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The Mete-oh-rite takes the definition of a luxury toy and blows it out of the water. The combination of a beautifully crafted, ergonomic design and a coating of meteorite dust is literally out of this world. It's much more than just an expensive collectors item. This toy delivers a unique experience that will leave you wondering if it was created by someone not of this world.
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Outta This World, LLC has designed the Mete-oh-rite to be an ergonomic toy that can be used for either G- or P-spot stimulation. While the shape is reminiscent of another toy, this is no ordinary dildo. The Mete-oh-rite distinguishes itself as being the first sex toy coated in a fine layer of meteorite dust to really make this a one of a kind toy. The coating creates a texture that is unique and unlike anything else currently available. This is more than a luxury toy for the collector that has everything.

Meteorites have been treasured and worshiped by man since the beginning of time. The mysteries that enshrouded these objects from space have led people to believe that meteorites posses unexplained powers. While magical powers are questionable, there is little doubt that this toy will lead to an otherworldly experience.

Material / Texture

The underlying material of the Mete-oh-rite is briarwood, a hard wood that resists heat and is often used to manufacture pipes. The exterior coating is a fine layer of genuine meteorite dust bonded to the underlying toy with a clear material called Resinol™. According to the information supplied by the manufacturer, Resinol™ is body safe (hypo-allergenic, phthalate free), has antibacterial properties, and seals in the meteorite dust so there’s no concern regarding small particles dislodging internally. The coating of dust creates the most unique texture that feels like super fine sand paper. This results in some drag on insertion but is not an issue with the use of lube. The irregular surface texture somehow intensifies the sensation when pressure is applied.

Mete-oh-rite compared to Goodfella:

There are three basic classifications for meteorites based on composition. Meteorites can be made of stone, metal, or a combination of the two. The dust used in the Mete-oh-rite is only the metal variety. An interesting feature of metal meteorites is that they are often magnetized. The thin coating on the Mete-oh-rite is not enough to pick up metal objects, but you can feel the magnetic field as you pass the toy near metal. The coating of metallic dust results in a beautiful patina that is both sexy and manly at the same time.

Meteorites pose no health risks and are considered safe. While they may contain radioactive elements, they are at levels no greater than ordinary terrestrial rock. Fossilized bacteria has been found embedded in meteorites (presumably of the rock variety) but also pose no health risks. The main difference that distinguishes metal based meteorites from terrestrial rock is the magnetic aspect which can be variable. (Note: this information is based on research I conducted online and is by no means an expert opinion.)

Design / Shape / Size

Since the underlying material is made of wood, there may be variation in dimensions from toy to toy. This simply adds to the uniqueness of each piece. The Mete-oh-rite has a seductive S-shape with Rubenesque curves. The overall length of the Mete-oh-rite measures 7” with approximately 4-1/2” insertable. The head is slightly flattened and measures 1-3/4” wide and 1-1/2” high (5-1/2” circumference). The bulbous shape has a broad tip that may be a little difficult to insert due to the textured surface. Copious amounts of lube will assist insertion, particularly if the toy is used anally.

Mete-oh-rite measurements:

The head quickly tapers to a thin 1/4” neck before it widens again to encompass the 2” wide handle. The handle has two finger holes carved into it that should be large enough to accommodate most fingers. The holes are angled so that inserted fingers curve to match the shape of the toy and provide leverage for applying pressure. The edges of the finger holes are perfectly rounded and extremely comfortable during use. The ergonomic design is well thought out and feels like a natural extension of the fingers.


The bulbous head on the Mete-oh-rite provides a large surface area for applying firm pressure on either the G- or P-spot. The narrow neck combined with the curved shape increase the leverage generated which translates into greater pressure. The toy can also be manipulated in short trusts to mimic a stroking motion internally. Whatever your preference, the Mete-oh-rite can do it.

Although the Mete-oh-rite is designed to be used vaginally, there’s no reason it can’t also be used anally. The handle size and general shape of the toy should be sufficient to prevent it from completely slipping inside. As a precaution, it would be safer to either maintain a grip on the handle at all times or to tie a suitable retrieval cord on to it. The textured surface creates an intense sensation when the toy is thrust anally that may not appeal to all users. Once inserted, the bulbous head targeted the P-spot beautifully and applying pressure was almost effortless. The one issue encountered was that the toy length was a little short when lying on one’s back. This was not an issue when lying on the side.

The briarwood provides a firm surface with minimal weight compared to either glass or steel. The light weight combined with the ergonomic design results in a nearly effortless experience compared to heavier toys, which may result in muscle fatigue.

Care and Maintenance

The Mete-oh-rite can be sanitized using a 10% bleach solution. More routine cleaning can be done using a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water. Despite having a textured surface, the toy did not hold onto body fluids or lube and was very easy to clean by running under a faucet. The coating makes the toy compatible with any lube type, so feel free to use your favorite. Despite being sealed with Resinol™, exercise some caution when cleaning so as not to scrub the surface and risk dislodging any of the meteorite dust. The Mete-oh-rite is a luxury toy and deserves to be treated as such.


The packaging is a little disappointing given the quality and cost of the Mete-oh-rite. For a toy being marketed as an indulgence, one would expect an equally indulgent container to store the toy. The grey box is simple and made of thick cardboard with the name of the toy on the front. The box is discreet but probably best recycled. Fortunately, the Mete-oh-rite is a beautiful toy in its own right and worthy of public display. Feel free to display it proudly anywhere as few are likely to guess its true use.

The package included a manual with details as to the origin of the meteorite dust used to coat the toys. The company acquires smaller meteorite particles and dust that have been collected but garner almost no resale value. Instead, these pieces are pulverized into dust, which is then used to coat the toys and sealed in with Resinol™.
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    You got me good. >.>
  • DeliciousSurprise
    I almost wish this was real. Hrmph.

    Now, I do have to know: did you paint it, or did EF do that and send it?
  • Kindred
    @DeliciousSurprise - EF painted it and took the pictures, I wrote the review blind based on a description they gave me.
  • Woman China
    Brilliant! LOL!!! Even your fake review is better than a lot of them out there!!! Now THAT is talent!!!!

    Well done!
  • zecookiepuss
    Love it!
  • lexical
    I totally thought this was real at first...What a dork!
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    lol nice
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    Wow, I too thought this was real. Hahaha! This was a really awesome review, though!
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