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The Dichroic Glass Dildo may be the most beautiful piece of glass I've ever set my eyes on. While it doesn't do anything for my G spot, it performs well as a regular dildo. The design is a minimal S curve with a bulbed head. There are some raised circles for added texture. This combination provides just the right amount of stimulation to keep thing interesting and bring on slow, building orgasms. The price point and simple design mean this dildo won't be for everyone.
Stunning appearance, Curve is simple but effective, Texture isn't overly intense
Expensive, Simple design may not work for all users
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There aren't many dildos more beautiful than the Dichroic Glass Dildo by Phallix on Eden. There also aren't many that are more expensive. The price point may keep many away unfortunately. Those who decide they have the money to spend on this lovely piece of art (yes, art) will be blown away by the craftsmanship and design. The performance of the dildo itself is stellar. It's a simple, light curved design that may hit some G or P spots, but perhaps not all. It has three small raised dots near the head for additional stimulation. It won't work for those that like a lot of texture or curve. It won't work well if you like a lot of things going on with design in general. If you like a simple and understated design with just enough to make it stand out, the Dichroic Glass Dildo will shine.

This dildo features a flared base which makes it safe for anal and vaginal use. While the flare is done in a harness ready style flare, I would not recommend using it in a harness due to the glass material. It would be hard to maneuver in a harness and could possibly fall out.

Care should be taken when using glass to avoid injury to the cervix. When thrusting with glass toys it is possible to cause injury if you go to far or thrust too quickly. This is especially important when playing with a partner since they cannot feel how far is "too far" or how fast is "too fast." If you decide to use this for partner play, make sure to keep open communication lines at all times.

Material / Texture

The Dichroic Glass Dildo is made of Pyrex Glass which rates a ten on the safety scale. Pyrex is the brand name for borosilicate glass. This is a type of glass that is less dense than regular glass. This means that if it were to break it would break into chunks rather than shatter into fragments.

So why such a high price on the same material that's used to make most casserole dishes? Because this particular dildo done in dichroic glass. Dichroic comes from the Greek word dikhroos meaning "two colored" and originally refers to any optical device which can split a beam of light into two beams with differing wavelengths. Dichroic glass contains multiple layers of metals or oxides to give the glass the dichroic optical properties. Dichroic glass has one transmitted color and one reflected color, causing an array of colors to be displayed depending on angle your viewing it from. Dichroic glass dates back to 4th century AD, but modern day dichroic glass is available thanks to NASA. They did research to develop its use for dichroic filters. Basically, this isn't something you'll be running across in your average casserole dish anytime soon.

The dichroic glass is beyond my abilities to describe beautiful. There is a swirl pattern to the glass. One of the swirls is done with a black and white color that appears to be just plain glass. In between the black and white pattern is the dichroic glass. This part of the swirl looks almost like tiny pieces of metal or Christmas tree tinsel were lovingly placed piece by piece into the glass. They color shift based on how you look at it from a peridot green to vibrant turquoise to a bright purple and many colors in between. It's like a peacock feather was used as reference but done even more beautifully than a peacock could be because of how much in motion the colors are. When the light hits it the colors reflect and shimmer off of each other. I truly wish everyone could have this in their hands for a moment to see how beautiful it is. Aside from its sexual use it really is a beautiful piece of art.

I tried to get a photo of the coloring. Mine is actually much darker than the product page photo. I think it's even more beautiful. Alas, you cannot see the movement of it in a still photo. I don't even think a video would do this beauty justice.

Like all glass, this is a hard material. It is unforgiving and will not bend to the body. If you prefer a material with some give to it, glass will not be for you. However, for those that like a firm toy, not many can compare with the hard surface of glass.

Glass is smooth. It has the zero resistance. If you run your finger along the body, the finger glides easily along it. There is no hop or skip, just an easy glide along the surface. A pea sized amount of lube is all that is needed. For those that produce good amounts of lubrication on their own, this may even be unnecessary.

The Dichroic Glass Dildo has three small raised circles near the head for additional texture. These are .5" across and down. They are raised just shy of .25". These add additional stimulation during use but are not overwhelming. I'm texture sensitive as was able to use this with no problem. Those who have extreme texture sensitivities may have issues. If you know the only thing you can handle is a completely smooth surface, do be aware of the raised bumps on this toy. They are noticeable during use, but not to the extent that they would be if they were all over the toy or if they were located closer to the vaginal opening.

The texture of the toy lends itself well to a newcomer to glass since it is minimal. It's also wonderful for more texture sensitive users or those that prefer minimal texture. My general rule of thumb on glass as a material is to be a few toys in before buying a glass toy. Since it is a hard material and there is a chance of injury with it, it is best to get to know your preferences for toys and limits before playing with glass. Once you have decided a firm texture is something that will work for you and know how far you can go before hitting your cervix, glass is a great addition to a collection.

Design / Shape / Size

Phallix blows each glass toy individually. This means there will be variances from toy to toy. As such, my measurements vary a good bit from the product page description. What you receive may vary from both my measurements and the product page.

The product page lists the length as 7" while mine comes in at 8". This places the insertable length as per the product page at 6.25" and my insertable length around 6.5". The base of mine is quite thick and perhaps the one in the product page was less so, accounting for some of the measurement differences. The product page lists the diameter at 1.5". The max diameter on mine is 1 3/8". At the head the diameter is 1". A little ways down from that it comes to 1.25" before it reaches the max diameter of the 1 3/8". The base is 2" across.

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

I tend to prefer diameters in the range of 1"-1.5" so this worked out perfectly for me. The length was good, leaving me a good amount to use as a grip and still make full use of as much as I wanted to. I could have done this in the 1.5" diameter as well, but I'm happy with it the size it came to me.

Since glass is a harder material, it will provide a more full sensation than a toy of the same size made of a softer material. This is important to note if you are used to the size but in something like a plushy silicone or TPR. While a 1 3/8" diameter isn't so large as to be out of the realm of use for a beginner, the glass material may make it more difficult than it would be with another type. If you have experienced penetration before, this will likely pose less of a problem. Since this is a pricey item, I would recommend experimenting with some firm materials in this size range before buying this toy. I would also say to buy in the 1.5" range as the product page lists as that may be the size you get due to variability due to the glass working.

The Dichroic Glass Dildo has a bulb head. This head comes to a point that is slightly rounded. This rounded point means that it will not give a poking sensation when used like some very pointed glass heads can do. The head comes outward and then back in again in the traditional "head" shape. From there the shaft curves in a slight S bend. This bend is very light, not intense at all. All of the design details can be felt in use, but none of them are overstated. They will be best suited to those who prefer minimalistic design, not over the top bulges or curves.

While this is not a realistic toy, it is phallic in shape. It's almost unfortunate because the coloring and detailing is so magnificent that it really should be displayed somewhere and not put in a padded pouch inside a dresser. If you have no need for discretion, this is one piece you should proudly display. For those that don't want others know about what they do sexually, this will sadly need to be put away due to the phallic design. The size makes it easy to store, but make sure you place it in a padded pouch. If you travel with it, do the same.


The slight S curve and light bulge to the head of the Dichroic Glass Dildo will perform best for those whose G spots respond well to other minimalistic designs. It makes me want to cry that my G spot is so difficult to please. I can't get near my G spot with this toy. I didn't actually expect to when I ordered it, so it's really no huge loss for me in that sense. My G spot responds to very few toys, so I don't expect many new ones to work for me.

That being said, this is a great curved vaginal dildo. While I don't get many G spot dildos to actually hit my G spot, I do enjoy curved toys for regular internal stimulation. I get bored with a straight "traditional" shaped toy. The different curves and shapes are part of the reason I keep buying (way too many) toys. It takes an extreme curve to actually hit my G spot, but the minimal curve on this one was immensely satisfying in a different way. It applied pressure both upward and downward due to the S shape, but since the curve was light it was not overwhelming in any way. This is something I could use for very long periods of time without feeling I needed to stop and give myself a break because of how intense it was. The result was that I was able to orgasm more. I didn't have to stop or switch toys to give my insides a break from extreme curves and pressure.

What I also really liked was that I could use the little bit of texture. While I didn't particularly like the way it felt when I inserted it (the feeling against my vaginal opening wasn't the best), once it was inserted it wasn't so bad. I could feel them inside, sort of like little raised nubs. I don't know that it added anything to the experience, but it didn't take anything away from it either. Usually texture will ruin a toy for me, especially with glass. I know it seems silly to get excited about being able to use three raised circles, but that's a big deal for me!

A nice little bonus addition, which may or may not have been done on purpose, is a small indent on the base. Right in the center of the base the glass comes inward. This makes the perfect place for my finger to rest. Since the glass isn't overly heavy, I can use this indent to do most of the thrusting from this finger. This only works if I'm thrusting at slower speeds, of course. If I want to go faster I have to actually grip the handle. As mentioned, I wouldn't recommend using this in a harness despite the look of the base. It's not a suction cup and will not stick to anything.

I'd love if this did hit my G spot, but I can't fault the dildo for my G spot being such a pain. The toy itself would have to be designed totally differently for it to work in that way for me. While I love a good G spot orgasm, I appreciate my toys that give me regular vaginal orgasms as well. This one falls in that category and honestly I wouldn't change the curves on it to make it work better for my G spot. If you are one that can only have G spot orgasms and the curve ends up not working for you, this could be an expensive mishap.

While I don't use it in this way, glass can be used for temperature play. You can run it under warm or cool water to alter the temperature of the glass. You can also place it in the fridge to get it even cooler. Make sure to check the temperature to your wrist before inserting it to make sure it's not too hot or cold. Also don't expose it to quick temperature changes (hot to cold) as this could cause the glass to break.

Care and Maintenance

Glass is easy to care for. You can wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner. You can boil it for three minutes to sanitize it or place it in the dishwasher. As mentioned, do not expose it to quick temperature changes (hot to cold/cold to hot) as this could cause the glass to break. If sharing between partners or going from anal to vaginal use, be sure to sanitize the glass.

Any type of lube can be used with glass. Oil, water, and silicone based lubricants are all compatible.

The Dichroic Glass Dildo comes with a large padded pouch that can be used for storage. I would recommend using this to protect the glass. You can keep it in a regular pouch, but this does not protect the glass as well as a padded pouch would.


The Dichroic Glass Dildo comes packaged in simply a large black padded pouch. I'm glad it comes with such an extremely padded (and it is really padded) pouch. Considering the amount of money invested in this toy, a good protective pouch is really a requirement. There is no other packaging, however. No external box or anything like that. Just the pouch itself. Not that I'm complaining because I appreciate the pouch, but I guess I feel like something a little fancier should have come with it given that it's one of the most expensive dildos on Eden.

The pouch is black with a swirl design. It has a drawstring on it. The drawstring has a push feature that locks it closed so the dildo cannot fall out.

Attached to the pouch is a large booklet. The front has a photo of a naked woman who is covering her private areas. It says Phallix on it. The booklet opens up to show other Phallix toys available for purchase. It can be removed from the pouch.

With the booklet, the packaging is not so discreet. Once the booklet is removed, the pouch is discreet. It's pretty plain and wouldn't make the fanciest gift ever. Once the receiver sees how nice the dildo is, I'm sure they will forgive the minimal packaging. If they're big on packaging (as I am), you can always put something together yourself.

Personal comments

If this cost $50 or so, it really would be a great introduction to glass. It doesn't cost $50 and as such you should think long and hard about if you think this shape will work well for you. Some people like a lot of curve, a lot of texture, or just a lot of something going on in a dildo. My G spot likes a lot of curve but otherwise I'm equal opportunity. For a light curved toy, this is one of favorites. The S shape of the design is minimal but enough of a design to keep it interesting. If you don't think that will be the case for you, I wouldn't recommend handing over the money just because of how pretty the toy is unless your working on a for show glass dildo collection. If you are working on one of those, you really need this. If you like a simple design and curve with light texture, this is a wonderful toy to have.

Also keep in mind that the size may vary. While mine is 1 3/8" in diameter, the product page says 1.5". In glass, this may not be the most beginner friendly to those who have never been penetrated before. I would err on the side of caution and assume that you'll get the bigger size just in case. If you can't go up to 1.5" in a hard material, I wouldn't recommend ordering this.


So let's be honest for a second on why I bought this. It's pretty and I'm a sucker for pretty things. I've been tricked into so many aesthetically pleasing and expensive toys that ended up just not working for me. I was admittedly very nervous that this would be another one of those experiences. I was unsure about the raised bumps because of my issues with texture and glass texture in particular. The curve looked interesting, but I hadn't had anything similar before to compare it to. I was going in blind on an expensive purchase based on "ooh! shiny!" Like I said, I'm a sucker for pretty things.

The first time I tried this I liked it but wasn't overly impressed with it. I was able to orgasm, but I just wasn't really blown away. It wasn't until the second use and after that I began to really appreciate the simple curved design. It was then that I began to notice that I wasn't getting worn out as quickly with it as I do when I use my more extreme designs. I noticed that while my orgasms weren't as intense, they happened in more rapid succession. I could have more of them and for longer periods. These would build on each other and increase in intensity, but would never reach G spot orgasm intensity. I would liken using this to taking a leisurely walk on the beach. Slow, steady, and relaxing. Perhaps not something you do everyday, but something to be enjoyed and treasured when you do it. Something you take your time with and savor.

Even if this was an awful performer, it would still have a special place in my heart because it's just so gorgeous! I wish I could describe more accurately just how stunning this looks in person. The colors work so well together and the shift effect is incredible. The little detailing in how each piece of the metal-tinsel looking material looks like it was hand placed (which I guess it actually was) makes this look like it cost thousands, not hundreds. It's just...wow.

There's nothing I don't like about this for my own personal use. It probably won't work for everyone. For the simple design it does seem like it cost a lot, but once I glanced upon the dichroic glass I understood why the cost was so high. A lot of work clearly went into making this toy. However, if you want something that's going to be a super intricate design for the money, this isn't the dildo for that.
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  • winterseve
    Great review! I want this just because it's sooo pretty. I want to stare at it and use it as a pretty paperweight.
  • - Kira -
    MR Chickhabit - Thank you on both counts!!

    eeep - Thanks! Why is it still showing it's on sale for me and not anyone else? I'm confused...

    winterseve - Thanks! It would make a really pretty (though very long) paperweight. LOL
  • Missmarc
    Thank you for the review. The dildo is very pretty.
  • jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • - Kira -
    Missmarc - You're welcome! It is!

    jeangel246 - You're welcome!
  • FemmeFlo
    Awesome review! This piece looks so beautiful. I'm a sucker for pretty glass dildos. Adding this one to my wishlist!
  • - Kira -
    Thanks! It's the prettiest one I have. I keep taking it out to admire it. lol Hope you get one!
  • Boobs and Lubes
    It's a beauty, but expensive, awesome work. So involved.
  • PassionateLover2
    Great Review! I liked all your pictures and details in your work!
  • - Kira -
    Dr and Mrs - It is expensive, but the glass work involved sounds pretty intense. I'd imagine it takes forever to make these.

    PassionateLover2 - Thanks! I always find pictures super helpful so I try to include them.
  • Owl Identified
    Damn those little nodules. Every time I look at this I think maybbbbbeeeee it could work for me..., but then I think better of it. Those bumps would kill me. Too bad It's so damn pretty. Great review!
  • - Kira -
    I was really worried about them but they weren't that bad. I have something with lots of similar bumps and I can't use it all. Thanks!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I also wish it didn't have those little bumps but your pictures are gorgeous! The colors show through well
  • - Kira -
    The bumps don't really do anything for me but they don't irritate me either so I guess they could stay or go and it doesn't matter to me. lol The colors are amazing! This is mantle display worthy. I took a gazillion pictures trying to get the colors to show well.
  • Owl Identified
    I've discovered (after trying in vein to get good pictures of my Dichroic G-spot) that natural light is best for these dichroic beauties. It's still impossible to take a good picture though, at least without a super fancy camera.
  • - Kira -
    Well that sucks because I always have to take all my pictures at night. I wonder if you could get a good photo of them even with a great camera? I would assume the product page photos were taken with something super fancy and they don't capture how pretty these are either.
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