Jeff Stryker cock UR3 - sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by Shellz31

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There's No Stryking Out With Jeff!

Hear ye, hear ye! This is an announcement for all the size queens and kings out there. Are you tired of slim to average dildos that just never seem to fill those deep aching gaps? Jeff is here to help satisfy those urges with both his mighty length and girth.
~ Skin feeling
~ Suction cap
~ Girthy for size queens/kings
~ Realistic
~ Porous
~ Too large for some
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

Mr Jeff Stryker is created from the realistic UR3 (TPE) for Doc Johnson and proudly made in the USA. It has an anti-bacterial formula, hypo-allergenic, phthalates and latex free. The only down side to the real life-like materials is that they are very porous with a safety rating of only 2. For this reason you may prefer to use a condom – but be careful as silicone and oil types will cause the UR3 to break down. I would definitely recommend using a condom if you're sharing with others whom you're not fluid-bonded with or when using it anally. Due to the size, most will require the help of a water-based lubricant and plenty of work up!
There was a slight odor when first pulling Jeff from the box. But it's a mild sweet scent rather than the obnoxious strong chemical smell that is released by PleasureSkin or SensaFirm toys. A lot of odors trigger off migraines for me, but I find the UR3 scent quite pleasant.


There's not much choice when it comes to coloring with Jeff. But being that it is molded after a porn star, it only seems right that it would be flesh toned. There are some very faint blue raised veins that run the length of the shaft, but they aren't raised enough for me to feel them when inserted. The head is painted a bright unrealistic pink shade which fades with washing and usage. The UR3 material does give quite a bit and is by no means rigid in any way. But at the same time, Jeff if able to hold himself up without flopping over and is more than firm enough to come across as being an erect penis. The scrotum has the typical wrinkled skin texture.


Jeff clearly is a monster realistically shaped penis with a large scrotum and suction cap base. The shaft has a nice gradual downwards curve and leads to a head which is smaller than the main circumference size. There is a reasonable sized meatus on the very tip of the head and a slightly visible frenulum. The entire length measures a whopping 10 ½” with a circumference of just over 6 ½” – unlike the 7” that both Eden and the packaging says. With an insertable length of 7” and a weight of 1lb 3oz, this one is more designed for the size queens. The whole shaft is more oval (when looking down the shaft from the head) rather than pure round, which some may find easier to insert.


Unfortunately there is no safe way to sterilize UR3 without causing damage to the material. Boiling, dishwasher and 10% bleach solution are all out. Your best bet is to use a condom to totally protect yourself. Otherwise a good wash with anti-bacterial soap and hot tap water (as hot as your hand can tolerate won't hurt the dildo) will do the trick.
Be sure to allow Jeff to dry in a lint free location as it will attract hair. Once it's fully dry, sprinkle with a talc free powder (either cornstarch or Renew) to keep the realistic skin in top condition. Talc may be linked to ovarian cancer. Jeff arrived packaged in a large cardboard box which features the porn star Jeff Stryker on the front with his penis hanging out of his jeans. The side has an image of the dildo and basic details of the toy. Inside the box, Jeff sits in a plastic bag for protection. Also included is a small container of *powder, clean/care guide, autographed photo of Jeff and a red satin Doc Johnson drawstring bag.

* I personally prefer not to use the included powder as the Clean & Care guide says you can apply talcum if you desire. With saying that, I just don't trust what the powder is and will be throwing it out.

The box does take up a lot of room and won't last long. The included bag could have been a little longer, as the head tends to poke out of the top slightly. But because the dildo would be covered in powder, it might be wise to place it in the plastic bag first so the bag doesn't become messy.
How ever you chose to store your new toy, make sure it doesn't come into contact with other toys or objects. Because it's porous, it will happily take on colors and odors from whatever it touches.

I wouldn't recommend Jeff to anyone new to toys or who hasn't had some experimenting with larger girth dildos. Because of the size this one will be more suited to vaginal play, but could also be great anally for those who love the extreme stretching feeling back there. Just remember to cover him with a condom.


I have to say I was somewhat disappointed that the actual circumference didn't match that of Eden and Doc Johnson's measurement. But at the same time, Jeff feels a fair bit larger than my favorite 6 ½” girth Cyberskin dildo - Tommy Gunn.
I personally prefer an upwards curve rather than the downwards one on Jeff. For this reason, I find it more comfortable to turn him around so the balls are facing up near my clit. Although I have tried the suction cap, I use it mostly for gripping to get a good thrust going.

I love the scent my UR3 toys permeate throughout my toy cabinet. It's not overpowering in a bad way, but does fill the air with a pleasant aroma whenever I open it up.

As much as the life-like companies recommend coating them in cornstarch or Renew powder to keep them in good condition, I often don't bother covering mine. I'm too lazy to race off to the bathroom to wash them when the mood strikes. I like spontaneous play and having to go clean a toy beforehand is a bit of a mood killer for me. I have Cyberskin dildos that are still going strong after two years with rare powdering sessions.

Mine arrived with a slight gap where the suction cap joins onto the bottom of the scrotum. I'm not worried as I don't suction my dildos onto any surfaces to ride them. I prefer dildos that fit into my Wing or Pulse furniture for hands free fun. Even so, I did try attaching it to a few surfaces to see how well it stays put. Even with its weight, he doesn't slide down the shower wall like I expected and I had to actually get my finger under the cap to be able to pull it away from the wall. This baby really grips on! It also stuck like glue to the timber shelf at the end of my bed and the painted wall.

I'm giving big boy Jeff a rating of 4 stars.
Follow-up commentary
Jeff is still more than able to satify me in every way possible. I love his curve; just wish it was an upward curve rather than down. But I can still work around that, even if his balls seem to be underside down while in use!

Jeff still Strykes up the excitement for me.
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