Handmaiden g-spot seeker - sex toy by Topco Sales - review by Safo Garcia

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Great G-Spot Rocker

The silicone Handmaiden fits you snugly, hugging your clit and generously filling your vagina. It's easy and non-straining to use for solo play; a gentle rocking motion produces deliciously strong sensations that stimulate your G-spot.
effective for internal and G-spot stimulation, especially good for solo play, silicone sterilizeable
harder to manipulate when it's in somebody else, mine has small imperfections on the surface
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The Handmaiden probably gets her name from the handle that conveniently sprouts from her outer edge, which is best used in a rocking motion. When it's inserted, the thick, bulbous shaft puts pressure on your G-spot while the other end presses on your clit.
    • Busy women
    • College students

Material / Texture

The Handmaiden is made of "platinum" "medical-grade" silicone, according to its packaging, so it's completely body-safe. The dark purple internal core is a firmer but bendable silicone, while the light pink outer layer is a more flexible silicone.

There are little bumps on the parts that lay against your G-spot and clit, and I was surprised that some of these had pits in them, as if the mold hadn't filled properly with silicone while it was being made. This is not the biggest deal in the world, since the toy is sterilizeable silicone, but it does mean you need to be extra careful about soaking it to remove anything that builds up in these small crevices. Maybe mine was just a fluke, and not all of them come out of the mold with this problem. The seams on mine are also rather visible, although completely soft to the touch and not dangerous. I couldn't tell if the few bumps uniquely contributed to the stimulation, but they certainly didn't detract from it either.

Design / Shape / Size

The insertable side of the Handmaiden is rather generous and thick. When it was going in, I wished it had been a little slimmer, but once it was in, I appreciated how the width and shape filled me. The shape absolutely hits my G-spot, and is so filling, and angled just right, that I think it would hit a lot of women's special spots. It's probably on the big size for true beginner's, so be willing to get very aroused and lubed up for it. Use only water-based lube though, because it's silicone.

Do note that, in the picture, it almost looks as if it were flat on the sides because of the color contrast, but it's actually completely round in shape.


This is a great toy for solo play: you just reach down and rock the handle back and forth, and the resulting sensations are intense. A little rocking goes a long way because of how it's angled and how it fills you up. I found that it transmitted the sensations of a Hitachi Magic Wang beautifully, enveloping my entire pussy in sensation. It's definitely a snug fit for me, and the curve was opened up a bit when it was inserted. I wonder if this is an intentional feature of the design because the widened curve meant more resistance and therefore more pressure against the internal and external walls of the vagina. It gave me several delicious G-spot orgasms, including one super wet one that felt like an ejaculation.

It was harder for me to control while using it on my partner. It's a lot easier to rock it yourself when it's inserted in you. I found it was hard to move it vigorously without it slipping out. To rock it, you really need to approach it from above, like you would if you were using it on yourself.

Care and Maintenance

It's easy to store it in a plastic or fabric bag to prevent lint build up. Wash it with soap and water when you're just using it on yourself; sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution and rinse or by boiling it if you share with another person. You should use only water-based lube with it, as silicone lube might change the surface texture, making it sticky.


It comes in clear plastic packaging which you'll want to throw away, but which does give basic information about the product (e.g. it's designed for the G-spot, 100% silicone etc.).
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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