Basix long boy by Pipedream - review by Nashville

Light As a Feather, Not Quite as Stiff As a Board

This is a dildo that will whet any Size Queen's appetite! The Long Boy has an extreme length and an airy feel which translates into a toy with an unstable core and a floppy nature- however, it isn't too burdensome to use and will not leave you feeling sore or stretched.
Lightweight, filling, phthalates-free.
Floppy, unstable core, obnoxious odor.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
The BASIX Rubber Works 10" Long Boy by Pipedream is made out of American made latex-free, phthalates-free, nontoxic rubber.

This huge pink cock is roughly 10" long and has a 5 1/2" circumference (according to my measuring tape). Despite it's awkward size, it isn't heavy and has an almost "airy" or "buoyant" feel because of how light it is. This dildo is very floppy because of it's extreme length but that also means that this is a toy that has the ability to move and be bent in varying directions to appease the user. Unfortunately, due to how floppy the Long Boy is, it can at times, be too unwieldy to use. However, placing the Long Boy in a harness or holding onto it mid-shaft help to combat it's wobbly nature and stabilize it enough for penetration.

Situated at the base of the Long Boy are two semi-squishy balls with a flat backing that help the dildo to stand up when used on a smooth surface. The base of the toy has been scooped out for a hollow appeal which helps to create a suction when using it on something like a slick, wooden chair or a shower floor. Rubber is waterproof and compatible with silicone lubricants, so this would make a wonderful playmate in the bath or shower. Rubber is also semi-porous making it hard to clean so condoms are recommended, fortunately though, it is dirt resistant and has exceptional wear-resistance which in turn, help to create a product that has a long lifetime when cared for properly.

As far as realistic properties go; the sulcus is too flat and the frenulum is nonexistent. The texture of the dildo showcases raised veins and wrinkles but the squishy internal structure of the toy, the sticky surface, and the floppy nature of the Long Boy detract from its ability to serve as a true penile substitute. The thickness of the toy, however, is incredibly desirable and the fact it's so lightweight make this something that doesn't leave you feeling sore or stretched.

A downside to this dildo is that it has an overwhelming "sweet" smell that is incredibly offensive to a sensitive nose. I also have a feeling that overtime, the pink will wear away and the dildo will turn a translucent clear color as another toy I own of the exact material composite has done.

All in all, the Long Boy is lightweight, filling, phthalates-free, and fairly cheap. This is a toy with an incredible amount of promise for the right person.
Follow-up commentary
I'm sad to report that the smell associated with the Long Boy has not worn off. It's still present and obnoxious as hell. Even after repeated cleaning with both strong antibacterial soaps and toy cleaners, this toy still stinks. It’s had plenty of chances to air dry, but has decided to stay a smelly toy.
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  • Sammi
    Too bad about the smell - otherwise this looks nice.
    Good review!
  • Perish
    I wonder if there is a toy spray of some sort that you can use to minimalize the smell....If there isn't one, they should definitely make one.

    Pretty bitchin review!
  • Nashville
    Sammi, thank you!
  • Nashville
    Perish, some antibacterial sprays help to curb the smell but not totally abolish it... and yes, they certainly should because my sense of smell is 50% of sex for me! Smile
  • Chassykins
    Big smile Rocking review!! Nice to see someone else who's sense of smell drives a lot of their sex drive. Don't smell nice? You ain't got no dice! Way to go with this review and thanks for the follow up!
  • Gunsmoke
    We have the Basix 7.5" suction cup model - doesn't sound like much - but the head is nearly 2" - making it a challenge to get inside. Once inside though - it hits all the right places - my wife always thanks me after a session with our 'Basix Monster'.

    Your right the smell is really bad - it might be phtalate free - but just what have they used to replace it - based on the smell it could be just as bad! Just in case - we always put a condom on the dildo.
  • Nashville
    Chassy, thanks for reading!
  • Nashville
    Gunsmoke, I tried the condom route but I found myself throwing this out last week- not because it's a bad toy but just because of the smell.. I couldn't stand the stink any longer! Sad face
  • TheSexista
    I wonder what is causing the smell, it has to be some type of chemical I would assume...?
  • JBean
    Just remember #1 rule, If it smells and you can smell it on your hands, toss it immediately in the garbage. If you wash it and it still smells, it has very bad chemicals that are leaching out. This company tries to come off as producing quality safe products, but this product is not good for your health. Even if you put a condom over it, I still would not use this. The chemicals could leach through the condoms. I'm still trying to get the smell off my hands.
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