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G-spot dildo by Orion

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Absolutely exquisite!

The Silenzio double ended dildo is a toy that beckons you to play. Sleek, smooth and incredibly satisfying Silenzio is absolutely qualified to hold a top spot in any toybox.
Targeted,firm g-spot stimulation, Beautiful effective design, superior hygienic composition.
Honestly cant think of any!
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useful review
When the discreetly labeled box arrived, I knew what awaited me but to my suprise this box and it's contents were a little more weighty than I expected - somehow, it felt substantial. Upon opening the box, I found the Silenzio packaged in a very typical hard plastic, cheap looking housing. The back of the package had a brief description of the dildo and the advantages of glass toys in eight languages. Contrary to the packaging the double ended glass dildo inside was just amazing!

A transparent cobalt blue, splendidly crafted tempered glass dildo, the Silenzio felt amazing to hold and stroke. The bulbous mounds, cool in my hand seduced me immediately. A sizeable 1 3/8" bulbous protruding head on one end specifically curved for g-spot stimulation made me smile with delight. Three mounds below the head melt down and taper to create the slimmer 1 1/4" opposing end of the Silenzio dildo. The quality and design of this dildo were overwhelmingly impressive and I hadn't even used it yet.

Washed and ready to go I used the g-spot end first. The curved protruding head caressed my g-spot perfectly. I needed a minimal amount of lube due to the sleekness of the glass which glides almost effortlessly. Just adding to the fun glass toys are compatible with any lubricant. Using the opposite end of the Silenzio I was very pleased with the bulbous bulges as they slid in and out providing extra stimulation to my vaginal walls. The Silenzio's bulging design feels filling and is extremely satisfying. The double ended nature of this dildo provides options for g-spot play and the sleek straight end is wonderful for penetration anyway you like it. The Silenzio is 8 1/2" end to end with a full 7" of insertable length. The length provided leaves the ample excess to be used as a handle but not enough to use the Silenzio as a "double dildo".

Glass dildos are not only hygienic, non-porous and easy to sterilize they conduct temperatures well and can be warmed or cooled for extra sensory stimulation. Glass also warms to body temperature quickly. Unyielding and deliciously firm, glass toys are coveted for their ability to provide the necessary pressure many require to stimulate the g-spot. Warming and cooling can be done by running warm or cold water over the toy or submerging it for a few minutes before play. Refrigeration is also a nice option if your an adventurous soul. Freezing a glass toy for extended periods is not recommended.

Cleaning The Silenzio is easy with just warm water and soap. To sterilize the Silenzio simply boil it or place it in the top shelf of the dishwasher.
As a lover of glass toys that provide firm g-spot stimulation coupled with temperature play the Silenzio took me to a place where the planets converge in a rapturous explosion! The straight smaller end with the bulbous bulges feel just heavenly! It took me quite some time to come up with what I think is a understandable explanation of the sensation it provides. Here goes, the glass slides effortlessly in and out of the vagina but those wonderful bulges make it feel as if your being penetrated multiple times as they move in and out creating waves of pleasure, no matter how fast tor slow you go. The weight of the Silenzio is just perfect 1 lb and the g-spot head is smooth and round enough to caress the g-spot firmly and comfortably with no rough edges to muck things up. I love to use this dildo with clitoral stimulation and I couldn't be happier with the ride and the outcome it provides. I absolutely love this dildo! I cant recommend it enough!
Follow-up commentary
I'm happy to say I still have nothing negative to say about the Silenzio. I love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a highly satisfying inexpensive glass dildo.
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  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Great review. This one looks like a good choice!
  • Minxy
    Hi CC,
    The Silenzio is a great choice inexpensive and really effective. Thanks for checking out the review.
  • ScottA
    That looks like it would be a fun dildo.
  • Minxy
    Thanks for checking out the review Scott. It's a great dildo all around!
  • Sammi
    This looks like a good toy, and reasonably priced for glass.
    Good review!
  • Minxy
    Thanks for stopping by Sammi.
  • Minxy
    As a side note I just want to thank everyone who stop's by and to let all know I'm not receiving e-mail notifications on new comments,for whatever reason. I'm very I'll right now and wont be checking Edens site for several hours. Please just know I'm not ignoring comments. Thanx: Minxy
  • Victoria
    Great review on this beautiful toy! The bulges look fantastic. Thanks for covering all of the sensations, weight, cleaning and suggestions for use!
  • Minxy
    Thanks, In the pink! I really try to be throughly informative.
  • Rockin'
    Nice review! My favorite line: "...smooth and round enough to caress the g-spot firmly and comfortably with no rough edges to muck things up." I just might have to get this one soon. Glass is awesome. Smile
  • Minxy
    Hi Rockin' with a cock in,
    I agree glass is awesome! I own several glass toy's and this is my favorite so far. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. If you pick this one up let me know how you like it.
  • Owl Identified
    This review definitely has me curious. This toy at the very least is absolutely gorgeous and that blue color is stunning. I'm wondering how this one has held up as it's made of tempered glass, which is more likely to break?
  • Owl Identified
    This review definitely has me curious. This toy at the very least is absolutely gorgeous and that blue color is stunning. I'm wondering how this one has held up as it's made of tempered glass, which is more likely to break?
  • Minxy
    It's held up just fine. Then again I haven't dropped it or subjected it to extreme temp changes. I have no doubts that this beauty will be with me for years to come. I feel very secure using it.
  • Sweet-Justice
    Thank you for the nice review!
  • wetone123
    Great review! I'm glad you're still lovin' this pretty toy!
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for reviewing.
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