Cherry wrapped G-spot wonder - glass g-spot shaft by Phallix - review by Oggins

Cherry wrapped G-spot wonder

Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix

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Cherry wrapped swizzle stick

This might not be a good choice for a beginner, but if you have tried glass before and are willing to go with something a bit larger, this would probably be a great choice! I've tried both ends of this dildo and find myself preferring the penis head end just because it’s a bit more pointy. It’s a very adorable dildo to feast your eyes upon and it feels great too! Compared to other glass dildos, the price is pretty good too!
Nonporous glass, cute, spirals for added stimulation.
Slippery when wet! That can also be a pro though...
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extremely useful review
Well, for those of you who haven’t already figured this out, I LOVE glass! Not only is it incredibly smooth but, you can cool it down or heat it up as well. Most of you already know the benefits of this and also know to carefully check the temperature before placing anything on your most sensitive bits! Most of you probably also already know that glass is nonporous, can be used with any lube and can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. One final reminder on that note, glass can also be cleaned in your dishwasher, top rack/no soap or sanitized by boiling for three minutes or my personal favorite, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution.

First of all, my olfactory senses were not assaulted when I removed the Cherry Wrapped G-spot Wonder from its packaging. I noted no smell whatsoever, which is always a relief! Secondly, I noticed how adorable it was with its deep red spirals over clear glass. It has one realistic, penis-shaped head end and one double ball style end. On the double ball end of this dildo, that I assume is supposed to be used as a handle but could be used either way as far as I’m concerned, you will find a 3-D flower image. The description boasts that this flower appears to be either a rose or a tulip, but mine was neither. It in fact looks more like a bluish-green dandelion. I have nothing against dandelions at all, but not what I expected. It does add a nice aesthetically pleasing bonus though.

I went crazy and used both ends of this dildo vaginally as they are both almost exactly the same size. I took a flexible tape measure and measured about 4 1/4" around the thickest part of both ends. That was actually wrapping the tape measure around it like a cockring fits around a cock. It has a diameter of about 1 2/5". Both ends felt really good inside my pussy and stroked my G-spot. The end resembling a cock’s head felt the best to me personally while the spirals could be felt rubbing against my lips while thrusting. The ball end, on the other hand, felt better when used shallowly. I could feel the ridge between the balls as it slid over my G-spot, but found that I really didn't notice the spirals from this end. I think I may have enjoyed this end better shallowly because of the rounded/blunt type shape. The penis head end is a bit more pointy for easier penetration.

As I’m sure you've probably already guessed from the picture, this dildo is not harness compatible. There is no significant base to attach it to a harness/cock ring. That being said, you probably realize that it also will not stand up on its own. So, there will be no standing this one up in a kitchen chair and riding it like there’s no tomorrow...

For the purpose of a good review, I did take this dildo and lick it up and down like a popsicle on a hot summer day while hubby watched to make sure I did it right. I am pleased to report that there is no taste to this dildo at all. I guess if you aren't happy with that, you could always flavor it with anything you choose. The sky is the limit... try an edible condom, a flavored lube or your lover's juices before you suck it clean. Don’t worry about it absorbing any funky odors either; another perk of nonporous glass!

You've probably read this many times before on reviews of glass toys but, you’re going to get to read it yet again. The included storage bag for this dildo is a red, lacy, satin, unpadded, unprotective, not good for storing glass, drawstring bag. If you buy this dildo, go ahead and buy yourself a padded storage bag to put it in too and use the one included for something less breakable, like a silicone toy that can’t touch another silicone toy. I may not be using the storage bag for the glass dildo it came with, but it will be useful for something else in my toy chest!

I don’t think I would recommend this particular glass dildo to a beginner especially if you are new to glass. The head and ball end are both a bit larger than what you should probably look for in your first glass toy but, if you have used glass in the past and find that you enjoy the heaviness of it and want to step it up a bit, this would probably work out great for you! I had quite a bit of fun with this one and plan on keeping it around for a lifetime!
I found that I enjoyed the penis head end of this dildo more so than the ball end. The ball end was just a bit too blunt for my liking but, it felt great rubbed shallowly against my G-spot. The ridge between the balls seemed to stimulate my G-spot quite nicely!

I’m not quite up to taking something of this size anally yet. The Zing from Tantus is about my limit right now. Honestly, I’m not sure I would even recommend it for anal because there probably would be a chance with both of the ends being rounded, that it could accidentally slip all the way into your butt. Oh crap indeed!

I do enjoy this dildo the best when the head end is being thrust in and out of me by my partner as I use the xtreme pack G-spot bullet on my clit. Mmmm! It’s nice!
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Yeah, I recommend only using this anally with a partner to keep a firm grip on it. Nice review, as always!
    I gotta say, some 'beginners' might really like a toy like this. Some of us start out as size queens... ;)
  • Oggins
    Ah! Very true CW! I was only referring to those who might be a bit intimidated about the size and hardness factor. I've came a long way myself in that area. I think I may be heading down the size queen road myself! Only with certain materials though as my g-spot seems to be contrary at times. I can't wait to try out a vixskin toy! Thank you so much for your comment! =)
  • Bulma
    The red spiral is very pretty on this. I'll be getting my first glass dildo this weekend, and I am super excited! It is shaped a lot like this one, only nubs instead of the spiral design. I'm thinking I'm going to love it now after reading your review of this toy. :)
  • Oggins
    Congratulations Bulma! I hope you find that you love glass as much as I do! I honestly never expected to love glass as much as I do so, it was quite a pleasant surprise! I can't wait to see what you think! Thanks for commenting! =)
  • Dragon
    Great review. Did you find that the spirals themselves were enough to stimulate your clit or did you need more? I personally love one toy- that I start with on my clit then move to penetration with.
  • Epiphora
    Woohoo! I am in the process of writing one of my next reviews about a glass toy and I keep feeling like I'm repeating myself, haha.
  • Betty Rocket
    I do not own enough glass....

    Great review, as always!
  • Oggins
    Devilbluedress, honestly, I almost always have to have an added stimulator for my clit unless I'm really, really horny. =) I just can't always get over the orgasm edge without it. Thanks for your comment!
  • Oggins
    Epiphora, I seriously know what you mean! I feel that way too! Thanks for commenting! =)
  • Oggins
    Betty Rocket....Alas, enough just isn't enough! Thanks for your comment! =)
  • Dame Demi
    Great and exceptionally thorough review, as always! This one sounds great!
  • Oggins
    Thank you so much for your kind comment Dame Demi! This one is great as is all glass toys I've tried so far! =)
  • Miss Jane
  • Waterproof
    Thanks for the review.
  • Michelle Menace
    Great review.. i wanna try one of these!
  • w-o-name
    good review
  • ShadowKitten
    great review! thanks!
  • 0
    Thank you for the review!
  • freda
    nice review..
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