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Playgirl vibrating double dong

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If this were a food I'd eat it! - Delicious.

Two lovely vibrators for the price of one! However the battery compartment does force a six inch gap between you and your partner so I hope you have a giant bed!
Lovely texture, nice firm but gentle vibrations.
Too long, doesn't like my rechargeable batteries.
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When at first the postman arrived with a three foot box, I thought "Is someone sending me a vacuum cleaner?" But then I recognized the Eden Fantasys labels and realized that despite being detachable in the center, the Playgirl vibrating double dong had been packaged as one particularly lengthy dildo.

Even when you know it's for sharing, there's something about 20 inches that gives you a fluttery sensation followed by a little fear. Does anybody have a 10 inch vagina? Once you unscrew the two ends it's clear that at least five inches in the center are dedicated to a non-insertable battery compartment. This bugs me because it means that not only was my girlfriend quite far away from me during sex, but we couldn't rub our labia together during penetration. As somebody who doesn't derive much pleasure from tribadism without penetration, this was somewhat disappointing. The Doppeltest Lottchen is a more useful length if you're into double ended dildos, and trust me, this is an area a lesbian couple should not neglect.

Despite the two ends having slightly different shapes, they are very similar in feel. Both have a deliciously soft jelly tip which feels heavenly against my clit and two inches of hard substance towards the end to make sure that the vibrations transmit effectively. One is gently ribbed to add a little friction, but I'm fonder of the smoother end as the ribbing did cause a little post-sex discomfort after I used it without a good quantity of lube.

Because the toy is essentially two vibrators stuck together, I often take it apart to use one end during solo sex. Unfortunately because both rely on a the same central piece to create a circuit, only one end can vibrate at a time when separated.

The battery compartments are very snug, which meant that my rechargeables, which seem to have a slightly thicker coating, do not fit despite being AAs. This is a real nuisance for the regular user.

As readers of my other reviews will know, I find realistic dildos a definite turn off, but because this toy is a pleasant lilac color, even the realistic-shaped tip on one of the ends does not unsettle me.

Unfortunately the toy does not look all that robust but this might be a misconception based on that fact that the internal workings can be seen through the translucent casing. My experiences with the Delight by Evolved have demonstrated that just because something looks robust, it isn't necessarily reliable. I'll make sure to report back in the future to let you know how well the dong stood the test of time.
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  • Victoria
    So, are only the tips of each end flexible? It looks like the center is a full third of the toy. Did you completely disassemble it when cleaning? If so, are the connectible ends of each portion delicate in any way when washing? Thanks! Looking forward to your follow up!
  • Naughty Student
    What a shame about the lack of closeness with your partner due to the long middle. If I were in a relatioship with another woman I would probably have rated this less just for that. Atleast the ends are detachable and one can be used at a time.

    Nice review
  • Medusa
    In the pink

    All the jelly parts are flexible apart from the short metal sections you can see just inside the tips.

    When cleaning the dong, I rinsed the insertable parts with warm water. Although jelly feels similar to silicone it cannot be submerged in boiling water to sterilise.

    Naughty student
    Good point. I'd say 3 stars for use with a partner and 4 stars for solo use.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    I thought about this one for a bit, but then I realized that middle section is really too long. I wondered how well it would work with a middle that doesn't bend.
    Kudos for mentioning the rechargable batteries. I use them too and would also be quite peeved if I couldn't.
    Thanks for the review.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I like the idea and that it can work as a multifunction toy. I think this is sometihng that would be a big hit if expanded upon (you mentioned the middle being too long in your review and if it were also more flexible, I think it might be perfect.) Good review!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review
  • sasweetheart89
    oooOOOooooo.....ahhhhhh..... (wish it wasn't discontinued )
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