Cherry scented vibro-dong - realistic dildo vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Cosmic Lioness

Big Red...

Don't let the size, smell, or material turn you off from this vibrator. I've had mine for two years now, and I use him at least twice a week. He's still going strong (yet is quiet enough to be used without setting off any car alarms), and he's given me more orgasms than I can count! I'd highly recommend my "Big Red" to anyone... The size, shape, material, and location of the vibrators is absolutely perfect!
two vibration points, nice large head and girth, perfect shape for g-spot stimulation and much more
unusual and persistent smell, battery compartment comes open easily
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extremely useful review
Okay... let's be honest. This vibrator is outrageous! It looks like it should be in the back room of a porn set. It smells like a failed Bath and Body Works scent. And it vibrates like the Devil's own concubine. That said, it's become one of my all-time favorites, and here's why...

The curve, length, hardness, girth, and placement of the two (yes, two) vibrating eggs in this beauty have brought me literal hours of exploratory sexual epiphanies. The material is a bit weird to get used to because it doesn't bend or give at all, but with a water-based lubricant (like Maximus or Astroglide), it feels great. It took me a little while to get used to the girth and hardness, but with enough lubrication and dedication, I've found that nearly anything fits. Also, I've learned that the stiffness of the Crystalessence material became one of the greatest assets of this vibrator because once you find the right spot that brings the most pleasure, this puppy won't slip, bend, wiggle, or shy out of place. There's a really lovely pronounced 'vein' that runs on the underside (with lots of extra texture around the rest of it), and I find that the texture is really delightful once you're already stimulated... It helps to rub firmly against all the little folds, nooks and crannies that usually don't receive the attention they deserve. The exaggerated curvature and giant head are absolutely perfect for stimulating the g-spot, not to mention, the egg that's located on the top of the curve is so delicious for helping that stimulation right along! The other egg is closer to the tip, and when it starts zinging after being pushed all the way in, it has my walls (along with the rest of me) spasming in pre-orgasmic pleasure. You can also just insert the head and angle it so the tip vibrates against the g-spot. That's definitely one of my favorite sensations... being solidly stretched and having my g-spot relentlessly vibrated... It's a guaranteed gush (or three).

What I had a more difficult time overcoming was the smell. I'm normally fairly open to new smells, but this one was just too overpowering and weird. It took many washings to tame the bizarre olfactory offense, but I finally managed to get it down to a tolerable level after many vigorous antibacterial cleanings. (Either that, or else, I just got used to it, without noticing). At any rate, what's happened since then, is that I've developed a twisted Pavlovian response to the scent. Whenever I catch a waft of that fake cherry-rubber smell, my walls start contracting in anticipation. I still haven't decided if that's a personal victory or a cause for unmitigated shame, yet that's all part of the attraction to this toy. It keeps you guessing, while providing unique, new experiences and fueling one's imagination. That's why I've never gotten bored after 2 years of proud ownership.

The control is very easy to use... just twist the cap for more power. And I'm amazed at the level of power that comes from just two AA batteries that it takes. Also, the batteries seem to last quite a while, so this guy gets high marks for energy efficiency. I have noticed, though, that the cap can come open easily if you turn it all the way up to the highest speed. It's easily overcome, but has taken a bit of getting used to and earned more than a few colorful expletives from me.

The Crystalessence material this realistic vibrator|Cherry scented vibro-dong is made from is very non-porous and easy to care for with cleaning regularly before and after every use with soap and water. It can withstand a variety of lubrications, as well, including water/oil/silicone-based lubes|Lubricants.

I'm not sure if it's waterproof, though. I haven't tried it yet, other than to clean. I'm assuming it's not, as the battery compartment doesn't have any water-proofing.
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  • I had something that had a fake cherry smell too. It is really weird, but you do start to kind-of like it...
  • ...don't I know it. Embarrassing , but true! Thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only one... I debated whether to admit that in the review or not, but bearing one's sexual soul is par for the course. Again, thank you. I think it's important that people reading this can relate to the concept of "turning lemons into lemonade" in this particular instance. To truly be fair, though, the smell isn't gagging or anything (although, I haven't tried to go oral on this one yet, so I can't exactly say...). Still, I suppose the scent is an acquired appreciation... (and that being said, I think I'm drawing the line at "Cherry"... I don't know if I'd be able to extend my Pavlovian appreciation to any other fruity smell) heh!
  • Betty Rocket
    Excellent review! I have seen this monster and was a tad bit afraid of the cherry scent. Thanks for giving me a new product to add to my list!
  • ToyingCouple
    Wonderful review, we just might need to try this big sucker out!
  • Cock Wrangler
    Nice review! I'd still encourage anyone using toys like this (made of porous material, scented) to cover with a condom.
  • Nashville
    Holy cow.. another huge toy! You're a braver woman than I to take on such a large task ;)
  • lezergirl
    nice review!
  • LavenderSkies
  • bayosgirl
  • froggiemoma
    great! thanks!
  • roskat
    Haha, maybe the manufacturers aimed for that "pavlovian" response to the smell.
  • Tbanda
  • MK434
    Great review!
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