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Generally good

The General is a large, abstract dildo that can be great for anal play. The smooth bulges make for easy insertion, and provide gentle stimulation to the prostate with each thrust. Unfortunately the curve right near the base means that you may have to get creative for "riding" or handheld use, but it makes for a perky dildo in a harness.
Stimulating, soft, easy insertion, 100% silicone.
Curve can make handheld use or "riding" difficult.
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I had been looking at the Tantus General for a while. Most reviewers loved it, the bumps and ripples looked nicely stimulating without being too much, and it's size fell right in my “sweet spot” for anal toys. Why didn't I get it sooner? Two reasons – firstly, I wasn't sure that it would be sufficiently different from my Captain to be worth the money, secondly I was unsure about the silicone. Tantus toys are all made out of top-quality silicone, but Tantus has several different grades of firmness that they use for their toys. The family that the General was originally in, the Toys for Boys line, had some soft toys and some toys that were much stiffer. For me, stiff + wide + long often equals uncomfortable.

I'm glad to report that the General passes on both counts. The silicone that Tantus uses is stiff enough for easy insertion yet soft enough to prevent uncomfortable pokes during use. Though the General shares a overall curving shape with the Captain, the General's design delivers significantly different sensations from the Captain's.

The bulged design, large size, and curved silicone are key to the feelings that you get from the General. The first bulge at the head is very pronounced and can be felt at the anus, but the later bulges are small and gentle, and when well lubed can be barely felt at the anus as they pass in and out during thrusting. The key words here are “at the anus” - the same bulges that slide in easily provide definite stimulation of the prostate. While the stimulation is definite, you're not being hit over the head with it. The feelings start slow and grow with each thrust, provided the General is sufficiently lubed. This is a dildo that needs plenty of lube (water-based, oil-based or even (if carefully selected) some silicone lubes – but be careful, as other silicone lubes may ruin the toy). The tapered shaft (starting at 1-3/4” under the head 1-7/8” across at it's widest point, growing to 2” in diameter) tends to shed lube during use, so don't be afraid to stop and re-lube or use “shooters” to put some inside.

The base, though not gigantic, is stiff and large enough to prevent full insertion and to allow for use in a harness. Note that you'll probably need to get a special ring for the General, as most harnesses don't come from the factory with a 2” capacity. The curve near the base makes for a perky dildo during use, and the design is abstract enough to where it doesn't look very penis-like. Note that this isn't discreet – mine is very red and pretty obvious what it is.

The curve that makes for a perky strap-on can, unfortunately, make things difficult in some other situations. A more gradual curve near the base would make is much easier to use the General hand-held, and may also make it more comfortable during use.

Cleanup is a breeze thanks to the silicone construction. Drop it in the sink and wash it off with soap and it's good to go for the next time. If you're switching partners or orifices you might want to sanitize – the General is compatible with boiling or bleaching. After you're done drop it in your toybox or drawer – no worries about the silicone reacting with anything (you do have your jelly and TPR toys in bags, right – 'cause they can melt on the General and make for a mess).
Well, if I could only have one dildo I'd probably choose the Captain over the General, because it's just a bit easier to work with and much more of an “in your face” stimulation, but the General is quite good as well. My only wish is that the curve near the base was a bit more gradual. During use the General was very nice, with easy insertion for its size and the gradual building of pleasure with each thrust very nice. Note that I only tried this toy anally, so if you're interested in vaginal use look at some of the other reviews.
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