G-spot twister - glass g-spot shaft by Phallix - review by Shellz31

G-spot twister

Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix

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Doing The Twist

It may be slim but Twister makes up for that in the length, curve and g-spot bulgy head. Be aware that the bulge may not be enough for some people as it's only ½” larger in girth than the shaft. Would make a great toy for anyone just starting out who isn't sure on what kind of girth they can handle. I class myself as a size queen, but am very glad I have this one in my glass collection.
~ Pyrex glass
~ Spiral texture
~ Curved
~ Base could be a little larger for safety
~ Lack of girth might be a con for size queens
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

As most who regularly read my reviews will know, I’m normally one who goes for the girthy dildos. But I was instantly attracted to this one because of the twisted ridges, colour and the superb curve. As much as I could've handled the Twister having some more girth, I found it more than did the job every time for me.



The G-spot Twister is a Phallix creation using Pyrex glass which earns it a safety rating of 10. Because it's non-porous any type of lubricant and freely be used. The other health highlights are: hypo-allergenic, food grade, latex and phthalates free. Just like any other glass toy I have owned, there was no odour what so ever when I pulled it from the packaging.


Eden sells this in gold, blue and the dark green one I went for. Not only are the first two sold out, but I had my eye on the green all along. Eden's picture almost makes it look black, but in person it is a deep green/blue shade.

Naturally, being glass it has a smooth slippery surface with six clear loose ridges spiraling down the length of the toy, instead of tightly encircling it. In between every second clear ridge is a slightly less pronounced ridge in the green. These clear ridges are approximately 3mm in depth with the green ones being 2mm. They start from the base of the g-spot bulge and wind their way into the top of the base. Between each two clear ridges is a smooth space of 4mm.



The G-spot Twister is a lean machine of just 3” in girth and a length of 7”. The small base only takes up a depth of ¼” out of the length and has a circumference of just under 5”. The curve in the shaft starts from the base so that the toy can easily stand up on its own. On the other end is a bulging head that comes to a rounded point and measures 3 ½” in girth at the widest. The head smooths onto the shaft, so there is no ‘pop' when removing the Twister.




This beauty is simple to clean up with anti-bacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. If the shaft was completely smooth I'd also recommend using a wipe, but it's too easy for bodily fluids to become trapped between the ridges. A toothbrush may even come in handy for an extra clean. To sterilize it can be boiled, placed in the top rack of a dishwasher (without detergent) or wiped over with a 10% bleach solution. Just be sure to wash the residue off.

My Twister arrived in an oversized clear moulded plastic clamshell type of packaging with a booklet in the top section. The booklet isn't discreet in the slightest with a naked girl holding a toy on the front. A number of Phallix' other creations can be found when the booklet is unfolded. Sitting behind the G-spot Twister is a black satin drawstring pouch with white lace. It's not padded at all, but does the trick to keep your new toy hidden and protected from dust.
The packaging is resealable and will hold up to using it as storage, but it is far bigger than it needs to be.



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The Twister isn't exactly realistic, so everyone can use this one without feeling intimidated. It does have a base, but it's not as large as I would prefer. I'd only recommend this one anally if you intend to always keep a lube free hand around the base or by tying a strong piece of cord onto it for a ‘just in case' moment. Although, I'd imaging trying to pull a flat base out wouldn't be too enjoyable.
If any guys are confident enough to use this anally it would make for a p-spot massager. Otherwise, it does a great job at stimulating the g-spot as long as you don't require an oversized bulge. It could even be used to rub against the clitoris.
If you're going to share this one with someone whom you're not fluid bonded with and you don't want to sterilize it in the middle of play, I highly suggest using a condom.

Although the ridges aren't as obvious when they are loosely encircling the shaft than what tight spirals are, I could still feel and enjoy these ones when thrusting. I'm impressed with the slight curve, as it fits my anatomy comfortably and hits the magic spot every time. It certainly doesn't stimulate my g-spot like Pure Wand or some other toys, but enough to give my play time that extra boost.

Twister earned itself a 4 star rating.
Follow-up commentary
I still love this guy! He may have a small girth, but more importantly, he gets the job done by rubbing my g-spot. I also love the spiral ribs and colouring. I actually prefer him over many of my other glass pieces.
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