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I have to say that part of me was heavily disappointed with the strange glass piece I received because it was not what I expected. But I was reassured that this indeed is a Violet Wonder. So while it wasn't what I was expecting at all, it did give me the chance to explore more unique and intense glass texture. I would just suggest you know what you're getting into when you order this piece for it may leave you in awe and wonder or it may leave you in shock and sore.
Amazing texture on one end,
Great for more advanced users
The other end is insane,
Not a beginner glass piece,
Not the item in the pictures!!!
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Important Note: The Wonder in my possession is, I'm told, the second generation. It is very different from the one featured in the EdenFantasys product photos. So while reading this refer, please keep in mind the product looks like this:


This gorgeous piece of swirling wonder is a glass dildo. (Insert Hallelujah chorus here.) It's meant to be lovingly inserted into the body orifice of your choosing and is not limited by gender or which end you can use. Its versatility is a wonder!

You can use it cold! Just run it under cold tap water or dip it in a bowl of ice water kept by your play area. Just make sure never to put it in the freezer because glass, even a dildo, will crack and be ruined. You can use it warm! Just run it under warm tap water or wrap it in a warmed up wet wash clothe. Never, ever put it in the microwave or in bowling water! The glass will end up too hot and can burn your most sensitive areas! Cauterization is NOT sexy foreplay.


First, taking your glass from one extreme temperature to another is an easy way to crack it. So if you want to partake in temperature play, pick just one unless you have a second glass piece to do the other.

Because of the crazy texture, the large size, the hard material, and the lack of a flared base, I would caution against using this anally unless you're an advanced user. But even then, respect the power of the glass (and your rectum) and keep a hold of the toy to prevent it being sucked in or bruising/tearing anal tissue. Start slow and use lube! But this caution is for vaginal play as well. Anyone needing reminding that glass is hard? Well, it is. So don't thrust too enthusiastically unless you're well practiced because it can bruise your cervix pretty badly.

Material / Texture

So I know I've already touched a bit on this but in case you fell asleep during class - this Violet Wonder is made of Pyrex glass (though mine is not violet...). It carries absolutely no smell or taste from the material itself and it can be sterilized to the point of ridding itself of all scents/flavors from your lube, massage oils, bodily fluids, or soaps. As for how it feels, it's cool to the touch and smooth as, well, glass.

As mentioned earlier, it can be used in temperature play and not just on the genitals, but as a part of a body massage as well. Add some oil to your partner's back and roll the bulbous end over tight muscles. The glass will warm up to the body and feel amazing. Or maybe just blind fold your partner and run the cold glass teasingly over sensitive areas.

Because glass has a wide range of use, I'm of the opinion that everyone should own at least one glass piece in their collection.

Design / Shape / Size

Even before the crazy texture, glass is pretty extraordinary. It's rigid and not giving at all so if you like a moderate-sized dildo in a softer material, you might need to start smaller with glass. It will not squish or move with your body. But that also makes it so much more filling.

But then with the texture, prepare yourself for surprising sensations! One end of the dildo, and my favorite by far, has four individual swirls that lead up to a soft, blunt point. There is a very slight curve to this end that makes it ideal for gentle or slight G-spot stimulation, but not strong or intense. This texture feels great in very slow thrusts but is also amazing if you decide to "juice" with it. Just spin it while you go in and out at a leisurely pace and it will help increase your body's natural lubrication and spread it deliciously.

The other end of my glass piece is pretty insane, in my opinion. It's large bulbous end and ridges are intense and not at all for beginners. It makes for a great handhold but is extreme for insertion. Be well lubed up, stretched, and willing to stop if it's too much if you plan on using this end, especially if you're trusting your partner with the controls. If you're an advanced anal user, I could see the bumps being excellent large 'beads' for slow insertion and removal, but that'll have to be for someone else to try because I don't qualify as advanced (or enough brave, for that matter). And for vaginal insertion, just use caution not to hit or pop against the public bone since there are deep ridges that it could catch on.


The best part about this toy is the texture. (And I mostly mean the swirly end because, like I said, the other is just too advanced for little me.) It's deep and intense without being painful or too much like a cheese-grater. It's great for rotating, light thrusting, or for more adventurous play with anal insertion. And while the tapered tip makes it super duper easy to insert, it does limit the G-spot stimulation. As for the other end, it's an awesome handle but it's the one con for me. I know someone out there would adore the deeply exaggerated ridges and thickly rounded bumps, but, for me, it was just way too much. It really limits this as a double-ended dildo for my particular tastes.

Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of this piece, actually of any glass piece, is that it is the absolutely easiest material to keep clean and sterilize. It may be a hard material to get used to but it's the best first step for a newbie to the learning how to care for a sex toy.

1. Any lubricants, no matter the base substance, is compatible with glass.

2. Glass can be cleaned with any kind of soap and warm water and any toy cleaning spray or wipes.

3. Glass can actually be sterilized between uses so that it can be shared between orifices with no transfer of bacteria or even between partners! It can be put in the top rack of your dishwasher or soaked in a 10% bleach solution.

To store it my main suggestion is finding a padded area that it can lay down flat and not have any change of rolling around. The padding will prevent scratching, laying it flat means it won't fall over, and you don't want it some place it can roll off and fall to the floor. It doesn't have to be protected from any other materials, though you may want to keep this from others for their own sake. If a soft material like cyberskin has glass sitting on top of it long enough, there will be a permanent dent in it.

Unlike many other materials, it will not break down or wear over time. So just keep it clean and store it properly to prevent cracks or scratches and it will last forever! Yes! I mean it when I say everyone needs at least one!


The packaging my Wonder came in was very, very minimal. It was wrapped in a plastic bag and kept inside it's own red, velvet drawstring pouch. The pouch itself is pretty but cheap. There is no padding of which to speak and the drawstring doesn't, well, draw. It can be pulled tight and knotted and that's the only way to keep it closed. But thankfully I have toy storage containers to keep my glass in so I'm not as concerned about my cheap pouch. Besides, it has great company amongst my other glass and silicone in the toy chest.
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