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At First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified

For a great big long dildo, this really hits the spot (quite literally.) This realistic looking and feeling peen-of-wonder might look intimidating at first, and it very much is, but its girth in relation to its length make it a bit easier to take in and enjoy. Though funny and floppy at first, we ended up loving this cock for everything that it is.
Realistic looking and feeling, beautifully crafted, perfect in every way!
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When a very large (shoe box sized) and heavy box arrived, I was fearful that the Basix 10" Long Boy would be what was inside. Looking at the picture over the internet was nothing like meeting this bad boy in person, and admittedly I was terrified at first. There was no way I was going to get this thing into me.

But upon examining it out of its packaging, I realized that it wasn't horrifically girthy, just long...very long. It was floppy, yet it could stand fairly straight, and this intrigued me because I liked the idea of it having a little "give" to it like a real penis does. A real penis is not rock hard plastic that will tear up your insides if it's too large. It too can bend and mold and shape. Furthermore, the detail on this Long Boy, who I call Quincy after an old jr. high boyfriend (lol) was beautifully mastered. Everything from veins to little wrinkles, even the pattern of skin cells were incredibly realistic and very eye pleasing. I was more than impressed with the craftsmanship, but still, there was no way this thing was going to fit into any part of my body. But for the sake of science, I would try.

My husband and I pretty much decided that this was going to fail and that like a few of the other toys we've received and not been happy with would never be used again, but because Quincy was so beautifully crafted, from his head to his balls, we figured we'd be really immature and use it as a really funny conversation piece to freak out our guests. I even suction cupped it to my neighbor's front door (she's a good sport, bless her.) We all (me, my husband and my neighbor) all kind of noticed an almost baby powder smell, but in comparison to other rubber products I've smelled this was not entirely displeasing.

But the fun and games were over, and it was time to test thing out for real. My husband came into the bedroom with his fly open and the Long Boy hanging out, and even though it looked really funny (my husband is whiter than white and our Long Boy is quite mocha colored) we actually figured that it might be the best way to test the toy out, since his pants sort of made for a makeshift strap on harness. And so, a little water based lube, and off we went.

As I had noticed before, the girth was not at all a problem, for me at least, as I can imagine this toy might not be great for a beginner because it is a little thick. The hard part was the length. At first I could only take in a few inches, but as it warmed up to my body temperature I was becoming more and more aroused and I was able to take in a few more inches. Not the whole thing, but probably about seven or so inches of it, which is impressive for me.

The thing that got me was that it felt so real, and with my husband using it as a substitute cock I was really enjoying myself. The Long Boy made me feel full, and even with me on my back my g-spot was being stimulated quite a lot. My husband really enjoyed using it on me like he was because in a way he said it was like watching a porno. Some other guy's dick was going into me and making me writhe on the bed and he was just taking in the view. I grabbed a cheap vibrator and got this show on the road because I just couldn't stand not coming all over this thing anymore, and I was quickly brought to a nice, long orgasm. Nice and long, just like Quincy here.

But then my husband timidly asked if he could try, stating that he wanted to know what it felt like. This is the most realistic feeling dildo we own and he was curious, so we slipped a condom over the Long Boy (due to its porous material) and with the help of a little more water based lube, he slowly worked it in. (continued below)
He was not able to take the whole thing, in fact I might have beaten him on inserted length, but when cum started dripping off the end of his cock I knew the Long Boy was reaching his p-spot. I worked my husband's cock with my hand while he worked the Long Boy in and out, and in less than a minute he shot five or six huge gobs of cum straight up into the air. (I love these p-spot orgasms!)

My husband says it was the best thing he's ever had in his ass, and that if that's what a real cock feels like then he is more than pleased with the result.

Unexpectedly, we've decided to keep this dildo as a part of our regularly used collection, and we are thrilled with the results of using it on each other. Still, this toy is fun to play with for people who are serious about play time.
Follow-up commentary
We absolutely still love this toy through all of its many uses. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like it, other than it's perhaps too big for some folks. Once you get it in you, it's not so intimidating. It's actually quite pleasurable due to its weight, texture, and fairly pleasing size. Still a fave for us, we love this toy.
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