Liberator wedge/ramp combo conversion kit - sex toy by Liberator - review by Oggins

We're not converted.

This would be a great conversion kit if you are into very light bondage but, if you struggle then don't expect much from this kit! It's easy to pull the pillows around so that they are all out of whack! It's great that there are four extenders and two tethers included because we get more use from the wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and blindfold than we do from incorporating the liberator combo into our play. It would be good to get if you needed new covers for your liberator wedge/ramp combo though.
Nice soft micro fiber, included nylon tethers and extenders, great blindfold!
Easy to escape from because the pillows move too much, thin velcro on the wrist and ankle cuffs
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Well, the liberator wedge/ramp combo conversion kit wasn't exactly what I had anticipated. Actually, I'm not really sure what I expected because if I had looked at it and thought about it long enough, I would have realized there are minimal possibilities to being strapped to a pillow. Don't get me wrong here, I LOVE my liberator wedge/ramp combo but, the idea here is to put these covers over said combo and restrain your lover to it. The first problem we encountered was actually putting these covers onto the wedge/ramp combo. The cover for the ramp barely and I do mean BARELY fit! To give you an idea... my liberator ramp is supposed to be a triangle shape but, due to the extremely tight fit of the conversion cover, the thin end of my ramp will not lay flat for anything! Seriously annoying if you ask me! As far as the wedge goes, we didn't have this problem with it. The cover slid on and zipped up like it was supposed to. No pushing and pulling and yanking and smooshing with this one! The covers are made from black micro fiber, the same type of material as the original covers so it's feels nice and soft on your skin. The ramp cover has two sets of buckles at the wide end and one set at the short end while the wedge has just one set.

The wrist and ankle cuffs that are provided with this kit are lightly padded and made from a cheetah print micro fiber. They are soft and comfortable to wear but, fasten closed with a rather thin velcro strip that I have fears of fraying any day now. Other than that I have no complaints. Both the wrist and ankle cuffs sport a plastic buckle that can be used with one of the four included extenders or one of the two included tethers. You could also use the extenders to buckle the wrist or ankle cuffs together. The included blindfold is made from the same material as the ankle and wrist cuffs. The blindfold boasts a satiny padded area that lays under the eyes and over the bridge of the nose when worn for an almost complete vision impairment. It's really hard to see anything at all when this thing is on! We were both pleased with the cuffs, blindfold, nylon extenders and nylon tethers!

Now, unfortunately when we combined the liberator wedge/ramp combo that had been "converted" with the restraints it came up short of pleasurable for us. Don't get me wrong, it's a great set if you are into very, very light bondage with no squirming or trying to get free. If you plan on just laying there then it would probably work out fabulous for you! We don't just lay there though and when I was restrained to the set with my rump on the big end of the ramp and my head resting on the wedge there was a problem. You see, my wrists were restrained to the wedge by my head and a few pulls from my arms moved the wedge around and I could have actually picked the wedge up over my head and thumped hubby in the head with it if I had wanted to. It was no better for my ankles restrained to the ramp. A few pulls with my legs and the ramp was pulled lower down. I could have just jumped up and hopped away dragging it behind me. Granted we did enjoy a few laughs!

One thing about it, it's all washable! Just take the covers off and toss them in the washer with all the zippers zipped and put them on the delicate cycle in cold water. Tumble dry them on low heat and put them back on promptly! The wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, extenders, tethers and blindfold can all be washed this way as well!

We may not get much use out of the liberator wedge/ramp combo like this but, the restraints will definitely be used! It all seems to be very well constructed and should last quite some time but, I would not recommend this set to "struggler's" since it won't be very difficult to squirm away!
We may not have had much luck with our first few attempts with this conversion kit but, we have found that when I am restrained to the ramp laying over the big end and my wrists restrained to the big end, it's a bit better in this "doggie style" position. I can still move the ramp when I pull on it but, I don't think there's a way I could be restrained to it that I couldn't pull on it and move it. Only time will tell!

We do get more use from the restraints minus the liberator combo! I can put the ankle restraints on then attach a nylon tether that I can then place around my partners neck or around my own neck to help hold up my legs. We also like using an extender on the wrist cuffs to cuff my hands behind my back. There's a lot of possibilities with the restraints themselves though I can't say it's worth the price just to get them. We wondered how this conversion kit would work out and now we know! I hope this review has been helpful!
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