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G-spot dildo by Orion

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Whats in that Pretty Purple Velvet Bag?

The Silenzio, we were attracted by it's price, awe struck by it's beauty, and wrapped in pure pleasure from the orgasms we've had with it. It may be silent but there's no way someone using it could be.
Beautiful shape, color, weight, price, and orgasms!!!
Haven't found any yet and its had a lot of use.
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The answer to the question is, lots of fun and pleasure. My wife Di and I had tried hard plastic dildos before, and now with the affordable price of the Silenzio, we thought it was time to give a glass dildo a try. The Silenzio arrived in the standard plain clear plastic sex toy container but, upon removing it we could tell it was anything but plain.

At first Di confirmed one of our biggest fears of a glass dildo, she said it felt very cold. Well, it had been in the mail box outside so that was understandable. But as I stood there watching Di slide her hands over that beautiful dark blue shaft I was getting very warm. Her fingers were shaking with excitement as they followed the curves of the two well placed bulges on the shaft and eventually caressed the penis head shaped end which was bent slightly up wards as if it was begging for a G or P-spot to play with. Di handed it to me and I was very impressed with the weight of this beautiful dildo, somewhere around a full pound, but besides that it had warmed up nicely just from Di holding it. The other end of the Silenzio was straight with a nice smooth bulge on the end which makes it perfect for easy anal penetration. Both ends are larger then the shaft but aren't large flairs so I would recommend caution when using it anally. I think it would take a lot of pressure to force either end into a tight anus but, lube covered fingers in the heat of passion can do strange things. So play carefully. Being made of glass, it definitely is easy to take care. Just put it in a dishwasher and it's nice and clean and ready to go. When you're done playing and have the Silenzio all cleaned up it comes with a beautiful purple velvet bag to store it in.

If you're interested in trying a glass dildo but are a little hesitant because of the price, like Di and I were, the Silenzio is the answer. I have to tell you, if pleasure was based on price when buying sex toys someone made a mistake in pricing the Silenzio.
The Silenzio is more than just a beautiful piece of glass artwork. As soon as it was warmed up nicely and Di was good and wet, I slowly slipped into her and worked the penis head shaped end over her G-spot. A few OOHs and AAHs and her quivering thighs let me know she was enjoying nicely. Knowing Di appreciates long deep thrusting, I started pushing it deeper and as each of the two bulges on the shaft slipped in - she let out a soft moan and would lift off the bed slightly. She said that each time one of those bulges slipped into her, it felt like the head of my cock penetrating her over and over again - sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. It didn't take long before Di was showering me with her love juices in one huge orgasm. It may be called the Silenzio but Di was anything but silent while we were using it.

Well guys, this isn't just for the ladies. After a quick washing, Di lubed up the Silenzio and slid the straight end into my tight butt and I have to say that I found out what Di was trying to explain to me about the bumps going in and out. Every time one of the bumps on the shaft would pop into my butt, my cock would jump and get a little harder and before long I was hard as a rock and precum pumping out every time the Silenzio was thrust in and out of me. The straight end felt great, but I love lots of pressure on my prostate so Di cleaned it up and lubed the head shaped end and went to work on my prostate. The big round head worked over my prostate wonderfully, better than a finger or some of my smaller prostate massagers do, and it wasn't long before I exploded in one long draining orgasm.
Follow-up commentary
The Silenzio is still bringing many many hot orgasms into Di's and my sex lives. Seems like everytime I go down on Di, she's always begging for the Silenzio to augment my tongue action. Everytime I use it on her she never fails to have a tremendous squirting orgasm.

I don't even take time to warm it up anymore because Di has such a hot reaction when the cool glass first touches her hot pussy, and then begins moving so wonderfully on it as it warms to her body. As for anal play I still find the smooth glass and the nice bumps sliding in and out of my ass highly erotic, and have very intense orgasms while using it during masturbation. Di and I both agree that it's a good thing the Silenzio is made of glass, that way we won't wear it out.
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  • PurpleReign
    Another beautiful, affordable piece of glass!

    Using the large bulb on the prostate...I'd be awfully worried about that lubed up, glittering Silenzio disappearing into the dark without some sort of surgical tubing leash on the end.
  • Alt
    @Purple Reign

    I kind of doubt someone would have a rectum larger than 8.5 inches.
    That would be about double the average length of 4.7.

    Besides, I don't think 8.5 inches of glass is going to make a right angle turn into the Sigmoid colon.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • zracer
    great review i love the color
  • mikebooks
    This should be in our collection soon!
  • Mew
  • jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
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