Pearl drops - glass g-spot shaft by Toy joy - review by Adriana Ravenlust

Glass G-spot shaft by Toy joy

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Better Than a Pearl Necklace (Cheaper, Too!)

This quality dildo worked well both internally and externally. The Pearl Drops was smaller than I expected but its length was perfect for comfortable thrusting and I enjoyed experimenting with the ways I could use it.
Hypoallergenic, holds heat/cold, sterilizable, requires less lube, completely safe, unique sensation
No storage pouch, might be small for some
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
There is something inherently sensual and luxurious about glass toys, even if I play with them exactly the same way I use any other toy. Quality dildos like the Pearl Drops by Toy Joy put me in a completely different state of mind and I enjoy my playtime in a very unique way. Rather than fast and goal oriented masturbation, I enjoy my glass toys slowly and focus on the feelings they provide. Of course, the Pearl Drops is only my second glass dildo but if my experience has been any indication, I know I will not tire of glass anytime soon. In fact, my appetite has only grown, especially when you consider what a steal this toy is at $39.99.

I will admit, I was initially disappointed by the size of this dildo. I thought it would be quite a bit larger and I could have taken larger but it still performed admirably. With a 6 1/4" length, I found the Pearl Drops to be the perfect length for thrusting; it was neither uncomfortably long or so short that it might need retrieval. I think this would also make it ideal in combination with a clit vibrator. It's largest diameter is only a little over an inch and I was able to easily insert the thickest part of this dildo without any lubrication (granted, I had just finished writing a naughty little post on my blog). The slickness of glass requires little to no lubrication but leaves you free to use any lube you like. In fact, I would err on the side of less lube because glass can quickly become slippery and hard to handle; I experienced a bit of that myself without any lube.

Like all glass toys, the Pearl Drops really is a work of art. You could display it on your mantle and even your more conservative of friends would admire its beauty. Although not as decorative or colourful as some glass toys, I still like the look of this dildo. Its 7 bulging ripples - which don't much bring to mind pearls for me - are not quite symmetrical, lending this toy a rather unique appearance. The smaller end has a gradual angle and the last ripped is tipped even further, to provide G-spot stimulation. The overall presentation reminds me of an icicle; I could imagine hanging this as a decorating for Christmas. Maybe I will!

If I have one complaint, it would be that Toy Joy doesn't really provide adequate storage. A pillowy bag of some sort would have been nice. As it is, I will probably store the toy in its original foam. I try not to do this as I like to toss packaging. On the note of packaging, Toy Joy did well. The blue/purple box was clean and modern without any scantily clad ladies. The box highlights features of glass including temperature play as well as the safety features of glass. The cardboard box box fits snugly around a plastic box which seals very well - I was impressed. Inside the plastic box sits the foam and the didlo is nestled securely into this. Toy Joy seems to package their dildos more securely than other glass companies. There is no additional information with this glass dildo but I don't think it's really necessary.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, glass can be put in the freezer to cool or warmed by putting in a bowl of warm water. Some people like to microwave but I wouldn't advise this unless you are experienced; glass really holds temperature and it could be easy to burn yourself. When I first pulled this toy from its package, it was cool and quickly warmed because of handling. It warmed even further when I used it internally which is something I don't especially enjoy but always forget about with glass or even metal toys. In the future, I plan the try the Pearl Drops with Durex's Frozen Lube Cubes for a different sensation.

As for safety and health concerns, glass is really top of the line. It is nonporous and can be sterilized by boiling or wiping with a 10% bleach solution which makes it safe to share. As I am not overly concerned with sterilization, I easily washed this toy with soap and water. Glass is super hygienic and there is no need to worry about reactions. This dildo is also seamless and absolutely pain free. Furthermore, I expect the thick glass of the Pearl Drops to withstand any stress I put on it.

Any criticism I have of the Pearl Drops pales in comparison to the pleasure it provides.
In application, it didn't reach my G-spot. Granted, I started with the thicker end; I really wanted to feel this toy and I did but I don't think the curve was enough to reach my G-spot if this were my goal. Nevertheless, the feel of each ripple sliding out of my pussy was great. Slow strokes really highlighted it while faster strokes tended to mute the sensation but I enjoyed it both ways. I also varied with twisting and turning as I inserted the toy and pulled it back out. It was really enjoyable and the slight hook of the last knob made a great place to hold as well, without losing my grip.

In the end, I experienced a very satisfying orgasm from the Pearl Drops glass dildo but it was not a G-spot orgasm. I finished play by rubbing the Pearl Drops along my vulva from my clit to pussy, with very shallow penetration. The rounded ripples provided very pleasurable external stimulation and I came several times before putting this toy away. I did have some fantastic masturbation fodder (I'm anxiously awaiting my husband's return from deployment) and enticing music as I played as well. The whole experience was really unique and memorable.
Follow-up commentary
Although I initially used the Pearl Drops for some fun external stimulation, I wanted to see if it could deliver now that my G-spot is more sensitive. I brought it out to experiment internally and was able to squirt; however, the slightly curved G-spot end is so tiny that it wasn't much good. Still, the thicker end prove pleasurable. This dildo is the smallest of my glass dildos and has a unique experience because of its bulges. Nevertheless, I generally prefer something a bit bigger and with more of a curve for G-spot stimulation.
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  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Great review. I wonder if a toy company will ever come out with a glass toy with some sort of silicone grip to it.
  • Carrie Ann
    Nice review! This one looks really fun. Smile
  • Sammi
    This one has a good price as well. More for the wish list...
    Good review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Happy Lady - that's an interesting idea. I bet they could have dual purpose silicone sleeves for grip and pleasure.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Sammi - The price is awesome for what you get!
  • Machina
    Wonderful review! This toy is particularly lovely.
  • Backseat Boohoo
    I loved this dildo! The lack o' storage was a huge downside for me, though. I actually bequeathed this to a friend who really wanted to try glass, and she loves it as well. =)

    Awesome review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Backseat Boohoo, It really seems silly that Toy Joy didn't offer anything at all with this! Even the Pyrex satin bags seem better in comparison.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Just rereading this - I sound so gushy. LOL

    I just wanted to add that this toy was definitely lighter than I expected. It seemed less dense than my other glass dildo.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Oh Adriana, it's ok to get "gushy" over toys that do it for you!
  • ScottA
    Looks like it could have been fun anally as well, but that probably wouldn't be a good idea because there's no base to keep it from going all the way inside.

    I like the fact that they built it dual-ended so you can choose between big and little for vaginal use, though.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Scott - I think the drew of most glass toys is that they're versatile. Very few of them are "one use only."

    Thanks Lauren!
  • Kinky Kitty
    I have a very similar glass one. It's by far my favorite "bead" toy
  • Owl Identified
    Great review. I've been searching for a dildo to introduce me to the world of glass, but am a little daunted by my options. I'm bookmarking this review, I think I might just get this Smile
  • Owl Identified
    Great review. I've been searching for a dildo to introduce me to the world of glass, but am a little daunted by my options. I'm bookmarking this review, I think I might just get this Smile
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    This is definitely a little less daunting than some other glass toys. Thanks for the comment!
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