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Be very careful before buying this. Since it is inexpensive the motivation to purchase it for a try will probably be higher. Don't let price be your motivation. Be very honest with yourself about what you are capable of. If very large toys are something you have already conquered then you will probably love this toy and give it more stars. However, beginners and newbies to toys with very large circumferences would be better off looking for other toy options. This is my reason for the 2 stars.
Women that can be stretched to large sizes would have some pros. For beginners there are no pros.
This toy is just too big, has no vibration to motivate during attempts, and can cause discomfort.
Rating by reviewer:
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This toy was my husband's only time so far that he didn't get a toy that did wonderful things for me. He had a crazy moment I think when he considered this. I think he had two motivations when he got it. His indicated motivation was that in doing some research on the Internet he said that some of what he read suggested that larger toys could stimulate my G-Spot and cause me to have a gushing orgasm. I don't think I've ever had that happen. I have had some pretty good orgasms with the use of vibrators, but don't recall this outcome. I was skeptical, but was open minded that this could lead to the possibility of some kind of mega-orgasm. I think his other motivation was that the prospective of seeing me taking something this large into me was something he thought would be visually and mentally intoxicating.

Anyway, all the hopes for this toy were effectively diminished after just couple times of using this toy. This toy is just too large for a majority of women. We used loads of lubrication, but I just wouldn't stretch enough to even get the 1st ring of the shaft in me. I tried to be patient the first time so as not to disappoint my husband, but after about 10 minutes I asked him to give up since it was not arousing me very much. A couple of days later he wanted to give it another try with a different plan. He tried to get me limbered up using other toys that increased in circumference. The problem was that there was still too much difference between the circumference of my biggest toy and this one that when it was time to try again it still would not go inside me. In his determination the second time to make it work the amount of pressure being applied did not feel too good so again I had him stop. At this point I didn't see the point anymore. If this toy had some vibration I might have been more patient with the attempts. Who knows, but maybe the vibrations would have helped loosen me up more.

I'm sure there are women this would work for and as a result take a spot amongst their toys. However, I definitely can't recommend this to beginners or to women that are not very accommodating to large sizes in their vagina. It is possible that had I not had to deliver by two children via C-section due to delivery complications that I might have been more stretched out and could have better accommodated. The sad thing is that this was the first toy thrown away not because it was worn out, but because it could not lead to any great sexual experiences. Please only buy this after very careful consideration that you can handle its size or you have a lot of patience to try to possibly stretch yourself out enough.

Material / Texture

The Moulin Rouge (Ringed) is made out of Sil-a-Gel which is a very smooth material. It also has a safety rating of 5 which I found I prefer as a minimum. Due to how I use my toys there is less likelihood of bacteria transfer to worry about, but this toy's anti-bacterial properties is still a good thing. We tried to put a condom on it for extra protection, but it ripped due to the size of this toy. Therefore, one thing to note about the smoothness of the material is that liquid lubrications don't adhere very well which causes things to be messy. When my husband was getting ready to use it the first time he realized the liquid lubrication was a problem and cleaned it and switched to a jelly lubrication which worked much better. However, even with the use of more than normal lubrication this just would not get inside me. I will mention that this indirectly lead to something new that I enjoyed. When we decided to give it one more try my husband decided to use both the liquid and jelly lubrication. The liquid lubrication went on me and the jelly went on the toy. What was new and fun experience was that this was the first time my husband applied the lubrication directly on me versus just the toy. He placed the liquid lubrication on his fingertips and then massaged around all my sensitive areas. It was very nice and I had him continue awhile before we moved on to trying the toy again.

Lastly, the texture of the Moulin Rouge consists of four raised rings that are definetely bigger than some of my other ringed toys. These rings were the stopping point. My husband did manage to get me almost up to the 1st ring, but I could not get past it. On the second try the pressure caused by my husband applying a bit more force was uncomfortable because it was just stretching me more that I wanted. I'm in the opinion that no matter how good the end result could possibly be, if discomfort has to happen first, then it is not a toy that I need.

Design / Shape / Size

It is important to indicate that the pictures do not do justice to how big 7 inches in circumference actually is. Even my husband was a little shocked how big it was when he was actually holding it is hands. When I first saw it all I could think of was that I was going to be impressed with my capabilities if it just slid right on in. After our attempted use of this toy I would have to say I'm very in awe of women that can get this to go inside of them. Part of me wished that my vaginal muscles had relaxed enough accommodate this. I think if this could have freely been able to thrust in and out of me that the large rings would have sent me to new heights. I immediately realized though, that when that my husband put this up to me and started to slowly use a method of applying pressure and then relaxing, this was not going to slide right on in. I could feel the slightly graduated head try to enter me, but the problem is that its design forced you to immediately try to handle the whole 7 inches of circumference. The opening of my vagina seemed a little more flexible, but then there was immediate resistance to going deeper. The sensation to me being opened up farther than ever before was unique, but can't say lead to high arousal unfortunately. The design is mostly cylindrical which is what makes is so hard to get inside. If it had been more conical in shape it would have worked much better. In other words, if the head had been in the 5 inch range and graduated up to 7 inches then it would have worked much better. This kind of design would have actually allowed it to enter my vagina. Once it was inside me, then patient and careful thrusting would have gotten me looser and allowed deeper and deeper insertion over time until I was handling the 7 inches. Oh well, for those that can use this enjoy.


This section is not an area I can be informative about since I'm in the dark due to the fact that I could not actually determine what wonders it could achieve. It never got more that about an inch inside of me so getting to orgasmic levels wasn't happening. I was almost tempted to see if on my own, in a completely relaxed setting, I could get this to work. However, when I have toys that bring about immediate pleasure I just didn't what to give up one of my personal fun times I get occasionally when my family is out, to struggling with this. Again, this is a toy that will only be pleasurable if you are gifted with being able to get bigger toys inside you. I'm a bit jealous of those that can.

Care and Maintenance

Due to the smoothness of the Sil-a-Gel this washed very easily with warm water and some mild soap. However, as the "Guide to Materials" section of this site suggestions it can pick up dust easily. You would definitely want to keep it in its original package when not in use.


The original plastic packaging is the best place to keep this toy. The package was designed well in that it allows the packaging to close together tightly to keep out dust.


My husband was disappointed about this not working out. I think he wanted to keep on trying, but since I told him the efforts involved were decreasing my excitement versus increasing he was more than happy to move on to getting the next toy. He probably still has some interest in using a bigger toy on me in the future, but I'm sure this experience helped him to realize to not jump quite so much in circumference next time. One thing I did stress though is that I really need a vibrator to be apart of the toy. This was the only toy that didn't have vibration and its absence was very noticeable. I'm not saying I would exclude dildos as a choice, but it would be lower down in my choices after this experience.
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  • Minxy
    Hello RedHead,

    I just thought I'd mention this.
    A really great toy that's very effective for g-spot stimulation and offers a size suitable for just about anyone is the Lelo Ella. It works very well and is 100% silicone. I own it and love it, I've also never seen a negative review of it.
  • Oggins
    Oh my! This one definitely is quite large. Thanks for warning us! Smile
  • Sammi
    Not sure I can do the size on this one!
  • deceased
    Holy %$#T!!!! I've actually seen one of these, in black , in the men's corner of the adult toy store. It had a big flanged bottom, and you were supposed to put it in your okole puka and not your punnani. Auwee, that's all I have to say. Great review.
    I found the Tantus Curve (review cumming soon) and the Tantus G Force my favorite G spotters.I had a Lelo Gigi, but it did not measure up to the two Tantus G spotters.

    You could put the Moulin Rouge on the floor and use it as one of those rolling foot massagers. Its not a total waste....
  • Eva Schwaltz
    Thanks for the review, yikes.
  • Eucaly
    Thanks for the review!
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