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Big Red

The Signature is a sleek, heavily ridged ceramic dildo with a nice amount of heft and girth in it's spicy, autumn colored shaft. Excellent for temperature play as it retains temps well, this dildo is highly textured yet incredibly smooth and frictionless resulting in a lot of sensation but no drag or pulling of tender skin.
Non porous, heavily ridged, excellent texture, smooth, girthy and gorgeous.
May be too textured for some.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Signature, by Duncan Charles Designs, is definitely a toy for the more advanced user with a great love of texture.

The eight inch shaft measures in at a 1.5 inch diameter but feels slightly larger due to the firm, unyielding material and extensively ridged shaft. If texture is your thing, this dildo is a dream. If you prefer a smooth toy, this isn't it. The shaft is ringed with fourteen raised ridges and you'll feel every one as you thrust.

Fortunately it's not an extreme or painful sensation, though it is certainly noticeable and stimulating! The ridges themselves are smooth and sleek to the touch which means you get no friction from the material, just row upon row of slick speed bumps.

The Signature is ceramic and it's a bright, warm red. So rare in ceramic toys where everything seems to be white and pale and girly. This one, with it's spicy color, should appeal to just about anyone who prefers color and variety in their toys, male and female alike.

Ceramic, like glass, wood and metal, is completely firm with no give, flex or bend. It can be used with any lube you prefer; oil, water or silicone based. It's ideal for temperature play and can easily be warmed in hot or cold water or even the refrigerator. It holds temperature well and slowly warms up or cools down as you use it. (Think coffee cup here) It's non porous so it can be sanitized with a bleach solution or by popping it in the dishwasher or simply washed under warm water with a liquid soap. Attention should be paid to the ridges, however, as they do tend to accumulate more goo and lube than a smooth toy would.

The ceramic is incredibly sleek and frictionless, requiring very little in the way of lube once you've gotten it inserted. The ridges, which are the only thing that provide texture, feel exquisite whether you use the dildo to thrust, twist it or simply drag it's surface along your clitoris and labia. It's cool (unless you warm it up) and heavy, substantial and girthy yet not so heavy it's difficult or fatiguing to use.

The bulbous, round head gives you a great surface for rubbing your g-spot but, again, it has no flex nor is it curved so if you need a curved toy for g-spot stimulation this one may not do it for you. If you don't need the curve and appreciate a firm, broad surface, the Signature is a g spot magnet.

The ridges stimulate the labia and entrance of the vagina while the rounded tip rubs and massages and caresses the g-spot with every thrust.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this for anal play as it has no flared base though it is long enough you could probably do it safely with a partner to keep a grip on it.

It does become slick when lubed up so use extreme caution if you decide to try it anally. If it's being thrusted by a partner, they should also use caution as it's easy to bruise tender flesh if you thrust too hard or too deep, easy to hit the pelvic bone in a not very pleasant way.

This toy is best used gently and carefully until you get a good feel for it.

The signature comes with a black, suede storage bag with a fold over flap to close it rather than the typical drawstring. It isn't padded but it's soft to the touch and protects the toy from being chipped or broken if it bumps against other toys.

The Signature is hand made of food grade ceramic so it's safe for the body and environmentally friendly. It feels much like glass, is odor and bacteria resistant and the color is part of the glazing process, so there are no worries about it fading or chipping off.

All in all, the Signature has definitely become one of the best things in my toy box. I love it's cool, thick shaft, it's ridges and it's big round head. Duncan Charles, for the win!
Follow-up commentary
Mmmm. Big red. I like this one more now than I did initially. I'd probably switch it to five stars if I could. The texture, along with the firmness, is just so, so wonderful.

I'm so irked that we don't sell more of the Duncan Charles pieces cuz I really like this one!

Every time I use it, I think of the difference between a drinking glass and a coffee mug. That's the difference between this one and glass dildos. A certain thickness and solidness that is likely more a mental reaction than an actual physical truth.

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  • Tuesday
    How does it feel compared to glass? Or is that something you can describe?

    I have a feeling from your description that the ridges of this toy would be too much for me. I have my eye on Pleasure instead.
  • Sammi
    Ooh, red ceramic! Going on my wish list for sure. This looks awesome!
  • Carrie Ann
    Ceramic feels about the same as glass, to me, though it's hard to make the comparison because I have no glass toys as heavily textured as this one.
  • MarriedWithSexToys
    The line of ceramic toys from Duncan Charles Designs look amazing and we can't wait to try them out. Thanks for a great and thorough review.
  • TinyTease
    I've been wanting to try one of these. This one is too textured for my taste, but I like the idea of the Honey Dipper. Or is it Honey Wand? Either way, I would REALLY like to try one!
  • buzz
    great review
  • Lady Neshamah
    always wonderful, thanks
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