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The Pleasure Swing is a sex swing that easily attaches to the ceiling/doorway/sex swing stand. It supports a good amount of weight if you remove the spring, and it's really versatile and allows for a lot of new and different positions.
Holds 200 lbs w/ spring, material is comfortable, easy to assemble, variety of positions possible
Cheetah print is ugly, spring must be removed for high weights, no head support
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The Pleasure Swing comes with everything seen on the box - a huge eye bolt that attaches to the ceiling, a large spring that attaches from the eye bolt to the next piece, a large metal triangle that supports the weight and attaches to the sex swing, and the pieces of the actual swing that attach to the metal piece. The swing pieces include two ones intended for feet, one included for your bum, and one for your upper back. There isn't a head support. The swing only comes in Cheetah print.

The packaging is pretty basic. It's just downright heavy. It comes in a box that has a handle on it (thank god). I chose this swing over the others on EF because this is the only one that doesn't require extra shipping charges. I couldn't imagine why any swing would, but now that I've lifted this thing, I can see why. The box just comes with all of the pieces stuffed inside and all pre-assembled. It also comes with the instruction guide that includes a couple pages of positions you can try as well.

Something I need to mention first off. The description says that it fits 400 pounds. It doesn't. The instructions clearly mention, more than one, that this should only be used with 200 pounds or less with the spring installed. It doesn't even give a prorated weight if you don't use the spring, I'd say anything up to about 350 or so without the spring should be safe. (I'm guessing - I haven't tried it yet, but I know what other swings work without the spring.) I see that one of the pictures shows a couple sitting on the swing at the same time - possible, but you have to remove the spring first.

Set-up is extremely easy. You find a overhead piece of wood-thing (Yeah, so I suck at carpentry) and screw the eyebolt into it. It HAS to be a piece of wood underneath your ceiling. Don't just go screwing it into any random piece. If you doubt your abilities, bring in a carpenter-dude and say that it's for a chandelier. Or a very, very heavy plant. But don't guess unless you want some serious injury. Anyway, from there, the eyebolt screws right in, and you just slip the spring onto the eyebolt, and the metal piece onto the spring and DONE. Less than five minutes if you know how to find the wood-piece-thingy. The instructions clearly state to not take the eyebolt back down, so make sure it's a place you want it to stay. You can place a plant on the eyebolt when it's not in use so it doesn't look so awkward. As a note, we have an apartment, so we're using the Universal Sex Swing stand (also sold here) to hang ours.

A note when it comes to the sex swing stand: There isn't anything to connect from the metal piece directly to the stand. This means that we haven't found a way to use it without the spring yet, so it can't hold more than 200 pounds, so I haven't tried it. We need to find a strong piece of metal or something to go directly from the metal bar to the stand-loop at the top. We've tried caribbenears so far, but most are too thick to fit into the metal portion.

The straps of swing are made from nylon (the black strands) and it's microfiber cheetah print. The strands are pretty uncomfortable black-side up, so make sure to sit on the cheetah prints for best results. Each of the strands easily adjust while you are sitting in the swing. You just tug on the nylon strands, and it gets shorter. Loosening takes a bit more effort, so start loose then tighten it up. As you could probably imagine, you don't *have* to use all of the supports during sex. I'd recommend the back one at the very least, but if your penetrator supports your hips, that's all you'd "have" to use. Really, allow yourself to experiment with different positions.

This swing definitely has some bounce and some moveability. We have it on the stand, so the boyfriend has been randomly lounging in it and just swinging like a six year old. It bounces up and down without any sort of problem, and it also will turn a full 360 degrees. Depending on the weight that you put on it, it sinks lower to the ground. Ours is slightly below my hip-level, but we also have a stand and not the ceiling. With a regular ceiling (8 ft), it should make the person on the swing land at about hip height for a 6 foot person.
Something we noticed about using the swing is that this is definitely a workout. Because of how the body has to be positioned, it does take some muscle strain and strength to get in positions. Not a bad thing - it's like a fun workout. The boyfriend found that it put some strain on his neck for long-time positions, but it seems to alleviate that if you allow yourself to wrap your hands around the straps of the back piece or grab onto the bar on the metal piece. Grabbing the bar of the metal piece is also the easiest way to stand up from the swing as well - especially if your muscles are sore.

What positions have we tried? Just a few so far. Not that many. However, he did lay back and use a Fleshlight while laying on the swing. It'd be possible to elevate the person's feet for a "feet-on-shoulders" type of position that leaves the butt and vagina open for penetration. The backstrap can be ignored and the person's upper body can be rested on the floor while the butt is supported for great g-spot access during penetration. The butt straps and the feet straps can be ignored while your partner holds up your hips for some "help" doing this position while the strap holds up your back. It really does provide a good variation of positions, and if suspended sex is something that you've fantasized about, it's definitely fun.

The boyfriend weighs 160, and the spring doesn't even "stretch" under his weight. I'm sure I (300 pounds) could sit on it without the spring breaking, but it's more of a concern about the spring stretching out and getting weak, so I'm going to wait until we find a way to circumvent the spring and go straight to the stand.

Answering questions people have asked reviewers in the past: It's extremely easy to take down. The metal piece just slips off the spring, and that's it. Since the swing is attached to the metal piece, it's extremely easy to just store the swing back in the original box, and that's it. Ten seconds tops. There also isn't really vertical adjustment to the swing unless you consider adding or removing the swing to be vertical adjustment. You can, however, let out or take in all of the straps of the swing to make the person hang lower or higher. We never found the buckles to be uncomfortable, but Jor's a pretty tiny guy. I'd recommend wrapping some sort of material around the buckles that comes on/off with velcro so you can still adjust the straps too. The spring seems amazingly durable, and as long as you don't press the weight limits, I am extremely confident that this will hold up just fine. As for high weights, as soon as we can find something to attach the swing without the spring, I'll follow-up letting you guys know. I wanna try my swing too!
Follow-up commentary
The Pleasure Swing is still our favorite sex swing - even after receiving two others. It has the most support for your body which makes it more comfortable than competitors. My biggest complaint is probably the pattern - we really had the cheetah pattern on the swing, and I wish it came in alternative colors. Aside from that, our other biggest complaint is that it doesn't come with any way to use it without using the spring as well. Other swings come with large chains that can be added to make it possible to use it without the spring. However, you can buy a heavy-duty chain at the store, and you'll be able to use this without the spring.

I've tested it on my plus-sized body as well, now, and it's a lot more comfortable than other swings. In fact, it's definitely my favorite. Easiest to adjust as well.
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