Dr. Laura Berman's Asspussy Playa

Dr. Laura Berman’s Ruby is a simple glass dildo, designed for G-Spot stimulation. I do not have a G-Spot though since I am a man. What I do have is a P-spot, plenty of water based lube, and a willingness to try new things.
Glass, special tip, ripples, weight, easy clean up.
It was hard to tell which way the tip was facing after insertion.
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useful review
I feel obligated to let everyone know that this was my first glass toy, and the material has blown me away! Therefore my review maybe a little more on the favorable side then if this was my tenth glass dildo. Second this toy was designed for a woman’s vagina, something that I do not have. What I do have is an ass, an “asspussy” that loves having things in it, and a prostate that wants to be stimulated!

I can already hear the uproar of how this toy doesn’t have a base and how that can lead to emergency room visits, awkward conversation and so on. Well when I got this toy I was hoping that the G-Spot tip could also work as a P-Spot tip (which it does, more on that later) and since my P-Spot is not deep in my ass I made the decision to try it. That usually leaves just under half of the toy still out of my body, being manipulated by my hand for prostate massages.

I would use this toy in two different ways; first while laying on my back, and then second upright on my knees. I would start out lying on my back, with my legs in the air to apply water based lube and achieve initial insertion. I found for anal insertion I had to hold the toy side ways because the tip has a flattened side. It made it so I didn’t have to warm up with other toys or fingers. After the tip would be in to the first ripple I would just tug and push until I was warmed up for more of the shaft. I found that for prostate stimulation I had to get the tip and the next two ripples in.

After I had gotten to the second ripple I would get up and balance on my knees much a like a woman would when she is on top of a man. That allowed me to kind of sit on the dildo to push it in and then come up and it would slide out. It slides out so easily because of the weight and of how smooth it is! It feels so good; the ripples are very subtle yet I could feel each one. Being on my knees made it so I could easily masturbate with my one hand and hold onto the dildo with the other. After playing the in and out game for a while I found that if I inserted to the third ripple and rocked the toy back and forth I would cum in no time! Prostate stimulation is sooo powerful I can only imagine a G-Spot orgasm must be just as great for woman as a P-Spot is for men?! During my orgasm I would let the toy slide out because I found it felt strange to pull it out after orgasm, but that may just be me?

This toy was great! I have enjoyed every orgasm it has helped me achieve and I look forward to using it again! The clean up is a breeze because it is glass, you can clean it however you want. I found just soap and hot water was good for day to day and the dishwasher was even better.

The only complaint I have is that after it is inserted, you cannot tell very easily if the tip is facing the right direction. Like in my case I wanted to have my prostate massaged and therefore I need the tip to face towards my belly button. There are no discerning marks on the outside to indicate anything.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Alt
    Yes this does feel pretty nice anally.
    Any probably before someone else says it: Be careful to anyone using it anally since you will need to ensure you hold on tight if you think your rectum can take more than the length of this toy.
  • Contributor: imp
    I've just written a review on one that's similar but it has a base but no curve. I'd be curious to try this one out. Thanks for the review Smile
  • Contributor: spicywife
    Will you be able to try this out vaginally with a female partner? I'd be interested in the results since that's what it was originally intended for. And you are brave for trying a toy that doesn't have a handle or flared base.. I couldn't do that Tongue out

    Nice review! Smile
  • Contributor: adirondacker
    Spicywife - I haven't been able to use this with my girlfriend yet because she has been away in Switzerland visiting her college roommate. Im so jealous! She is getting home tonight but will be leaving again to go back to school in a few days. I really hope we get a chance to use it but toys typically come into play for us when we have been together frequently and need some spice. I just have this feeling we will want each other too badly right now. Someday I am sure we will or perhaps I will let her take it to school though I will miss it Tongue out And as far as using it anally without a handle I wasn't that worried because I don't tend to penetrate deeply. But also without ruining your idea of this toy it kinda resembles a glass piece of poop? I figure if worse comes to worse I could use my muscles to get it out, since the base end is rounded. I don't plan on doing that or even recommend it but it as soothed my nerves.

    Thanks for the comments!
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • Contributor: ellejay
    Good review! Thank ya.
  • Contributor: Blooddragon
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: Ash1141
  • Contributor: jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: damnbul12
    Thanks for the review.
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    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: MissCandyland
    Nice job! Thank you!
  • Contributor: Jenny Smith
    thanks for the review
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    Thanks for the review
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    thanx! for sharing
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