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B2B g-spot - dildo sex toy by Pyrexions - review by Kayla

B2B g-spot

Dildo by Pyrexions

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Back2Basics G-Spot

The B2B G-Spot Dildo provides great g-spot stimulation in a way that most other glass sex toys do not. It's easy to insert, provides two different ends, and is body-safe.
Amazing g-spot stimulation, Easy to insert, Double ends, Long handle for easy use
Packaging isn't so good
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The B2B G-Spot Dildo is a Pyrex Glass sex toy made by Pyrexions. The dildo is made from clear glass and is about eight inches long. At the widest point, the dildo is about an inch wide. However, the vast majority of the dildo is about 3/4 inches wide.

My "View Actual Product Size" seems to be inaccurate. The pictures seem to be a bit inaccurate as well. My dildo has a lot more extreme curve than the pictures show. The pictures show a slow, sloping 45 degree angle while the dildo I own is about a 80 degree angle - almost 90 degrees. It's not sloping. It's basically a "___/ ". Yep, I just made an emoticon dildo. This discrepancy is not really EF's fault though. Since glass is hand-made, each sex toy is a bit different. It just seems like Pyrexion's molds don't seem to be too standardized.

The B2B G-Spot dildo is one of those dildos that I didn't really know existed. I'm in love with my Bent Graduate and Crystal Wand, and I've taken a serious liking to slick, smooth materials that provide that "extreme" curve that I need for g-spot stimulation. You guys can keep LELO Ella; these curves work a lot, lot better for me for g-spot stimulation, and as such, I've now been seeking them out.

The glass sex toy comes in a basic white, long, thin box. The box actually isn't big enough to hold the dildo, so it bulges at the sides. EF seems to have solved the issue of it falling out of the box by taping the lid to the bottom of the box. The box has pieces of fluff on the top and bottom to protect the dildo, and while you're welcome to store it in the box, the box is a pretty shoddy storage solution. It has no "packaging" per se, it's too small to fit the dildo, and it doesn't seal at all. I suggest purchasing a storage pouch off EF to store your glass sex toy.

Glass is one of my favorite materials. Because of the lack of grippy material, it takes little (to no) lubricant to use this dildo. Most of the time, my own body was enough, and I rarely had to add external lubrication. Since I dislike messes of any sort, glass has now become a near-obsession with me, and almost all of my new toys are now glass. The B2B G-spot is no exception. It slides in amazingly smoothly, and even with the curve, it requires almost no lubrication. Along with this, glass is known for its temperature play properties. It can be placed in water that's warm or cool to warm or cool the temperature of the sex toy. Unlike metal, though, glass tends to stay at room temperature really well, so there's never any "brr!!" moments when you pull out your toy to play.

Just like my love affair with the Bent Graduate, the B2B G-Spot has easily become one of my favorite g-spot dildos as well. I have a hard time seeing any point to insertion unless g-spot stimulation is attached to it, so my little collection of lovely g-spot toys has become just perfect. This one is no different.

The extreme curve is absolutely perfect for my g-spot. If you find that your partner's fingers aren't long enough to hit your g-spot when curve, the dildo actually extends further than my index finger does which makes it really nice and easy to hit your own g-spot. The larger head at the end of the g-spot end provides good, firm g-spot stimulation as well, and a slight rocking motion feels amazing as does small, gentle thrusting. The dildo can be tilted during use in order to give it a bit more of a curve, but as it stands, I think most women will find that the curve it already has is more than enough to hit your g-spot perfectly. When using this end, you'll probably find that you've also inserted a bulb (or so) of the handle because of the length. This is barely noticable during use, but make sure that, if you're using external lubricant, to lube up a bit farther than you think you'll need. Also, while using this end, the opposite end works just amazingly as a handle. It's not a flared base, but the bulbed head of the opposite end basically works as a handle, and you won't find the toy slipping out of your hand during use.
I've only had minimal experience with the straight end, but it's honestly just as easy to insert as the opposite end. The curved end works great as a handle when using this size, and honestly, aside from the bulbed head, I honestly can't feel any of the slight bumps that this straight end has on it. Again, though, I'm not a fan of non-g-spot stimulation, so I didn't spend much time with this end at all. When using this end, though, the dildo can be inserted all the way up to the curve of the opposite side.

Both ends are pretty small in diameter which is a personal love of mine. I don't like large diameter toys. They never end up feeling that good, and they almost always take a lot of time to be able to insert in the first place. This slim diameter works a lot better for me, and it feels really pleasurable instead of worrying about attempting to use the size of it.

Cleaning glass is amazingly easy. You just use warm water and antibacterial soap. It is non-porous, so it can be boiled or bleached to sterilize it. This one can also be covered with a condom. Any type of lubricant is compatible. I recommend purchasing a storage bag to store it since the box doesn't do it much good. Make sure to trash the sex toy if you find any chips in it; it shouldn't be used in that condition.

What do I think? I think I'm in love. The world could use better designed g-spot sex toys like this one. I'm surprised all of the "g-spot" toys get sold like they are since I never have any luck with them. This one, however, just works. I love it. This, my Bent Graduate, and Crystal Wand are my little g-spot trio that never fails to give me g-spot pleasure.
Follow-up commentary
I still like the B2B G-Spot, but it's not something that gets pulled out a ton. It just doesn't provide anything too different than what my favorite, the Bent Graduate, does, so it tends to stay in hiding most of the time. The glass has held up very well, though.
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