Dai-Do #5 - steel dildo by Big Teaze Toys - review by Shellz31

Dai-Do #5

Steel dildo by Big Teaze Toys

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Dai-Does My A$$ Good

The smooth cool touch of the Dai-Do #5 is truly beautiful and makes for a stunning centre piece sitting upon a base in my cabinet. Being of a hefty weight adds to the pleasure, but be warned – the shaft is very short.
~ Aluminium
~ Silicone
~ Stainless Steel
~ Heavy
~ Short
Rating by reviewer:
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Being that I hadn’t had the pleasure of trying a metal toy before, I was thrilled when I found the Dai-Do was available. The idea of that cool metal against my blazing skin in the summer months made my mouth water! The long wait for overseas delivery was painful and being that it's actually freezing winter here at the moment, I was eager but also anxious.



The Dai-Do #5 is beautifully created by Big Tease Toys from an anodized aluminium alloy, silicone and also stainless steel. All three materials are non-porous, food grade, hypo-allergenic, phthalates and latex free. This one makes a perfect toy for those who have allergies to a lot of other materials. If it wasn't for the small amount of silicone on the handle area, I'd say any lubricant could be used. But being that it does feature some, I will only use water based lube in case any should find its way to where I don't want it. There was absolutely no odor at all from this one.


I chose what Big Tease Toys calls Red Devotion, which happens to be the first red toy in my collection. On the ball base is a wide strip of black silicone so you can get a good drip on the dildo while in use. Either side of this silicone is a thin border of stainless steel which finishes the toy presentation off well. There is also a stainless steel patch with the company's logo embedded into the silicone strip. For the most part the dildo is completely smooth and shiny while the silicone is matte, creating quite a drag on the skin.
Into the very bottom of the base is the Dai-Do no.5 in a slightly rough silver print. It's small enough that you won't notice it in the palm of your hand while cupping the base.


Silver print


The entire length of the dildo is created with four different sized balls placed upon one another. The overall length is 5 ¼” (3 ¼” insertable) and the circumference measurements of each are listed below.

Base: 7 ¼”
2nd Largest: 5”
3rd Largest: 4 ¼”
Tip: 3 ½”

It kind of reminds me of either a snowman with a couple of extra bulges or a baby's rattle (if you were to use the three smaller balls as the handle). Naturally with the base being the larger end, it carries most of the weight. For aluminium, this toy is rather heavy at 14.3oz.




Being that this one has no motor and is made from sterilizable materials, you can boil or place the Dai-Do in the dishwasher (without the soap powder). Otherwise simply give it a clean with anti-bacterial soap, toy spray or wipes. If you plan on sharing it (particularly if you're not fluid bonded or using for anal), I recommend either using a condom or giving it a boil between uses.

Dai-Do #5 arrived in a typical cardboard box with an imagine of the toy on the front and back. It really could pass as a massager so the box is reasonably discreet if you intend to keep it for storage – although it's not the solid sturdy type and won't last that long. The main details about the dildo are featured on the back. Inside is a plastic tray coated in black velvet. The toy is placed in a plastic bag before being nestled into the Dai-Do shaped molded tray. Beneath this is a black satin drawstring pouch (which is large enough to hold two toys) and a small folded book advertising their toy range.


Inside of box


The Dai-Do is a fantastic toy for anyone living in shared accommodation due to not having to worry about any motor noise. Because it has a good size base with the silicone strip for gripping, this one can be used anally. I still recommend making sure your gripping hand is free of lube and remains on the toy – especially for those anal size queens/kings. It's always better to be safe than sorry. This dildo is actually better for anal play cause you can use the whole length while still using a clitoral toy (for girls). The Dai-Do #5 is a versatile dildo that can be used by girls, guys, beginners and advanced. If you intend to use this dildo for temperature play, make sure to check just how hot or cold it is before ramming it in any orifices. Damaging delicate tissues of the vagina or anal would be mighty unpleasant and could cause longer term effects. If you're into deep tissue massaging, the large base could be used to relieve knotted muscles.

Being that it's winter here now, the Dai-Do is absolutely freezing straight out of my toy cabinet. There's no way I'm putting that near my girly bits – the idea of frost doesn't not arouse me at all. It does seem to warm up easily by placing it against my body for 10 – 15 minutes or soak it in a bowl of warm water. It holds warmth quite well, so if you intend to use this for a chilling effect, I recommend keeping a bowl of icy water nearby to cool it down every so often.
If you require some decent length to your dildos, I wouldn't recommend this one. Due to the tip ball being on the small side and the straight shaft, this one doesn't work for g-spot orgasms – or at least doesn't for me. I required the use of clit stimulation along with the slight thrusting of Dai-Do. But when I tried to use the full length in thrusting, I kept pinching delicate skin between my clit vibe (Mia) and the large base of the dildo. This was NOT a pleasant sensation at all. I could only manage to use about 2 ½” of the shaft, which actually worked enough for me. But I don't require a whole lot of length. Anally, it worked out better due to being able to use the full insertable length.
I personally love heavy toys over light weight ones, so I chose to put it as a pro.

I'm giving Dai-Do a rating of 4 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I still really enjoy the Dai-Do #5, but it doesn't get used as much as it should since owning the Pure Wand.
It's certainly created a passion for metal toys and I will be adding more of the Dai-Do range to my collection.
Perhaps if this one was slightly longer so it was more useful vaginally it would get more invites to come out of the cabinet. Mind you, it is winter here and the metal toys really become icy. I imagine it will get a lot more usage when the heat of summer hits us.
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