First Time with Glass and this Toy Didn't Win my Heart.

This glass toy provides a good introduction to the properties of glass at a reasonable price. However, it lacks girth, texture or angle to truly hit the g-spot.
Excellent price for glass dildo.
Not angled for g-spot.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Revision notes: In the interest of keeping the original review intact, I have only changed this minimally. This toy may be more appealing to users that are looking for slender toys or are just beginning to play with sex toys. It is a smooth, slender toy with an angled head. It was ineffective in truly stimulating me for the reasons described below.

Original review:
I have a number of vibrators. They all have their own unique qualities or personalities as the case may be. The "Liv by Lelo" for example, is definitely about quality not size. I had been thinking that I really wanted was a large, hard sex toy for those times. When I found out that Eden was going to send me a glass dildo, I was thrilled and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The timing was perfect.

Glass toys are gorgeous. They appeal to me on a very visual nature. A quick search of the Eden website led to prices from about $50 to almost $400. The Fantasy G-spot is currently closer to about $70. It's a great price to explore glass materials, but as you look at the pictures, you can see the difference the price makes. In the case of glass materials, it is about size, beauty and textured features.

I know that several people worry about playing with glass. "What if it becomes chipped?" I wouldn't recommend it as the sex toy of choice if you have a violent nature and tend to throw things, but it seems fairly resilient overall. It comes with a storage case that is the equivalent of a velvet pillow. (See padded pouches here) I left in on the nightstand in full view of the kids running around.

So how does it work? I admit that perhaps with this sex toy, I was a bit disappointed. The first problem is that glass is just cold. (I should have known that, but didn't) That's not a huge deal. Body heat can warm it up pretty quickly. Playing with a cold sex toy in your pussy can provide a nice contrast. I've heard about warming it up with warm water, but that didn't much appeal to me. I did try lube once just to see if it changed the temperature, but didn't notice any difference. The combination of lube and glass was delightful.

I was a bit disappointed with the "Fantasy G-spot." For a toy that is described as a "bit large for beginners," I found that it didn't really turn me on that much. It was too smooth and the diameter was small. There were two ways that I really enjoyed playing with it. The first was when my husband took control of it. The second was when my mind realized that it was a lot of fun to clench my pelvic muscles tightly and not allow it to be withdrawn! It would actually work fantastic as a Kegel exerciser, but I don't think it's listed in that category.

I'm still fascinated with glass toys though. I want to get my hands on more of them to play with. This particular one didn't meet my expectations, but I strongly believe that others will.
Follow-up commentary
This was one of my first glass toys. I had some fun with it when I first got it, but I can have a lot of fun with a lot of things. That may depend on the circumstances, who's watching, what I'm doing, etc. I'm one that likes some texture or size though. This toy really only worked for me when someone else took control and played with it on my body. Even then, if you're not at the appropriate angle- it's not very forgiving. As my own personal "solo" toy, I wanted something with more texture or size. I've found some of the things that meet my needs there though!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Vague
    Was it g-spot effective?
  • Contributor: Devilbluedress
    "G-Spot"  I've had some pretty intense orgasms that may or may not have been caused by stimulating the "G-Spot."  But I can't really say that I can identify the "G-Spot" so I can't say it was effective for that purpose.  All in all, I was somewhat disappointed with this product and would say it probably didn't stimulate the G-spot enough to really make my life shine!
  • Contributor: His scarlett
    it is a pity this didn't live up to its appearance - there is something about glass that makes me melt..... thanks for the review - when we invest in glass we will go for something else
  • Contributor: Dragon
    This one was just too thin and smooth for me. I know that some people like thin toys. I'm not one of them. This just didn't excite me. Thanks for stopping by!
  • Contributor: spicywife
    It's so pretty, sorry it didn't work better for you!
  • Contributor: spicywife
    Maybe you would prefer the Fantasy G Spot 2
  • Contributor: Elliotstar
    Aw, shame it wasn't as awesome as you expected!
  • Contributor: darkkitty
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: callsignhusker
    too bad it disappoitned..
  • Contributor: sixfootsex
    Thanks for the review! I'm leaning away from this one.
  • Contributor: Blooddragon
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: Eucaly
    Great review!
  • Contributor: sweet seduction
    So pretty, thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Anjulie
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: Jon S
    ty for the review
  • Contributor: JordanN
    Nice review. Thank you for it.
  • Contributor: eleya12345
    Thanks for your review!
  • Contributor: J5ive
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