Tango dong - double ended dildo by Happy Valley - review by deceased

It Takes Two to Tango (but who will ace the competition -you decide!!!)

Compared to the Tango of the same size the Feeldoe fit me better internally, and I did not need a harness; it was more comfortable for me, the driver. My girlfriend felt they were both comfortable. I needed a harness for the Tango. The Tango, however, has a more colorful history.
Silicone, great price, firm but not too stiff, easy clean up, vibrates.
I did not like the construction of the diver's insertion piece.
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I am sitting here with a table of similar double ended dildos. I have Happy Valley 's Tango here as a feature, competing in a little cage match with three other dildos in the same size and weight class, all made out of the finest silicone.

The Tango is a double ended, unisex dildo with a saddle for the wearer shaped like a snake's head. It can also be used as a handle, just like its competitors, for solo sex. It has a good deal of tilt in the driver's seat to hit the P or G spot.

Tango: Total length 10 inches insertable; 6 1/4 for recipient, 4 1/2 for driver. The shaft is 1 1/2 inches in diameter, has a clit bumper with 3 ridges, and directly under the clit bumper is a battery compartment for a bullet vibe that runs on 3 watch batteries. Some of the vibrations run down the shaft, they do not seem to reach the tip, but it does make for nice clitoral sensations due to its situation under the clit bumper. It is comparable to the sensation of the Feeldoe in this area. It has the least pronounced frenulum of all the dildos, which may be a plus or minus according to your tastes. It comes in one color, pearlescent Robin's egg blue. The shaft is not floppy, it has some flexibility, it is nicely firm and vein-lessly smooth.

Feeldoe: (navy blue, reg) is also 10 in total length; 6 1/2 for the recipient insertable and 3 1/2 for the driver, the driver's saddle is more rounded. (I can hold this in with my PC muscles and walk around.) It also has a shaft that’s an inch and a half in diameter, a touch firmer, has a more pronounced frenulum, and a bullet vibe compartment. The compartment is in the back of the dildo shaft, not directly under the clit ridge. It costs about 20 dollars more and it’s American made.

The regular Share by Fun Factory: It’s a German import, is 9 inches long total length, the recipient gets about 6 inches, and the driver gets four (it doesn't add up to 9, but there is the flex factor that adds useable length). It’s made of a softer, squishier silicone. The shaft for the recipient is 1 7/8, and for the driver 1 3/4. It’s got a more of a pronounced G /P spotter than Feeldoe, but it’s bulkier and also "floppier". The shaft is not as firm for easy insertion. (I do find that I am able to wear this as a driver with no harness.) Because of the floppiness factor it is harder to use the G spot bulb as a handle, but the shaft is nice to contract the PC muscles against, since it squishes. It’s the plushest of the double dildos.

Nexus JR: is longer than the others, 11 inches total. The recipient only receives five and a half inches. The driver gets four inches, and it’s the thinnest diameter of the dildos; an inch and a quarter. It also has a more pronounced frenulum than the Tango or the Feeldoe, but about similar to share. It’s bright blue, and has no battery compartment. Instead of having ridges under the clit, it has a coupler it looks like two dildos melted together end to end. It's also less floppy, more bouncy. It’s less firm than Tango by Happy Valley, less firm than Feeldoe by Tantus, and more firm than Share by Fun Factory. This product is made by Vixen, also a very fine Canadian company that makes quality silicone products.

Tango is Happy Valley's newest product, and it is very popular, successful, and often sells out. It is fairly priced, 100 percent silicone, can be sanitized by boiling for three minutes, using a 10 percent bleach solution, antibacterial soap, or toy cleaner. Condoms fit it very well. The area for the silver bullet is quite deep, so in addition to putting lube on your bullet, if you could purchase a bullet with a retrieval string, you would be better off.

This toy is very harness friendly. I found it fit 1 3/4 inch O-rings best, but inch and a half ones made it too. You can dress it up with vibrating cock rings as well, and it takes a standard condom beautifully. I have used silicone lube on the Tango with a condom, and water based lubes without. Because of the way the head of the Tango (that gets inserted by the driver) is shaped, it’s probably the most rectally friendly design. It’s a little bit like a Tulip shaped butt plug.
This was, with no doubt, the hardest double dildo for me to retain vaginally. I mean with no harness. Lube, no lube, it fell out every time. I 'm thinking it’s partly due to its snake headed shape, extreme G spot angle, and lack of balance in the dildo's center of weight (that seems to be concentrated down the shaft), that it was ALWAYS falls out. I can't even squeeze it to stay in, and I can practically open beer bottles with my PC muscles (disclaimer: do not try this at home).

Since I am always on top, I find I need a harness with Tango. If I was a bottom, maybe the situation would be different. This may be perfect for someone else, because no two people are alike. I do have a short vagina. I did not try the Tango anally. It’s still a bit much for me.

Click here for a little history on the Tango.
Follow-up commentary
There is something about the shape of Tango's head that makes it really hard to retain. Even the mammoth weight Share XL was easier for me. My partner thinks it look's like a Smurf dick. It's also not long enough for her. It is a quality dildo, however, and it does come from the happiest valley in Canada.
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  • ScottA
    Great job stacking the doubles up against each other. Are you able to hold the Nexus in without a harness? Does the "lip" of the bulb on the Tango catch under your pubic bone?
  • deceased
    I can hold the Nexus in without a harness. I don't know what it is other than the wrong angle of the head of the Tango for my body. Its the first harnessless double dildo I can not hold, it just drops out, lube or no lube. The Tango doesn't catch anywhere on me......
  • ......
    Loved the comparisons! Great review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Pretty good! I am thinking about getting one of these.
  • ThePornLibrarian
    Thanks for the review - i have a feeldoe and think i'll stick with it!
  • Liz2
    There certainly is more choice in double dildos. For me so much depends on the person and your partner. For me the Feeldoe Slim is fine for girl/girl but awful for girl/guy...the angle is off and it is too stiff.
    The Tango feels so good to me, the saddle portion really stimulates me, and the receiver end is firm but not squishy as is the Share.
    We are all different, I love the concept of a double dildo w/o a harness but despite strong Kegel muscles (my b/f will attest to this!),, I expel them all just prior to orgasm so I use a harness, unless I lie on my back....not too interesting.
  • deceased
    Thank goodness there are good double dils to choose from.....In the old days it was a big rubber or jelly dong, now they are pretty much useable as prosthetics, especially if you are a transman! something for everyone....In Europe, Fun Factory has come out with Share XS!!!
  • ......
    I'm having trouble keeping it in with a harness and I have very strong kegels too. I have the Latigo Leather. Any suggestions?
  • deceased
    Is it the Sedeux Latigo leather without the opening for threading dildos thrrough?
  • ......
    Yes but the leather panel is removable. Which I did take that out.
  • deceased
    Have you tried a different 0 ring, like 1 3/4? .

    I can not keep the Tango in without a harness, and I can keep all the other double dils, even Share XL in.......I thnk the snake like head makes it easier for some, harder for others, and the angle the head is in....
  • ......
    I agree that the angle may very well have something to do with it. But even when I was standing it kept dropping on me.

    I used a 1 1/2 O ring. Might a bigger one be better? I thought it needed to be tight.

  • deceased
    I use a 1 3/4 for the Tango in a harness, then it works fine. Too tight can change the angle of the cock (for better or worse).
    It drops out of me when I stand or sit. Its like its being propelled out. Haven't found that issue with the others at all.
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