Colorful spiral wrapped G-spot wonder - glass g-spot shaft by Phallix - review by Shellz31

Colorful spiral wrapped G-spot wonder

Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix

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Green With Envy!

If you're a glass and texture lover then you simply must try the wonderful sensations of the G-spot Wonder. Not only is there two slightly different shaped heads, but there's also two colors to choose from. Explore your g-spot with the bulging tip while admiring the stunning flower set into the handle end.
~ Pyrex glass
~ Spiral pattern
~ Pretty display flower
~ This baby knows no cons!
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

Most glass dildos I have tried didn’t fit my anatomy all that well and I was almost prepared to give up on glass altogether. It may not look as stunning as some of the other glass dildos offered, but the Wonder certainly caught my attention. It was on my wishlist for months until I finally realised I wasn't going to be happy unless I gave it a try. So glad I went there as it has changed my opinion on glass and I look forward to owning more!



Phallix did an amazing job on the Colorful Spiral Wrapped G-spot Wonder which they crafted in Pyrex glass. Naturally it is non-porous, hypoallergenic, food grade, phthalates and latex free. The beauty of glass is there is no odor at all and any lubricant can be used without risk.


I finally settled on the green option which wasn't an easy choice considering I don't have enough of either color in my collection. It wasn't til I actually had it in my hand and looking at the product page again that I realised they not only differ in color, but the heads are a different shape too. Even if I had of noticed before getting it I still would have gone with the green.
The Spiral Wonder is totally smooth with one long spiral running the length of the shaft – producing a screw effect. At each end the spiral gradually slopes down and smooths back into the shaft. The spiral seems to run in the opposite direction on the blue one.


Flower ball



If it wasn't for the slight curve to this dildo I wouldn't have given a second thought to getting one. This curve gives just enough angle to allow the g-spot bulge to rub against and get friendly with my magic spot. The tip on the green one is bulbous whereas the blue one appears to be more elongated. The other end features a bulge before it finishes with a clear ball. Set into the end is an awesome looking blue and white flower with four small green leaves amongst the petals. Far prettier and different than the image on the product page. The entire length is 8” with around 6” being insertable. This allows the flower ball and bulge to be used for gripping. The g-spot bulb measures 4” in girth with the spiral shaft being just under 3 ½”. Although I usually use the flower end as the handle it could be used for a different feel and is the same size as the bulb end.




Being glass the cleaning options are endless. My preferred method is to use anti-bacterial soap and warm water. But if I'm in a hurry I'll just use anti-bacterial wipes to clean it off. Wipes are also handy if you wish to wash your toys before using them. There's no lint for the wipes to just push around. The Spiral Wonder can be sterilized by placing in the top rack of the dishwasher (without soap powder), boiled or wiped down with a 10% bleach solution. Make sure to rinse off any bleach residue.
The Wonder comes in a large clear plastic clam shell type packaging which is rather obsessive. It measures 16 1/3” in length, just over 5 ½” wide and almost 2” in depth. The actual toy only takes up just over half of the length. It really isn't suitable as storage unless you have endless space, so it's a good thing this gem comes with a white satin drawstring pouch – not padded at all. Personally it's not really my style as it has wide lace across the top on both sides along with tiny ribbon bows.
The top compartment of the storage holds a folded up pamphlet that displays a naked chick on the front. Inside it teases with other stunning Phallix glass dildos. On the back of this pamphlet is some information on the company and basic facts on why their toys are so great.



other Phallix toys



Glass toys are great for temperature play, but be sure to check that it's neither too hot or cold before plunging it deep into any orifice. I wouldn't recommend using this one anally unless you're a pro and intend to keep a hand on the end at all times as it doesn't have a flared base. Even then there is a great chance of it becoming slippery with lube. It is far better suited for vaginal use and rubbing against the clitoris if you desire the texture in that location. I've also found it great for rubbing against sore knotted muscles in my back.

I have found yet another love since joining Eden. Hellllooooo glass! I have no problems at all finding vibrating toys or dildos that work well for me. But I'm guessing glass for me is like vrooms for others. It's just a matter of trying something you like the look of and hoping for the best. So far the Spiral Wonder is my top favorite amongst my 8 glass dildo collection. I highly recommend everyone give this beauty a try.

I enjoy my Wonder so much that I'm awarding it 5 stars.
Follow-up commentary
This is still one of my top favourite glass toys and I can't see that ever changing. It has everything I require in a toy.... expect maybe the large girth, but I can live with that!

It's such a stunning and functional toy. I highly recommend giving it a try!
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