Swing discontinued
by Whipsmart

Swinging and twirling fun

Even though the swing now takes up most of our playroom, it was a great purchase. A lot of fun for both partners, and it is another great way at add variety to sex. The swing is not that expensive if you mount it from the ceiling, and it can also be taken down quickly.
Bouncing fun, well padded straps, hanging bar can be handhold
Spring only holds 200 lbs, strap cleaning difficult, strap digs into my 180 lbs thighs slightly
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My wife and I have been wanting a sex swing for quite a while. Up until recently, we did not have the space for a swing and a stand. A few months ago we moved into a rental house, and have been waiting patiently for Eden to have a swing back in stock. I set my email alerts, and waited and waited. All of a sudden a few weeks ago while reading reviews, I found a new review for a different swing, and saw that it was in stock. Alright, progress. Then while searching, I found that the swing my wife and I were really wanting, was also in stock. Oh S***! We had not been planning to buy it at this point, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity. So that weekend we quickly placed the order for the swing, and I believe we got the last one in stock, because then it was discontinued.

The swing box was a lot smaller than I expected. Just like Eden, Whipsmart are masters of packaging a large product into a small box as to not waste space. The swing came inside a standard plain brown box from Eden not giving any hint as to what is inside. Inside was the swing box, which features a small black plastic handle on the box for easy carrying. One side features a couple on the swing, with the Whipsmart logo on it. The other side features 4 boxes, 1 with "Pleasure Swing", the other 3 with the same couple in 3 different positions for ideas for use.

Inside of the box, the swing was fully assembled and ready to be hung. Carefully we pulled out each support piece, then once all 3 were out, we lifted out the cross bar and spring. Within 1 minute of opening the box, the swing was hung and ready. Inside of the box was an eye bolt that is a total of 4.75 inches long, with 2 inches being able to be screwed into wood for hanging from a ceiling beam. But for the moment we are using a swing stand, and will save this for the future. There was a small booklet inside, 6 pages long, showing a few more positions, and telling you some care instructions. There was also a 90 day limited warranty card.

The included booklet is 6 pages long, and includes quite a bit of information. It includes some installation instructions if you are planning to install it hanging from the ceiling or a door jam, and safety instructions. There are quite a few warnings throughout the booklet stating that if you use the spring, that it is limited to 200 lbs. But it also says that with some of the 2 person positions it shows, that because of someone kneeling or standing up, that 2 people can enjoy the swing together as long as both aren't fully on it at the same time. They also show 7 different position possibilities. On the back it shows the 7 parts of the swing, and accessories that you can order to use with the swing.

Having been looking at a sex swing and stand for a few years now, I had a general idea to how large it was going to be. However, when I saw the swing box itself, I was quite surprised at how compact it was. The box measures 16 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. Pulling out the swing, the largest part which is the triangular cross bar, is 14 inches wide at the bottom and 11.5 inches tall. The swing has a nice big hefty spring which is 9 inches long, with a 1.5 inch diameter. The rest of the swing comprises 3 different straps, each easily adjusted with large plastic buckles. The two straps that go under the back and butt are 28 inches long and 6 inches wide. The 2 individual straps for the legs or feet are 24 inches long and 2 inches wide. Each strap can be removed from the triangular bar by a carabiner on each side if it is not going to be used.
The first time using the swing, I reclined on my back, and my wife started with oral. It was a perfect angle for oral, and anal stimulation as well. She then mounted me in reverse cowgirl, and it was very nice. Resting my legs on the ground, she was also able to get on the swing with me as well, and supported herself from the top crossbar for some dual bouncing pleasure. With my 180 lb weight, I did notice after sitting in the swing for about 10 minutes that the center strap started to dig slightly into my thigh/buttocks.

The second time we used the swing, my wife reclined back and I had her legs spread wide. I got down on my knees, and gave her oral. This provided once again wide angle access to her vagina, and she had a wonderful orgasm. After, we just moved her legs slightly, and I slid right in for some PIV sex. It was great just pulling her towards me and having the swing pull her away, and I was able to grip her from her legs and from the center strap. For her and her 130 lbs, she was able to relax in the swing for about 15 to 20 minutes with no discomfort. We have also tried doggy style using all the straps, and it was fantastic as well for both of us. She had no discomfort, even with her head hanging slightly down, and I was able to pull her towards me from the center strap. Another fantastic use of the swing!

After 2 uses over 3 days, my wife and I are very happy with our purchase. We have tried only a few positions, and she has already said that this review was going to have to wait for more testing. Sign me up!
Follow-up commentary
We are still getting more seat time in the swing, but so far we absolutely love it! I have sat in it once, but most the time it is my wife swinging and me standing up. Doggy style caused some discomfort for her on a full bladder because of the strap, but otherwise it is great. We even occasionally use the swing stand for spreading her legs even wider. We both really enjoy it, and always look forward to hoping back into it.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Nice to Eat you
    we tried one of these at a sex club this past weekend. it wasn't very comfortable for her. I did enjoy licking her pussy while she was on it tho.
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    The review didn't wait for more testing, though. You just had to put it up and make everyone jealous, didn't you? I haven't used one with a stand, but swings can certainly be a lot of fun. Thanks for the great review.
  • Contributor: LaSchwartz
    Amazing review thanks for sharing.
  • Contributor: Geogeo
    Sounds like fun, thanks for reviewing
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    Great review, thank you!
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    Great review! Thanks for sharing.
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    Great review!! Thank you for sharing!!
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    great review!! What are the accessories that you can order?? Just wondering. we have also been looking at a swing..Thanks for sharing!!
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    Great review thanks!
  • Contributor: sexydes
    i want one of these
  • Contributor: SoloJoe
  • Contributor: HisLittleFiend
    This is discontinued? That is a great review, but how sad it is discontinued!
  • Contributor: leatherlover
    I waited a long time for it to come back in stock, so I know how frustrating that can be. Thanks for reading.
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