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Little hottie

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Happy Valley's Little Hottie is a little...average looking at first, isn't he? Not too short, not to tall, not challengingly thick or head-scratchingly thin. This cock to many may just look somewhat unremarkable. However, if given a chance, this dildo really does give a fantastic experience that leaves you satisfied without being over stretched or sore afterward. Take a minute to stop and savor play with the Little Hottie!
Wonderful moderate size, subtle G/P spot curve, harness compatible, lovely colors, non-porous
The "lip" under the head may snag some pubic bones or irritate the labia
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When I was in grade school I had a French teacher - we'll call her Mrs. X for the same of anonymity. She became a United States citizen, married a United States born man, and while she loved her native France, she was dedicated to her new national homestead. There was one thing that Mrs. X never really adjusted to, however, and it was my country's food. This was a constant subject of woe for her. "I can drink a extra large sodas, eat extra large cheeseburgers and chase them all with king size candy bars. I'll feel uncomfortably full, bloated, but never satisfied."

According to Mrs. X the French way was to eat small portions of rich, decadent food. You did not eat until full, but you always pushed your plate away satisfied. To me - a New Yorker raised on bagels piled high with half pounds of salmon cream cheese - this was absurd. As I get older the idea makes more and more sense, and I am beginning to see its application to other sensual pursuits. Including sex. Happy Valley's Little Hottie is a perfect example of a toy that has won me over by appealing to this sensibility.

The Little Hottie is a perfectly moderate dildo, in my opinion. It boasts a filling but not overwhelming 5.5" in length with 5" of that being insertable. At 1.5" in diameter it is something to warm up for, but not excessively. As long as you're aroused, relaxed and well lubricated first you may not have to warm up at all depending on your anatomy and level of experience with penetration. The Little Hottie can also be used either anally or vaginally due to its sturdy, flat base that will prevent it from slipping too far into the rectum. I should note that while it is quite a bit more challenging for anal play, I still think this toy falls into the upper end of moderate, or at least the lower end of the large spectrum. But no matter what you use this dildo for, you can be assured that you will be filled up without feeling stretched and uncomfortable. See where the French lady's food gripes become relevant to this dick?

This cock comes in two metallic, marbled silicone shades; a rusty red and a vibrant royal blue. The blue appears more subtle in the Edenfantasys promotional shots but mine is deeper and more saturated. Being made from 100% silicone this is a non-porous toy meaning that it can gather microbes on its surface but cannot absorb them beneath the top layer because it lacks "pores" to do so with. What this means? The Little Hottie is hyper-hygienic and great for sharing, even after anal. To most thoroughly clean this toy either boil it in water for 3-4 minutes or wipe down with a 10% bleach solution. Remember that this methods will kill most bacteria but these methods are not guaranteed to kill every last little germ. To be extra cautious you can always use condoms, of course. For regular day to day cleaning hot water and an antibacterial soap will work just fine to clean your dildo, but if you're going from anal to vaginal you'll want to make sure you've given it a diligent scrubbing first.

Silicone is NOT compatible with silicone lubricants. Oil and water based lubricants are perfect for this baby, however. Silicone also should not be stored openly with soft materials besides other 100% silicone toys. TPR/TPE, jelly, rubber, sil-a-gel, Cyberskin and others. If you keep these kinds of toys together with 100% silicone, be sure to keep both the silicone and other soft toys in their own pouches or plastic bags to keep them from touching. Other 100% silicone toys and hard materials like metal, wood, glass or ceramic are fine to keep alongside your Little Hottie, however.

As with most of Happy Valley's silicone toys, the Little Hottie is made from a very firm matte silicone. This is some of the most dense silicone I've ever experienced, however this toy has a hole in the base for a bullet to be inserted into. This hole changes the density of the toy and makes it more forgiving as you get into the middle and lower portions of the shaft. Happy Valley also includes a small bullet with a single push button controlled, single speed design. It is not terribly strong and it does take watch batteries which burn out quickly, but the vibrations travel decently well through the dense silicone. Coat your bullet in a thin layer of lubricant before inserting into the hole to ensure that removal is as painless as possible! They can get stuck rather easily!
I've said it before but it does merit repeating; I gravitate toward giant, glorious cocks. The kind that once you're done using them you kind of don't want to LOOK at another dick for days. For example: I saved forever to get the Lone Star and have only been able to use it a handful of times because of how big it is. I have browsed Edenfantasys catalog of dildos hundreds of times and looked past the Little Hottie faithfully every time. But really, don't judge it so quickly. It really is a little miracle in an average looking package.

The mild curvature in the shaft gives just enough pressure to my G-spot that I don't need to angle it uncomfortably, but the pressure isn't so intense that it's instant orgasm. The Little Hottie will find your G-spot easily enough, however it will require you work with it - thrusting, rocking, wriggling - to get to where you're going. I actually like this. I stop and smell the roses a bit more with this dildo. It's not that it's difficult to cum with this thing, but it will take some participation on your part as opposed to something like the Pure Wand that takes under two minutes for me. One of my favorite ways to use this one is to insert it and play manually with my clit while just rocking and spinning the Little Hottie. The closer to orgasm I get due to the clitoral stimulation, the more my vaginal muscles contract around this toy. This just amplifies what I'm already experiencing and at this point I start thrusting my way to an awesome G-spot/clitoral orgasm. Yum.

I should caution y'all to be careful with the little lip underneath the head on this toy. It's quite mild in my estimation - and remember that I'm the one that would rather go to the gynecologist than play with certain toys with similar designs. The pictures on Edenfantasys make it look a bit more pronounced than it is in real life. I find it entirely tolerable and hardly noticeable in use but if you're extra sensitive? Consider carefully if this is the toy for you.

Besides that? I highly recommend this to just about anyone at any level of penetrative experience with the exception of complete beginners. The Little Hottie also has a taller brother (with the same girth, however) in the Hottie, as well as its legendary relation the Hottie Xtra which should be reserved for only the most adventurous.
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