly potential for a wide range of heights with this swing – my partner and I are both tall, and when we had the swing properly installed I noted that we were in the middle of the “range” afforded by the straps. The straps are all completely machine washable, and could also be replaced if one could fashion something similar. And best of all, my partner has discovered that the triangular metal piece can be hooked via carabiner to the eye bolt in the ceiling to create a great personal pull-up bar. Who'd have guessed?
There is something alluring about being weightless while having sex, and the swing allows you to experience exactly that. I get into the swing and my partner pulls me towards him by my legs. We get the great bounce back from the spring, plus I'm at exactly the right height and I'm easy to maneuver in space. Conversely, if I straddle my partner when he's in the swing, I can use my legs to make movement up and down and enjoy the amplification of it by the spring, and I can move him effortlessly any way I want. Sex with the swing|Pleasure swing is great – quite enjoyable and infinitely satisfying. It's a nice option (great option) to have, but it's not going to become the only way I have sex.
Follow-up commentary
In the year since I first tried out this swing, it has remained a much beloved item in my bedroom. Friends agree, swing sex is a-may-zing.

I have had an opportunity to use another swing without a spring, and I was struck by two things. First off, this swing with it's backpack-style nylon straps and plush pads, can be laundered. This is a good thing. The other swing I have seen/used has neoprene pads, and a lot of the strap attachments involve metal pieces, and thus can't be laundered. Ick. Also, I added a strap to the swing to act as a head cradle. This is a HUGE improvement.

Still, an excellent piece!

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