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Little hottie

Dildo by Happy Valley

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A small firm hottie

Little Hottie is a good mix of size and firmness. Its among the firmest dildos I own, but its modest size makes that level of firmness perfect. It also comes with a vibrating bullet if you want an extra bit of stimulation.
silicone, good level of firmness, vibrating bullet included
might be more effective without the swelling at the top of the shaft
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extremely useful review


This dildo is great for those looking for a firm, moderately sized, harness compatible dildo that comes with an insertable bullet. The Little Hottie would work well for anal play also. The bullet inserts deep inside so you can enjoy vibrations even while using it in a harness.

Material / Texture

Little Hottie is made of silicone. It doesn't strive for a realistic feel, but rather is a good combination of size and firmness. Its not a textured dildo although it does have a little upswelling right under the head.

Design / Shape / Size

Little Hottie has an almost metallic look with a blue color swirling around among a darker blue color. Its not shiny and is quite firm. The surface is smooth and not the least bit sticky, as some silicone toys can be.

It has a moderate size, only five inches inches in circumference, but is quite firm. The smaller a dildo is the firmer it needs to be to feel good. For me the size and firmness combination of Little Hottie works well, but others who have a preference for small toys may feel that this one is too firm.

It has a deep hole for a bullet. It comes with a bullet included. The bullet sets so far into the dildo that you could use it with the bullet in place in a harness without the bullet interfering.


While other reviewers have said this dildo was hard and uncomfortable, I did not find that to be the case. True, it is very firm. In fact I believe its one of the firmest dildos I own - and I have quite a collection. But its only moderately sized, so its firmness is a plus. Smaller dildos need to be firm to be effective.

I'm not sure however what Happy Valley's idea was in putting a hump at the top of the shaft. I believe Little Hottie would feel even better if that weren't the case. Then the raised head would have more effect as it stroked across your G-spot. But even the way it is I've had many good experiences with it.

The hole for the bullet takes up about half of the length of the dildo. Without the bullet, the lower half of Little Hottie can be squeezed a little during use. The bullet hole also makes a handy place to put a finger while you're holding it. This is true whether the deeply recessed bullet is in it or not.

Usually bullets inserted in dildos don't do much for me. They're invariably too weak to be worth the effort of inserting and removing them. In the case of Little Hottie however, I actually felt like the vibrations helped and felt good. I believe Little Hottie's firmness allowed the vibrations to transmit through it better than with other bullet dildos.

Its short length allows you to thrust it as far in as you like without risking bumping up against your cervix, or in my case, the scar where my cervix used to be.

I'm not sure how well the base works in a harness - I didn't try it that way - but its the right size to be easy to hold in your hand during use.

Care and Maintenance

Its made entirely of silicone, so caring for it is straightforward. Simply wash with soap and water and towel dry after use. Boil it, use a ten percent bleach solution or put it in the top rack of a dishwasher to sterilize if desired.

Do no use silicone based lubes with this toy or you may damage it. Do use plenty of lube when inserting the bullet. Even with lube, it is a challenge to remove the bullet after use. You may want to have pliers handy.


It comes packaged in a simple plastic bag with a cardboard stapled along the top with product information. I appreciate the simple no-frills and environmentally friendly packaging.
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  • ToyTimeTim
    Super review Tuesday, I have been eying this one for a while.
    Was the bullet hard to remove?
  • Waterfall
    Great review The color of this one is very nice, it looks like it would be the perfect length for rougher play without the fear of any pain.
  • Pleasure Piratess
    I love the color of this one. Great review!
  • Bunnycups
    What a fun color. I agree with you about smaller dildos needing to be firmer. I'm a fan of moderate dildos, I think that's why I like glass so much.

    Great review.
  • Liz2
    Great review! I so agree that firmness in shorter dils is so beneficial.
    I use this dil, internally, with my Aslan Jaguar harness...great combo!

  • dv8
    So that's what a Smurf penis looks like.
  • Annemarie
    I have this as well, and I do find it is very firm, almost too much so. I bought this as probably my third or fourth toy, and in comparison to the other dildos I had experienced at the time, this was rock hard.

    I have more of an appreciation for it now, I think.

    Excellent review, as always.
  • liilii080
    I haven't considered this one but I'm going to have to now! Thanks Tuesday!
  • Tuesday
    Dwtim, Yes its super hard to remove. I always need pliers. Its recessed so deeply that you can't get your fingers in enough to get a good grip. And I think you'd need pliers even if you could reach it with fingers.
  • wetone123
    Awesome review! I love things that vibrate! This looks great!
  • Anjulie
    Great review--looks really beautiful and i love the size!
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Good review with nice attention to details.
  • Piña Colada
  • Caus
    Great review and nice video.
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
    thanks for the review
  • Nacht Stern
    Thank you for sharing!
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