Jeff Stryker cock UR3 - realistic dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Buttercup Green

Holy Shazaam Stryker.

Jeff Stryker. The simple name sends shivers down my spine, but unfortunately I have not been able to insert him. He is super huge, but I thought the giving material would make it feel smaller. Boy was I wrong! If you are a Size Queen or King who doesn't mind the higher maintenance of UR3 materials, then this would make the perfect bed partner for you. With a super realistic look and feel, all you need to do is close your eyes and let the good times begin.
Suction cups works very well on dry surfaces, Realistic design and feel, Storage bag!, Large
Too large for some (me), Porous material, Smell may bother some, Suction cup sucks in shower
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Jeff Stryker is a huge dildo. I know it is hard to get a feel for how big a dildo can actually be, but believe me when I say that only Size Queens should use this thing. If you can handle what the Jeff Stryker dildo is bringing, then it will be a fun ride. The balls and suction cup base acts as a flared base, so this could potentially be used anally. If you can use this toy anally, I say "Bravo" to you! This was meant as more of a vaginal dildo, and the curved shaft may be enough to stimulate the G-spot. It could also me used to massage the P-spot if you have that type of anatomy. I will only say this once: THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS!. This isn't for those who love a thick and short dildo, this isn't for those who prefer slim toys, and this most definitely isn't for those that have short vaginal canals. I know I can handle larger dildos, but I may have jumped the gun when I purchased this. I think I would have been better with a 1 3/4" or 2" diameter toy.
The dildo can be used in the shower, as it does not have any working inner parts, but the material is only compatible with water based lubricants. Any lube that is applied will be washed away quickly, and you are left with a super huge dry cock. Ouch! I used this in the shower once, and I will never do it again. In no way would I travel with this. It is way too large to be convenient.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Size queens/kings
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Bed
    • Dry area
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Anal
    • G-spot
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

Jeff is made of a material called UR3. This is a skin-like material and is used to mimic real skin. UR3 is super porous, which means it could trap and harbor bacteria. For this reason, it is always suggested that a condom be used on Jeff especially when sharing or using anally. UR3 is latex and phthalates free. It is only compatible with water based lubricants, so using this in the shower could be problematic. Jeff has a firm inner core that is covered in the UR3 material. UR3 is very flexible, pliable, and squishy. It is very soft, and if powdered, the surface feels like silk. It does come with a sweet, slightly chemical smell. It has a taste as well, and the only way I can describe it is that it tastes like baby powder. If not properly taken care of and powdered after cleaning, the surface becomes very sticky and tacky. If left out in this state, it will not hesitate to pick up every bit of lint and hair. It will not do this if powdered. All of this adds up to one extremely realistic toy in terms of feel. Since it is molded from Jeff, it is very realitic. To help it feel realistic, there is a raised head and raised veins. The veins can be felt, but they don't really add or take away from the toy. They are just there.

    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

The head comes with a pink color to it. From my experience with other toys like this, I know this pink color will fade after some cleanings. The head is raised and very mushroom in shape. It leaves a wonderful red shape when slapped against the skin. It is very realsitic, and it even has a little pee hole (urethra meatus) and a frenulum (the piece of skin underneath the head of the penis). I have not had an issue with the head catching painfully on my pubic bone, and I think it is due to the very flexible UR3 material. Even though the head is super big, it is still super awesome to suck on.

Jeff's shaft is beige in color, and it has veins running all over the shaft. Unlike some dildos, the shaft isn't covered in a large amount of veins. I am sorry, but those dildos seem unrealistic and unattractive. Jeff and his veins look normal and sexy. The veins have been colored a blue color, but Doc Johnson did a very good job at making this look natural. The blue color doesn't stand out at all, yet it still adds that little something extra to help it look realistic. The shaft, if held by the balls or suction cup, can seem floppy and very flexible. If trying this in a harness, this could be a huge problem when it comes to inserting the toy. The shaft is exceedingly thick. When I say thick, I mean enormous. I thought my Vixskin Johnny was big, but Jeff makes Johnny look like a slim beginner's dildo. The shaft is covered in little skin dimples, but there is one section right near the head that is very smooth and wrinkle free. This looks very strange and out of place.

The balls are full of wrinkles. Like the rest of the toy, the balls are very reaistic. They are round and full, and they feel great in the palm of my hand. The UR3 material makes the balls squishy, but they are still quite firm. Unlike the other Jeff dildos, this one does not have the "inner balls" to help them feel like actual testicles. Instead they look like balls, but they don't really feel like a pair of testicles would. On the plus side, they make a great handle for thrusting.

Total length- 10 inches
Insertable length- 7 3/4 inches
Diameter- 2 1/4 inches
    • Realistic


The suction cup on the bottom of the dildo is super flexible, but it can hold this bad boy up. I ran some tests to check the durability of the suction cup. I stuck it to my dry shower wall, and it stayed up there for 45 minutes until I decided that enough was enough and took it down. That same day, I stuck it onto the same shower wall during a shower. It stuck for about 3 minutes at the max, and then it fell down. It did not hold up to me stroking or sucking the shaft, so I really doubt it would stick while someone went to town on it. It continued to disappoint in the shower because it never stayed suctioned for more than 3 minutes. It also slid all over the place.
I was surprised by how long it stayed up during the dry test. The shaft is very heavy, but that suction cup worked wonders. Any way you put it, the shaft will hang very low thanks to the weight of it and gravity. This could be a little difficult to insert at first, and it could potentially cause issues when it comes to G-spot or P-spot stimulation.

Care and Maintenance

UR3 material is super porous and cannot be santized by boiling and such. To clean Jeff, wash him with warm water and antibacterial soap. Let it completely dry by either air drying or wiping it down with a lint free cloth. After drying, the material might feel tacky or sticky. When left in this state, the toy will collect any and all lint or pet hair. To return it back to its original skin-like state, liberally apply the Renew powder that Doc Johnson supplies. Because this is a bigger toy, it will take more powder to cover the surface than it would on an average sized toy. When everything is back to normal, store Jeff in the Doc Johnson red storage bag. The material does take a little extra work, but the extremely realistic feel of UR3 makes it completely worth it. The large size might be a little difficult to store. I have not noticed any problem areas (areas that trap fluids) when cleaning Jeff, so cleaning is pretty easy.
    • Easy to clean
    • High maintenance


Jeff came in a large, thin carboard box. There is a raunchy picture of Mr. Stryker and his naughty bits on the front. The sides contain information regarding how to care for the UR3 material and a photo of the toy itself. This is definintely not discreet, and I would probably repackage this if I were to gift this to a friend. The inside content includes the dildo, a signed picture of Jeff, a bottle of Renew powder, a UR3 care guide, and a red storage bag. I love anything that comes with a storage pouch, and I give Doc Johnson high props for including this. The bag is kind of on the thin side, but it serves it purpose. It can shed little red fuzz balls onto the toy, so cleaning it before use is highly important. There is a nifty drawstring that helps keeps the bag closed. The box is super large and bulky, so I really suggest that the pouch be used to store the toy in. The only thing is that the pouch has the name "Doc Johnson" written on it, so it could possibly give this toy away.

Personal comments

The one thing I want to mention is that the bag Doc Johnson supplies is a tiny bit short. When putting the toy in the bag, I suggest putting the balls and suction cup in first. The head will poke out, but this can be fixed by slightly bending the shaft. By giving the shaft more of a dramatic curve, the head goes into the bag and the drawstring can be drawn. Due to the size, the bag has some troubles staying closed. However, it only gapes open a little bit. I have not had a problem with the head or the entire toy popping out of the bag.

I just want to point out that I am rating this a full 5 stars simply because it is made perfectly. I cannot take away a star simply because it is too big for me. If I could take this much girth, I am sure Jeff would feel heavenly. Believe me, I wish I could take something this big. Jeff still manages to make me drool just by looking at him. Doc Johnson really came through with Jeff. He is one awesome specimen, but he just doesn't work for me. It isn't his fault.


Size Comparisons:
Jeff vs. Johnny-

Jeff vs. Cyber Cock-

I have had some very hot sessions with Stryker even though I have yet to insert him successfully. The first time we ever tried Jeff was in the shower. I suctioned him to the shower wall while it was dry. My hubby bent me over and told me to suck that cock like the little whore I was. I put the large head and part of the shaft in my mouth. I was practically gagging. My hubby thrusted furiously into me from behind, but all of my moans were muffled by the huge dick in my mouth. I can't tell you how many times I came. After a while, he withdrew and stuck two fingers in me. I knew he was stretching me and preparing me for Jeff. After more orgasms, he told me to sit on the side of the tub. He knelt between my thighs and lubed my up a lot. He slowly inserted the head, but that was all I could take. Otherwise, it just felt like I was being ripped open. We put Jeff aside, and he continued to pound me. After I couldn't take anymore, I sucked him off. The end.
I should have known that I needed a lot more warming up than my hubby's penis and fingers, but I was so caught up in the moment. I have learned my lesson as I was totally sore the next couple of days. My next journey with Jeff will be during solo play, and I will warm up gradually with other dildos until I am ready for this thick cock.
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