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I am now a Star Fucker.

The Goldfrau Dildo excels at thrusting. Its ultra silky finish makes for a rather fantastic glide as it has extremely low or nonexistent friction. The hard ceramic stimulates you with pressure and resistance while being earth friendly, but sadly not wallet friendly. It’s beautiful!
Extremely slick, slightly cool, no special care, hard, comfortable, unusual material.
The lovely Pros may not be worth the cost, for you.
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extremely useful review
The Goldfrau line is possibly as in/famous as it is obscure, thanks to its luxury material and equally luxurious price tag. One has to be fairly sure of what they want out of a toy, before they throw down the Bens for it – the Goldfrau Dildo in Classic size is meant for fucking, thrusting, wiggling, and possibly directing traffic.

And, of course, it’s pretty in a very classy way. It will be the dirty librarian in your toy chest, should you cave in and get one, or are lucky enough to be gifted one. She even comes dressed in a leather suit (to carry the metaphor further). The lined leather case is most definitely classy and useful, and radiates sophistication.

Goldfrau’s technique for sealing and vitrifying their ceramic means that this dildo is nonporous and very easy to care for. It requires no special care at all, I’ve used soap and toy cleaner depending on my situation. Avoid abrasives and situations that may damage the finish, and you should be fine. Goldfrau currently recommends water based lubes for their Dildo, however, a quick google for ‘Goldfrau Review’ brings up Essen’ Em’s blog, and her revelation that silicone lubes are safe after all, it’s just not published in their formal literature, yet.

Inserting it is very comfortable, for me. I only need lube about half the time, because the finish is so frictionless. Since the finish is so fluid, thrusting is sometimes like gliding satin across satin, because of this I can thrust very fast when I normally don’t care for that feeling. Lube takes a smooth fuck and makes it smoother, if that’s your thing.

Since the dildo is on the slim side, it’s got places to go when it’s inside you. I think it’s very, very interesting, to take it and move it around, left and right, exploring places that don’t generally get explored all on its lonesome. I swear I could feel the lump of my pubic bone… or, at least, A Lump, which I would normally not have noticed. So, when I use my Dildo, I poke left, I poke right, glide back and forth, I tilt up to hit my g-spot area, and I shift down. I spin it around like a spoon in a coffee cup, I give it a hard wiggle, and thrust back and forth at the same time. The rounded tip ensures that I have not poked myself in a nasty way, and the ceramic material means I poke myself in a good way, very hard, and I love hard.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to explain how steel, glass, and ceramic feel, and how they contrast and compare. I can’t seem to figure it. If you close your eyes, and touch something steel, you know you are touching steel. Likewise, you know you are touching glass and you know you are touching ceramic. You can tell by touch, sound, temperature, density, and something vaguely indefinable. You just *know*. Well, your pussy knows, too, and knows the same way your lips and fingers do.

So. To sound simplistic, the Goldfrau just, feels like ceramic when you use it. It’s not as heavy or dense as steel and glass, it’s not as cold as steel or quite as slick as glass, but is nearly as slippery and cold as both, and retains heat the same way after use. Confusing enough? Apologizes extended.

It’s only a little cool on start up, and it takes up heat right away, so it may be good for people who enjoy the initial coolness of glass and steel, but would rather that the coolness not last as long or be as intense.

Is this lady worth your hard earned cash? It really depends on what you want it for and why you want it. Is this lady a kick ass gift? Oh, hells yeah. She provides you with a very slippery, hard, comfortable ride. She is, like most ‘greats’, simple. However, the few things she’s good for, she’s VERY good for.
It was only a few months ago, I laid eyes on the Goldfrau Dildo|Goldfrau classic miss pink. I saw a picture first, and the word ‘ceramic’, and instantly I was drawn to it. I thought they were beautiful, and the ceramic appealed to me immensely. However… the price was prohibitive, to put it mildly. I did not know my lusts well enough to put down that much money for a toy I may not like.

Unfortunately for me, this resulted in a sort of idol worship of the toy, a fetish-izing of ceramic and of this toy in particular. Doing the dishes was… interesting, suddenly. My mind, which is the center of my libido, began orbit its existence. I saved its pictures to my hard drive, I tried to figure out which look I preferred.

I eventually whipped myself into a small frenzy, and decided I loved the Miss Pink, because it reminded me of my favorite novel. It amused me to get myself off with a toy that a character I adored might also use, and I began to call it, “My Victorian dildo”, and I didn’t even own it yet!

There was a tangle of confusion when it arrived. The Miss Pink wasn’t quite what I had pictured. The pink pattern turned out to be a food grade decal that left a rather large ‘v’ shaped patch empty and white, and the handle of my specific Goldfrau Dildo was grungy and dirty looking. It was a let down, after such a feverish build up. I eventually discovered that the resellers in the USA were missing a couple vital pictures of the Miss Pink’s backside, and my dirty handle was simply unfortunate and easily fixed.

I put my Goldfrau Dildo away and let my head wrap around a new concept of it. When I was ready, I removed the leather sheath and admired her.

Yes, my sexualizing of ceramic had stayed intact. Still smooth, still shiny, still letting out a faint, high tone when I stroked it, like a distant wind chime. And even still beautiful, now that I knew that the decal was normal.

After several slippery, warm, comfortable, slightly unusual fucks… the ceramic still captivated me, fetish unchanged. Hot.

I’m pretty sure this dildo won’t change anyone’s world, although it seems to have at least put its fingerprints on mine.
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